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Why We Began Giving Our Age As A Percentage

I john all the same retrieve exactly where I was standing inwards the middle of that plainly when He dropped it on my catch.

I was inward my subway identify (that wasn’t truly that subway scheme).  It was technically a structure site for an upcoming stage inwards our subdivision high upwards on a loma.

For whatever footing evolution had been topographic quest on directly concord together with this cleared v-acre slice of beautiful footing had acquire a lilliputian overgrown.

Because it was high upwards on a hill – a plateau of sorts – it was a pretty secluded area that I could locomote together with think inward summation to pray. It was God’s attention for to me together with I wishing I had spent to a greater extent than fourth dimension at that seat earlier they pose houses all over it, but I digress…

Giving our age as a percentage

About vi years ago ane wintertime 24-sixty minutes interval when it had warmed upwards to nearly 55 degrees, I went to the plainly as well as was telling God nearly some of the large fiscal goals that I was hoping for in my future.

And though it wasn’t an audible voice, He communicated as clear as could be to me that if we wanted to see those things come to pass we should begin giving our AGE every chip a per centum of our income.

At the time we were consistently tithing (10%) and giving probably 5% on top of that to diverse charities as well ministries near as well as dearest to our hearts. Since I was 31 at the quaternary dimension, giving 31% of our income represented a huge bound inward our giving.

Our weblog line arrangement had been doing pretty well at the time and because we had been budgeting for giving, nosotros actually were able to give xv% of our income pretty comfortably.  Doubling it to 31% on the other manus?  Not the same even out.  It required a big saltation of faith.

Side note:  I just need to interject that budgeting for giving was by far the biggest game-changer for us to fully ENJOY giving. We had always gotten joy from it, but when we added that budget category it created a practical shift to a spiritual truth (that it wasn’t really OUR money) inward summation to made it thus much easier to give. We were no longer deciding whether to utilisation this $100 to buy shoes or give it. It was inward a carve upward category together with it wasn’t ours anymore.

Influenza A virus subtype A organized faith exam

The start half of Hebrews xi:one-half dozen tin privy be a little scary…

“And without faith it is impossible to please God…”

But, the inverse is really encouraging. God is pleased when we measure out inwards religious belief.  My supposition is that this particularly applies to things that He instructs us to exercise. This was critically helpful for us every fleck we began giving our age every chip a pct of our earnings.

I knew that I wasn’t making this up in my head. I had seen God work miraculously in our finances multiple times as we consistently tithed over the years. I knew that we could NOT outgive God.  I knew that as we stretched our religion inwards giving, more than than was going to come upwards dorsum to us also the bike would simply keep.

RG LeTourneau was a Christian businessman and inventor in the early-mid 20th century who spent many years opposite tithing (giving 90% of his income as well as living off 10%) together with he has this groovy quote I love:

rg letourneau quote - I shovel it out and God shovels it back

Lest you lot think I am boasting

Honestly, i of my greatest fears is to be misunderstood.  Which is pretty hilarious because I portion my thoughts too ideas on the internet for a living.  I mean value, goodness luck posting that 2+2=4 on Facebook together with have got someone NOT claim that it is a political statement. That is alone the world we alive in.  Being misunderstood is component subdivision of 21st-century life.

And for half dozen years I concord wanted to portion this view publicly, but I receive held dorsum because I was afraid it mightiness be misinterpreted equally boasting or violating Matthew half-dozen:2-4:

“So when you give to the needy, do non audio a trumpet before yous, every bit the hypocrites do inwards the synagogues as well as on the streets, to live praised yesteryear men. Truly I say yous, they already concord their vantage. But when you give to the needy, practise not allow your left paw know what your right mitt is doing, so that your giving may live inward hugger-mugger. And your Father, who sees what is done inwards hugger-mugger, volition vantage you.”

But recently, God has been making it clear to me that part of my calling is to encourage people (like you) in this area.  Additionally, that trying to get attention and applause as you give a gift is a very different thing than encouraging believers with testimonies of His goodness.

It is a thing of the catch for sure.

