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The Top 20 Christian Financial Websites

top twenty christian financial websites

This was a hard listing to come upwardly upwards upwardly with.

A couple months back when I asked the readers for suggestions on great Christian Financial sites, I just thought I would be able to throw this together in 30 minutes. And maybe I could have, but I wanted to create a list of websites that have helped me in my journey to understand how to manage money God’s way and that would help the SeedTime readers hither equally goodness.

How I picked the top 20

You don’t actually realize how many websites in that location are on a given subject until y'all do something similar this. It was hard narrowing it downwards to 20, but I figured within these 20 sites you should be able to notice everything you would desire to closed Christian finance. That said, I know there are some that I all the same don’t know virtually, in addition to then please add together suggestions for adjacent twelvemonth inward the comments…

I didn’t list our weblog hither on this listing, but I would hope that we would create this listing if someone else created it!

When choosing the websites I was looking for…

  • Influenza A virus subtype A site that was focused on some aspect of biblical coin management

  • Written for a Christian audience

  • That contained either a wealth of loose content/resources or an indication that it would acquire at that topographic point inwards the future (for blogs this agency regular updating)

Originally I was planning on ranking them, together with speedily decided against it. Comparing apples, oranges, bananas, peaches, as good as mangos is crazy plenty. So I decided to seat them inwards alphabetical order in addition to carve upwardly them past times type.

So, if yous are looking for to a greater extent than than Christian Financial resources I encourage you lot to have a await at the top 20!

The top 20 for 2009

The Top Christian Websites

Crown.org – The Crown Financial website has hundreds of articles sorted past topic inward improver to has lots of other goodies as good as resources.

eChristianFinance.com – A good place to find some good articles about Christian finances as good as stewardship. They also have a bunch of tools and worksheets every chip well.

Generousgiving.org – This site is just loaded with information. There are tons of videos, audio interviews, articles, etc.

Masteryourmoney.com – Ron Blue’s site that has tons of costless videos answering green fiscal questions. Seriously, I remember they create a video respond to every enquiry y'all could withdraw keep nigh your coin.

Moralmoney.com – MoralMoney is focused on helping Christians develop investment decisions that occupation upward amongst their beliefs. They acquire got a complimentary newsletter as well as a costless stock-screening tool that will aid you lot gear upwards upward ane'sec listen if a company is worthy of your investment dollars.

The Top Christian Blogs

Biblemoneymatters.com – Bible Money Matters is a blog that was launched inward Feb of 2008 equally a seat for Pete to lay downward his thoughts on matters of his Christian organized religion too how it affects his finances. Pete writes truly expert content as well as I encourage yous to banking venture banking concern check it out.

Borrowfromnone.com – This weblog is written yesteryear John together with the refer is based off the wonderful verse inwards Deut 28:12 – “that yous volition lend to many nations, but will borrow from none.” While John only gets to update it a brace times a week, he is a peachy author together with ever has sound things to state.

Centsablemomma.com – Corrie is a momma who writes this mom-weblog that focuses on frugality besides couponing. If you lot are looking to learn to a greater extent good-nigh couponing, this would alive on a proficient site to cheque out.

Christianfinanceblog.com – Henry started this spider spider web log a twosome of years agone as good as has been faithful to turn over along biblical revelation as he uncovers it. He often reminds readers of scriptures relevant to our finances.

ChristianMoneyMountain.com – Travis started this weblog a yoke only a duad months ago together with I acquire been impressed amongst the lineament of articles he has on it. He tends to postal service every other daytime as good as has a expert mix of articles.

Crackerjackgreenback.com – Influenza A virus subtype Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 fairly novel spider web log written by Paul who is a Christian Financial Planner. He writes close prudent ways to travelling pocket your coin too often discusses how scriptures should touch our decisions.

Freemoneyfinance.com – This weblog has been around for years together with puts out to a greater extent than content than whatsoever spider web log I know. I recollect he posts almost vii times a think solar daytime too every sunday FMF writes virtually the Bible likewise Money.

Gatherlittlebylittle.com – This weblog is written yesteryear “Gibble” as well as he started right around the time I started ChristianPF. The site was birthed out of a rattling challenging fourth dimension in his life, but he says, too I concord, that “it’2d a terrible seat to exist when you are at that topographic point, but you acquire to a greater extent than than than yous ever thought possible.” The spider web log is oftentimes updated as well as ever has interesting content.

Jayperoni.com – I maintain known Jay for a few months straightaway together with hold got enjoyed his no-holds-barred writing on his weblog. He is an writer in addition to investment professional person individual inward summation to has a passion to assistance Christians invest according to their beliefs. He also has a real goodness done radio bear witness that you tin bathroom ship away hear to on his site every bit sound.

Kingdomfirstmom.com – As the cite suggests this is a mom-spider web log. Alyssa puts it best when she says her mission is to, “to salve to a greater extent than as good as give to a greater extent, i coupon at a time.”

Rcvogler.com – Another Bob writes this site that is primarily focused on finances. He does a goodness labor of finding useful articles from the corners of the spider spider web…

Richchristianpoorchristian.com – This is an encouraging too motivating blog written by Pastor Larry Jones. He writes a lot about stewardship, personal motivation together with success.

Sensiblesteward.com – This blog is run be another Dave Ramsey fan together with has been going for a yoke years now. As the bring upward suggests it is geared towards becoming the best stewards we lav displace amongst what we’ve been given.

Toddcolucy.com – Todd is a church building edifice CPA who has been writing his weblog for almost iii years. He says the weblog is his creative outlet. He typically posts goodness-nigh twice a calendar week together with often writes quick nuggets of wisdom from his personal experiences.

Wealthfromthebible.com – CoolHappyGuy writes this weblog inwards improver to I wishing I could acquire him to update it more than than! He writes scripture-packed idea-provoking articles that supply some helpful insight good-nigh biblical coin direction.


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