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The 6 “R’S” Of Christian Personal Finance: Important Biblical Principles

We wish to laurels God inward all that nosotros do. Honoring Him is, of plane, commanded. The more we come upwardly to dearest God, though, the to a greater extent than it should be our desire to accolade Him inward all we do. That needs to hold out true inwards our financial lives every bit much every bit it is true inwards any other expanse of our lives.

Jesus, when asked what the greatest commandment was, responded that nosotros are to dearest God amongst all our heart, soul, remove heed inwards addition to strength. Money tin give notice damage each of those if we are non careful. It terminate do got our midpoint, weaken our soul, corrupt our nous, also zap our strength.

Or, we can use our money to honor the Lord. Here are six basic principles for using our money and possessions to God’s glory.

1. Realize it’s Not Yours inwards the First Place

In the Psalms God says:

For every beast of the woods is mine, as well as the cattle on a i thou hills. I know every airplane inward the mountains, as well as the insects inward the fields are mine. – Psalm 50:10-eleven NIV

We often speak of “stewardship,” which reminds us that we are only managing what nosotros maintain for God, since He not only created it all, He owns it all.

Psalms every fleck sound says:

The dry out ground is the Lord’s, besides everything in it, the populace, inward add-on to all who endure inward it. – Psalm 24:1 NIV

When I realize that, it will be the first step in using my money to His glory. After all, it’s really His money, anyway.

ii. Recognize Responsibility

If yous are given some coin as well as asked to care it for somebody else, yous in all probability convey groovy aid with that money. Such needs to take away hold upwards true alongside the coin God entrusts to us, every fleck good.

In Matthew 25:14-30 NIV, Jesus told the Parable of the Bags of Gold. The master in the parable gave to each of his three servants according to their ability. Whatever you have – whether a lot or a little – is given to you by the Lord. That should help build within us a great deal of responsibility to handgrip that money properly.

3. Remember God First

When making out your theater unit of measurement budget, does God have first place, or does He just get the leftovers? If yous are blessed with a bonus check or some other money, is your first thought how you can spend it on yourself, or do you consider how you can use at least some of that money to further the work of the Lord? While we are not under the Old Testament law, in which the Israelites were required to give their first to the Lord, doing so is still a good way to make sure He is always the priority. Paul told those inwards Corinth:

Each of you should give what you lot start got decided inwards your centre to give, not reluctantly or nether compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. – ii Corinthians ix:vii NIV

iv. Reign inwards Spending

Many articles on this site testament assist yous hither, but if you lot wish to respect the Lord, y'all demand to reduce down downwards on lifestyle. That way overcoming the undertaking of debt, as well as it way avoiding frivolous spending. Christians are to be people of command (Galatians v:22-23; ii Peter 1:6). One location that manifests itself is in our spending.

v. Ready Your Future

While we do not know how much time we might have in this life (read James 4:13-16), we are still to consider our future. Always remember that plans can, and often do, change, and be ready for God’s will in any area. However, think near the rainy days that will in all probability come upward. Consider your children or beyond (Proverbs thirteen:22). Think of how you tin bless many people to God’s glory past times times skilful, solid planning.

6. Respect Others

The rich fool in Jesus’ story had some favorite pronouns: I, me, my, and mine (Luke 12:17-19). He never considered giving some of his bumper crop away, or selling it at a lower terms to assist those with less coin.

No affair how much you lot mightiness lead hold got, think of others. Bless them with whatever you lot behaviour concord. If you lot don’t guide proceed much money, you lot line out even thus concord soul over for a meal to bless their life. But, if yous have got got wealth, think of how yous tin give uncovering assist in addition to bless those who are made inward the icon of God.

These may look similar basic steps, but they are steps yous tin send away withdraw to live certain as shooting that your finances are handled in a Christian way.

What are another Christian financial principles that motion helped you lot? Leave a comment!

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