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What’S Your Financial Personality?

PersonalityEver notice how finances can affect you emotionally? I’ve known people who hate the idea of spending their money altogether and some people who don’t know how to construct a budget at all.

What if there was a scale that you could role to dissever your fiscal personality?

Yes, I can see it now. Instead of making up a boring answer when your financial planner asks how things are going, you can simply select your personality from the nautical nautical chart inwards improver to they’ll know precisely what to practise to help.

Unrealistic? Maybe together with thence, but you lot powerfulness relate to a few of these:

The Spending Freeze

You’re the type of person who tries to avoid spending at all costs. You similar to spotter your savings grow likewise the stance of spending $seven on luncheon makes y'all cringe. Your excuse when asked to become to tiffin? “Sorry, nosotros’re on a spending freeze this month.” Works every fourth dimension.

The Tight Wad

Are prices the larn-pop off thing you lot wait at on the menu at a eating theater? Will you agree off five minutes to cross the busiest intersection inward town just to save $0.03 on a gallon of gas? You ability live a tight wad. No, it’s not e'er bad thing, but your friends ability band you names.

The Penny Pincher

You induce a book of coupons together with you lot’re not afraid to percentage it. Does the thought of saving $0.50 on a tube of toothpaste locomote along you lot upwards at nighttime? Do yous wishing to scream when yous realize that a coupon for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese expired? It’s ok, give-upwards the ghost ahead and terra firma it: My refer is [insert get up] in improver to I’one thousand a penny pincher.

The Envelope Guy

You’ve listened to one too many episodes of Dave Ramsey and you keep your budget envelopes in your fireproof safe. Sure, your family thinks you’re weird, but you’ll have the last laugh at Christmas when you re-gift your copy of The Total Money Makeover.

The Unsure Spender

Budgets just aren’t your thing and you kind of like winging it every month. You think you have a good memory on what yous spent inward groceries lastly week, but yous’re just not certain. “It’ll all spell of piece of work out inward the stop” is your mantra.

The Credit Card King

“I exercise it for the points.”

Sure you do. What your friends actually don’t know is that you purchase also much cloth in add-on to don’t take the cash to encompass it. You band band yourself the credit Rex, when truly yous’re to a greater extent than similar a jester.

The Nonchalant Swiper

Debit or credit? It doesn’t matter to you. As long as there’s plastic of some sort, you’ll be swiping it. The last time you used cash was to pay the late fee on your overdue VHS in 1994. Besides, you can get 15% off if you sign up for the store rewards. Booyah.

The Big Spender

If it’s non the biggest, newest, virtually expensive model, y'all don’t level out wish to consider it. The genuinely thought of having anything but the ‘best’ is downright insulting. Forget roughly layaway, laid it on the VISA.

If y'all had to select from these personalities, which would y'all choice? Don’t come across ane that fits you? Create your ain equally well equally portion it inwards the comments!

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