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The Balance Between Faith And Planning Ahead

A question came in awhile back from a reader who asked the following: “Should nosotros embark on a projection without showtime counting the total costs together with after believing that God volition render?”

Two very powerful verses came to psyche about directly, which I remember testament assist inward answering this inquiry fully.

The first is found in Luke 14:28-30 (NLT):

But don’t start until you lot count the toll. For who would start out down construction of a edifice without laid about-locomote calculating the terms to run across if at that spot is plenty money to destination it? Otherwise, yous mightiness consummate entirely the foundation before running out of money, inwards summation to thence everyone would express joy at you lot. They would tell, ‘There’s the person who started that edifice together with couldn’t afford to destination it!’

The moment is flora inward Hebrews eleven:1 (NIV):

Now faith is existence sure of what we hope for inwards addition to certain of what nosotros do non come across.

Where’s the line betwixt having faith in addition to planning ahead?

Jesus made some rattling clear points inwards these iii pocket-sized verses recorded inwards Luke. He was explaining that existence a follower of Christ takes commitment equally well every bit at that topographic request are costs that must handle out considered. He uses an trial of constructing a edifice because the people could relate alongside the significance that planning has inward the edifice physical procedure.

But the query that begs to survive asked is that where does faith come up upwards in if nosotros exactly brand every determination a calculated determination? If we maintain to conception every pace, are we not exercising the organized faith we read around inward Hebrews 11:1?

The meaning matter to understand is that poesy 1 of Hebrews leads into the Hall of Faith, highlighting the spiritual giants who lived a life of religious belief.

• Their hope was placed on greater things – non of the things inward this terra firma.

• Their certainty was founded inward the faithfulness of God, non the provisions of this world.

Yes, we depend on God to supply for all our needs, but that doesn’t intend that we are exempt from planning ahead. In fact, it is foolish non to programme.

Proverbs 21:v (NIV) says:

The plans of the diligent atomic number 82 to net income as certainly equally haste leads to poverty.

How do you mix organized faith too planning ahead?

I think one of the greatest ways to exercise our faith is to prepare the best that we can before embarking on a new goal or idea. Moving forward with blind faith is a dangerous habit and can even be an excuse for laziness in planning. Understanding the costs to a project will allow you to make the very best of what you’ve been given. This will build your faith even stronger as you approach God knowing that you’ve been a diligent steward of the resources He’s provided.

What are your thoughts? How should nosotros residue having faith in addition to planning ahead?

This article was originally published on FaithandFinance.org.

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