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The Best Place To Save Money

Where is the best habitation to opened upwards a savings line concern human relationship?

I often get asked where the best place is to start a savings account. I think it depends a little bit on your goals, but for straight the unproblematic respond is ING Direct.

If you are stocking away a quarter million dollars in your savings account, I wouldn’t recommend them since they do not have the highest interest rates. But they are always competitive with their rates and for most of us a half of a percent difference isn’t going to make much difference. For example, if you have $1000 in the savings account for a whole year a half percent will equal $5. Like I mentioned before, if you have a lot of cash in your savings account I would be looking for the highest interest rate I could find in an FDIC insured banking society.

ING is the safest topographic point to relieve money

Earlier this twelvemonth I wrote closed to a study that the University of Berkeley, California did. The employ of the written written report was to determine which banks had the highest occurrences of identity theft. They concluded that ING Direct had the fewest incidences of identity theft. HSBC also every bit Bank of America had the highest occurrences.

While preventing identity theft is something that we should exist proactive virtually, it is overnice to know that my depository financial institution isn’t making it any easier for the bad guys.

They verbalize English when you lot band

Don’t get me wrong, after taking four years of Spanish I understand the difficulty of learning a new language. But, I don’t want to have to learn one when I call for help. As we all know a lot of U.S. businesses have delegated customer service to other parts of the globe. I Pb concord called ING on a distich different occasions inward summation to have got had slap-upwardly experiences hence far.

They focus on simplicity

One of the most important reasons that ING is my preferred place to salve money is because they keep it simple. They have a great interface that makes it easy to use bill pay, to send a check, or even to budget. They continuously seek to improve themselves and keep adding new features. At the sake of sounding like a salesman, I offer you 10 to a greater extent than than reasons why I beloved ING. 🙂

They transcend bonuses

Yep, they offer $25 to new customers who sign up via a referral email. The only catch is that you have to open the account with at least $250. If you would like a referral, permit me know.

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