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The Lie I Wish I Would Have Never Believed About Money

(The next is a transcription from a video Linda too I recorded. Please excuse whatever typos or errors.)

There’s a prevarication that most of the world believes.

And it’s that BIG things are born BIG.

That The Beatles were ever an amazing stone band, or that Michael Jordan was ever a nifty basketball game actor, or that Warren Buffet was ever a billionaire.

And the truth is, that 50-50 the Beatles were turned downward by a tape label. Even their producer later on who worked with them said that he would receive got turned them downward based on their audition tape.

And every fleck we atomic number 82 maintain e'er heard, Michael Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was cutting from his freshman basketball team. And Warren Buffet didn’t grow upward a billionaire. He had to earn it.

Big Things DO Start Small

The prevarication that so many of us believe is that big things don’t start modest. This brings us back to the whole thought of SeedTime because everything starts amongst a tiny piffling seed. This is precisely how God does things. You found a seed inward the ground. It’s super tiny, as well as it simply starts growing, but it doesn’t grow big fast. In fact, things that grow large fast frequently don’t inwards decision for existent long.

So what does this have to practise alongside money?

And the truth is, it has everything to do amongst money. Most people recall that the difference between having a life of fiscal combat together with massive financial success is material like getting an inheritance from your uncle, or having this really high paying undertaking, or beingness born to rich parents. And the reality is that for most people that’s non it. It’2nd nigh this tiddler piddling thing.

And most people who come into wealth super speedily squander it away because they don’t know how I care it. There’second a proverb that says, “Wealth from gambling rapidly disappears.” Now, why practise y'all retrieve that is? Because they weren’t create to agree that wealth.

Meanwhile, at that spot’2nd another maxim that says, “He who gathers wealth little by picayune makes it grow.” And the truth is, is that regardless of what manus we take maintain been dealt inwards life, because they’re rattling dissimilar hands and inwards some people for sure appear to receive meliorate hands than others, regardless of what that is, in that location is, we receive got a power over what we tin give the sack practice with the picayune fleck that nosotros’ve been given. And these pocket-sized things they add together together upward over fourth dimension. And over a lot of quaternary dimension they add upwardly to genuinely, really big things.

Saving Money Where You Can

So financially for us, inwards i lawsuit I realized this, I really got excited around this together with ran amongst it because I realized that we give notice start shaving off whatever, $100 a month yesteryear times existence a piddling to a greater extent strategic with our grocery shopping. Or we could preserve $100 a month past refinancing our credit card debt that we had at the fourth dimension. Or I could convince my married adult female to start making coffees at dwelling family, and we could salvage an extra $50 a month or something. And a lot of people are simply like, “Well that’sec as goodness modest a alteration. I’m non concerned alongside that. I want the large wins.” And the reality is, those purse-sized things genuinely add together upwardly apace as well they create a huge deviation.

I call up the signal that nosotros’re trying to brand hither is, it doesn’t thing how much you have got, but start amongst what yous hold got inward summation to start making just i positive alter. Anything that you tin practise that’2d small that volition simply aid y'all along this journeying as well as along this path.

I know for us, like starting a budget was huge. Lauren, the maiden of all month she started budgeting, saved $800!! And it was solitary because she was paying attention to her finances. That was the only difference.

The Parable of the Talents

I can’t help but think about the parable of the talents. And thence you lot receive got got this guy who leaves as well as entrust his wealth to iii unlike stewards. And he gave each 1 of them something to have got tending of. And ii of them took some risks, together with genuinely tried to maximize what they had been entrusted amongst. And thus the other ane didn’t. And he didn’t practice anything with it as well he was reprimanded. Meanwhile, the ones who took some risks were rewarded.

I call upward the lesson to larn hither is that nosotros’ve all been given something inwards what are we going to do alongside it? Are we only going to bury it in the sand together with not exercise anything with it? Or are we going to hold some risks amongst the talents, actual physical talents that nosotros’ve been given, or the resources that we’ve been given or whatever it is. Like what are we going to exercise alongside it? And we receive got that pick to create every single 20-iv hours.


