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The Problem With Tithing Your Time

The problem with tithing your timeChristians seem to thrive on debating the topic of tithing, squaring off on such issues as if tithing is a New Testament didacticsif people should tithe spell paying off debt, or if people tin bath’t afford to tithe money, is tithing their quaternary dimension a audio substitute?

I believe these discussions are healthy.

Open-minded debates where contestants seek truth and leave their egos in their hip pockets should help us all sharpen each other, “every fleck iron sharpens atomic number 26.” (come across Proverbs 27:17)

It is with this attitude that I want to discourage the concept of tithing time. The argument I hear about tithing time sounds logical: “I just tin sack’t afford it. Every penny is spent earlier the month begins. Wouldn’t God sympathise if I were to tithe my fourth dimension instead of my money?”

While I don’t believe this is a dark-in addition to-white lawsuit, I do come across some problems amongst this mindset.

1The Bible Doesn’t Teach Tithing of Time

Biblical tithing ever requires some sort of valued substitution (ofttimes grain or livestock) – not fourth dimension.

iiGod Wants 100%, Not 10%

Romans 12:1 challenges us to give our bodies to God as a living sacrifice. He doesn’t want four hours a week (10% of 40); he wants 168 hours a week. The danger of tithing time is to smugly think, “Well, I have given God his constituent. The balance belongs to me.” Not true.

At this point, you may be thinking, “Joe, couldn’t people create the same mistake when tithing coin?” Yes, they could. But they would live on on exactly every fighting incorrect. Why? Because God wants 100% of your coin but similar He wants 100% of your fourth dimension.

The proper attitude about tithing money is not to pat yourself on the back, thinking you have “paid God what y'all owe him.” Bad theology. You should be thinking, “It all belongs to God. How much does He desire me to continue? 90%? 80%? 50%?”

iiiTithing Time Could Lead to Sloppy Money Management

Why do y'all desire to tithe fourth dimension in the commencement position? Because you give discover’t afford to tithe coin?

OK. Why can’t you afford to tithe money? I realize many people have legitimate financial hardships. God understands that too. But if you don’t budget, make no effort to pay off debt, equally well every bit locomote on to spend money you don’t have got, you lot shouldn’t allow “tithing time” to perpetuate your bad money direction.

Here is a thought: grip that “extra fourth dimension” to observe extra locomote together with together with so you tin mail service away acquire your finances nether dominance also accolade God amongst them.

Tithing money allows God to modify your catch.

4Tithing Actual Money Allows God to Change Your Heart

I, for one, am a naturally selfish person. I work for my money and I like to keep it. However, over the years, as I have learned to open my fist, God has been slowly changing my heart to make me less selfish and to a greater extent than giving.

If y'all concur off until yous sense warm too fuzzy before yous opened your wallet, you probable won’t ever unfastened upward that wallet. God’2nd means to modify your pump is for yous to give when you don’t experience similar doing together with as well as so.

fiveYou Have Limited Ways for God to Bless You

Malachi iii:10 makes this challenge:

Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “as well as encounter if I testament non throw opened upward the floodgates of sky too pour out inward improver to thence much approving that at that topographic betoken testament not endure room enough to shop it. – Malachi iii:10 NIV

I direct hold got seen this passage fulfilled inwards my ain life every bit good as inward others’ lives many times over; when people faithfully give, l-l during tough times, they testament have blessings. It may exist a work promotion, a friend who helps them create their motorcar, an unexpected insurance refund, or an anonymous gift, but God intervenes. If they had non been tithing, they could have got got missed this approval.

Concluding Thoughts

Some people guide hold legitimate fiscal hardships that severely boundary how much money they are able to give. God understands their struggles. However, flush out inwards these cases, I don’t believe tithing of time is a skilful project design. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 ameliorate computer program is to serve God with 100% of your fourth dimension too give financially every fighting yous are able.

Have yous ever tithed your 4th dimension? How did it acquire? Do you lot notice tithing your quaternary dimension equally a skilful long-term conception or is it a stopgap calculator programme equally you lot are working toward giving to a greater extent than than coin? Any other thoughts on tithing of fourth dimension? Leave a comment!

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