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Why Did Jesus Drive The Money Changers From The Temple?

Why did Jesus drive the money changers from the temple?Jesus non exclusively drove money changers from the temple, but he also cleared out those who were selling animals.

When it was almost fourth dimension for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went upwardly to Jerusalem. In the temple courts he constitute people selling cattle, sheep besides doves, together with others sitting at tables exchanging money.

So he made a whip out of cords, likewise drove all from the temple courts, both sheep in addition to cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers too overturned their tables. – John ii:xiii-fifteen NIV

Jesus entered the temple courts together with drove out all who were buying as good as selling at that spot.

He overturned the tables of the money changers together with the benches of those selling doves. “It is written,” he said to them, “‘My menage testament live called a house of prayer,’ but you lot are making it ‘a den of robbers.’” – Matthew 21:12-xiii NIV

Why Did Jesus Drive Them Out?

1. They were taking payoff of those who had traveled long distances to celebrate Passover.

Two things were essential for these foreign worshipers: an animate beingness to sacrifice inwards add-on to Temple coins which local merchants would select. There was in all probability aught wrong with selling animals or operating a legitimate money telephone commutation, but, according to Jesus, these detail vendors were a “den of robbers” who undoubtedly charged exorbitant rates, thence taking reward of those who seemingly had no other options.

2. They were doing so inwards the Temple.

Evidently, these shysters laid up store in the Court of the Gentiles, effectively crowding out those who had traveled to worship. Furthermore, they were perverting the role of the Temple itself; Jesus exclaimed that they were turning the position unit of measurement of prayer into a den of robbers. Not audio!

In summary, these “businessmen” were guilty of a double whammy: they took advantage of others inward improver to they blocked God’s purposes inwards doing too then. No wonder Jesus was angry!

What Should We Learn?

1. Don’t create the same mistakes.

Of course we won’t literally become selling sacrificial animals or providing a money key for worshipers, but we tin can privy convey wages of others. Do you always exercise others to inward enjoin to advance your possess purposes? Have yous ever borrowed money from a generous friend when you lot have got no intention of repayment? At spell of run, do yous forcefulness the less savory tasks onto your subordinate merely because you lot receive got the power to do inward improver to then? Do yous require favors of people who don’t know how to enjoin no?

2. Speak upward when others do the same thing.

The flip side of taking payoff of others is speaking upward when you come across somebody else doing it. Jesus spoke upwards inwards no uncertain terms . . . perhaps we should do the same?

iii. Anger bathroom endure a adept matter.

Anger is ofttimes portrayed as a negative emotion, but the God who gave us our emotions expects us to live on occasionally moved to anger. Jesus was angry because men were perverting the utilization of his Father’sec occupation firm. How around you? Does nestling abuse brand you lot angry? What emotions are fired off when y'all head around human trafficking? If anger is nowhere on your radar, you lot mightiness demand to involve yourself why it isn’t! That anger can privy endure a keen catalyst to getting us involved in causes nosotros would otherwise ignore.

four. We are the Temple.

I realize that we need to be wise about what activities take place in church buildings, but the bigger point is that today’s believers inwards Christ are the church edifice. Therefore, as we mingle in the world around us, we are showcasing the church. If the Temple was made for prayer, do we think we, the children of God, have any less of a calling? Is it possible that we are guilty of perverting the use of “God’s house” when we compromise our prayer walk?

The Rest of the Story

What happened subsequently Jesus threw those moneychangers from the Temple? I imagine there was a shocked tranquillity as people awkwardly waited to run into what would larn on side by side. The Bible tells us that the blind inward improver to the lame came to him, as well as children recognized him as “Hosanna, boy of David.”

Think virtually it: Immediately after Jesus dealt amongst the opportunists, he became a magnet for the rattling ones whom others so frequently guide payoff of. It may agree upwards that when we conduct a courageous represent righteousness, some volition recognize besides appreciate that stand. The public is full of downtrodden people who are looking for mortal to stand upwards upwardly for them. If nosotros don’t do it, who volition?

What additional applications bathroom you lot brand from Jesus throwing the moneychangers from the Temple? Your thoughts are ever welcome!

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