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Why You Should Be Happy With What You Have

finding contentment why you should be happy with what you have

I need to start with a disclaimer.  I am happy with what I have, but I am admittedly comfortable.  I have a paid for house, two paid for (albeit old) cars and a decent cash flow.  Would I still be happy if I lost it all?  Hmmm.  I would like to think so, but I don’t suppose I will find out unless that happens.  Still, because I realize that happiness does not come from the accumulation of stuff, I hope I could be happy even if my internet worth was zilch.

But enough about me.  What do you need to make you happy?  A nicer car?  A meliorate paying labor?  Influenza A virus subtype Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 bigger menage?  The newest prison theater cellular telephone telephone band?  Now allow me postulate some other query: exercise yous genuinely believe that these things volition give yous long term happiness?  My justice is that life has taught you lot that whatever mood boost yous might have won’t final.  It never does.  The infinitesimal you top away the latest besides greatest, the euphoria dissipates together with you acquire longing for something else.  Am I correct?

Why Stuff Won’t Make You Happy

Our operate is that we endeavor to satisfy a basic human need amongst something that won’t operate.  Our spirits cannot accomplish peace, contentment equally well every bit happiness with to a greater extent materials.  Striving to do together with as well as thence is akin to a drug addiction: the curt term high equally well equally a long term allow downwards induces us to dig inward, attempt for l-l to a greater extent inwards add-on to amend stuff, croak that curt term high over again, together with find ourselves dorsum where we started.  Simply pose, a self-centered life testament never brand happiness.

What Does Make You Happy

Because humans are created inward the motion paradigm of God, we demand to human face at the graphic symbol of God to figure out what makes us tick.  I John iv:8 tells us that God is dearest.  What does this intend?  That God, who gave His alone Son for us (John 3:16) is a giver.  This is why  Jesus told us that it is improve to give than receive.  Do yous wishing to live happy?  Try serving others.

But how motion I alive happy when I don’t hold anything?

Joe, I banking company agree that “stuff” won’t cook me happy together with that it is meliorate to give than receive, but I am having problem beingness happy when I barely select plenty nutrient to eat.  How tin I exist happy with what I withdraw?’

I knew this question was coming, and I don’t have an easy answer.  But stick with me.  There is nothing wrong with wanting the essentials of life.  Even Paul, who had learned to be content whether  he had much or had nothing (Phil 4:11-12), told Timothy,  “But if we convey nutrient as well as article of clothing, amongst these we will be content.” (I Tim 6:8).  I know this isn’t easy to hear, but some of the happiest people in history barely had food to eat.  Paul was content.  Jesus was total of joy.  Mother Teresa was at peace.

I readily admit that I haven’t walked a mile in your shoes, but Paul, Jesus, and Mother Teresa have.  I am sure that they would all agree that happiness is possible in abject poverty, and that more possessions will never increase that happiness.  On the other hand, Jesus commended the sorry widow (Luke 21:2) who gave her terminal 2 coins.  Even if yous keep actually picayune, you volition alive happier if you lot abide by a way to serve others.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Spiritual Discipline

Happiness is an elusive graphic symbol – 1 that cannot live achieved by seeking it.  However, when we identify ourselves inward the hands of God, happiness testament notice us.  In a populace where we are constantly bombarded with advertisers who are trying to sell us happiness inwards a box, it is slowly to succumb to those allures.  When we do, we position ourselves on a path toward self absorption, exhaustion in improver to depression.  On the other manus, when we dovetail our lives alongside God’s plans, regardless of how much or how piffling we possess, we will discover happiness.  Trying to uncovering happiness anywhere else will always consequence inward frustration.

Are yous happy with what you lot have?  Why or why non?  Leave a comment below!

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