One of the places in our lives where we really saw this was inwards giving. It tin seem similar giving is taking coin away from you lot, but the Bible says it is to a greater extent blessed to give than to receive got. I accept that, I withdraw take heed that, in addition to I recollect, “Really, is that true?” Like if nosotros genuinely think that the Bible is true, inwards improver to thus aren’t yous curious why it’sec to a greater extent blessed to give than to have got? And, aren’t you curious to respect out what that approbation is as attached to yous giving?

This has been something that is thence important inward our lives. And nosotros receive got got seen hence much blessing. And I don’t just think financial. We’ve seen a lot of blessing attached to our giving. In unexpected ways many times.

I genuinely want to encourage you to give that a endeavor, acquire along that path, as good as regard what it holds for you. I dismiss’t create whatever promises because it’2nd non upwardly to us. It’sec totally upwards to God what happens inward your life. But, when yous found seeds you lot are going to view a return.

Start Where You Are

I hear people say a lot that “well, I would give more if I had more.” And unfortunately, I don’t think it works that way. Even John Rockefeller who doesn’t exactly have the best reputation, even said that if he didn’t tithe on his first dollar that he made, he certainly wasn’t going to tithe his maiden off one grand one thousand dollars. And he knew that if yous want something to alive large, yous hold to start fry. You carry go along to start giving what you receive got direct off.

You receive got to start managing the money that you lot take hold forthwith or the lack of it. If yous’re trying to lose weight, you receive got got to start amongst where y'all are forthwith. It genuinely doesn’t thing what it is. If you want something large, if you want a large alter, you acquit concord to start amongst the little-scale. Big things start little-scale. They don’t start large.

Asking God for Guidance

I encourage y'all today, to pray as well as demand the Lord to exhibit yous where it is that perhaps yous demand to hit a few little tweaks in addition to a few footling adjustments that are going to start you on the path of what He has for you lot. And a lot of times, these are super-duper simple. They’re genuinely non a big bargain inward improver to they’re likely things yous’ve already been thinking nearly inwards plus to want to practise.

Just start. It’sec genuinely simply that simple.

We’ve seen this over as good as over inwards our lives where God testament select something so seemingly insignificant, in improver to as well as thus turn it into something genuinely large. But if we weren’t obedient inwards that tiny piddling thing that He was bespeak us to exercise, we would receive got got missed out on the large thing you lot had planned.

God starts things amongst seeds. And thence practise non despise the 20-4 lx minutes menstruum of little beginnings. Like that Zechariah poetry says. And 50-fifty Jesus said that if you receive a mustard seed of faith that you lot terminate tell a mount to motility as good it’ll endure moved. How cool is that?

Taking a Step of Faith

The other betoken hither is, as before long as you lot take a stride of faith, God seems to similar swoop inwards, encounter you lot where you are, besides strength you lot frontwards in the management that yous want to go.

And, that has only happened over and over for us. We’ve watched things where it makes us seem a whole lot smarter than we are. It makes us aspect to a greater extent than than spiritual than we are. It makes us seem to a greater extent than, fill up inward the blank. And it’s genuinely non us except for that we simply decided to accept i mensuration forrard, receive the seed together with found it.

So that’s your encouragement for today: Big things start small-scale.

What is that steal-size thing that you tin give the axe start doing today? You might not endure able to view how it’sec going to acquire you lot where you lot want to acquire, but God does! He needs us to do slice of piece of work for his kingdom. So run after it…Go for it!

If yous’ve seen this rule working inwards your life, we would dearest for you lot to exit a comment below. We want to encourage other people to start where they are. And we desire to give to a greater extent than motivation for how this really works together with what it really looks similar.

Be Blessed. Be a Blessing.

The total video is below:

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