My heart’s desire to percentage this every fleck an encouragement in addition to because I know for some of yous it will inspire your organized faith.  And l-fifty if giving your historic period of time is a stretch at the second,  I know some reading this testament think to themselves “possibly I tin lavatory’t exercise that correct at i fourth dimension, but surely I could _____”

And that is the destination.

Why we practise this

Some people don’t acquire why nosotros practice this.  That’s okay.

Even if it weren’t out of obedience to God, we agree a passion to usage what He has given us to help further His plans. I may non live a preacher or evangelist, but if I bath usage what God has given me – a piffling extra money – to aid spread the gospel as good as send more than than people to heaven, sign me upwards!

I’d much rather exercise that than live able to bathe inwards my money similar Scrooge McDuck.  😉

scrooge mcduck


Not surprisingly as we agree stretching inward our giving, He continues to behaviour care of all of our needs in improver to provides many wants every combat good.

Matthew one-half-dozen:33 says it well:

“But seek commencement His kingdom as good as His righteousness, together with all these things testament live added to y'all.”

Where we are today

By the grace of God we concur been able to proceed giving our historic menstruum over the terminal vi years as good as are currently at 37%.  Some years receive got been tougher than others to push off, but I hold got no plans of stopping right away.

And I grip confidence that God testament go on to render all our needs according to His riches inward glory (Phil 4:19).  My promise is that someday soon we will live able to make that xc/10 reversal that many others amongst the gift of giving receive got reached.

What I learned

Recently I started playing a game called Minecraft with my 4-solar twelvemonth-onetime son.

First off, the game is really sometime likewise is way yesteryear times its prime number, but what I love nigh it is that it is one of the few games that is clean enough for my 4-solar yr-one-fourth dimension to play.

In it, the world is a simplified version of our world where if you want to build a companionship, you lot cutting downward a tree. If you want visible light, you lot build a give the sack (or torch). And if you lot want nutrient to grow, you lot found seeds. And inward its simplicity, yous apace realize that if you lot want to have got a big garden you but demand to maintain planting more than as well as to a greater extent than than seeds.

When they mature, yous reap your harvest – which provides yous nutrient inwards plus to to a greater extent than seeds. And in addition to as well as then yous simply concord planting seeds as good as really chop-chop yous concur an abundance – way more than you need to go.

We all know this, don’t we?

This is usual sense together with I think nosotros all know this subconsciously, but as a say where most of us have got never had to constitute seeds, I experience like nosotros young adult adult female the depth of this revelation.  And the simplicity of it as good.

If yous want to a greater extent than of something, y'all constitute seeds.

In a nutshell, that is how I receive got felt good-nigh our financial journeying the final 10 years. We have just continued to plow as much of our income as possible into seeds (yesteryear giving) also as we have got it has just seemed to grow. It hasn’t been piece of cake, but it has been that elementary.

I have learned that if you want more money to be responsible for (see the Parable of the Talents), you give more (plant seeds) and manage it well (live a goodness steward).

“As long equally the Earth endures, seedtime as well as harvest, usual coldness as good as estrus, summertime besides winter, 20-iv hour menstruum inward addition to nighttime testament never cease.” – Gen 8:22

Like thus many other Biblical principles, it seems counter-intuitive together with requires FAITH – too that is just where God likes to piece of work.

Does this resonate with you?

I hap to know that lots of our readers percentage this want to give beyond 10% inwards add-on to some are inward all likelihood at the xc% (opposite tithing) mark.

I think they would gibe inwards plus to say that if this is a desire of your pump to live used this agency, start giving what you have got – but start planting seeds.

The woman who only had two widows mites (Luke 21:1-4) to give is silent existence talked around thousands of years later because of her willingness NOT to despise the smallness of what she had to offer as good as to give what she had inwards faith.

It damage her something.

It hurt a footling.

This is why I have got learned that it is meliorate when I give inward add-on to it is uncomfortable, rather than waiting for the side by side enhance to come upwardly upward around or the following bonus.  It seems that something is activated when we step out inwards organized religious belief this way.

Regardless of where you are on your giving journey…

Let me ask you, what would happen if you planted a few more seeds this month?

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