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The 5 Best-Rated Credit Card Companies

The 5 top rated credit card companiesI am ever cautious when writing almost credit cards because I know some people get themselves inward loads of trouble amongst their credit cards.

But I trust that you are not i of those people every bit good as that you are smart plenty to know that carrying a residuum on a credit carte is a no-no!

Repeat after me: “I testament non transport a residual on my credit carte!”.

Ok, direct that nosotros got that out the means nosotros privy snuff it along.

A few months back, J.D. Power released their annual U.south. Credit Card Satisfaction Study. The study seeks to discovery out how satisfied customers are amongst their credit carte du jour companies past times times looking at half dozen factors:

  • Interaction

  • Credit carte du jour damage

  • Billing too payment

  • Rewards

  • Benefits as good every bit services

  • Problem resolution.

The top 5 credit card companies for 2016

It looks similar Discover inwards add-on to Amex are far inwards add-on to away the best inward client satisfaction.

Capital One is adjacent behind inward third, but according to their betoken scheme they are a distant 3rd.

  1. Discover

  2. American Express

  3. Capital One

  4. Barclay

  5. Chase

For those of yous who occupation credit cards, how create yous experience around the results?

Agree or disagree?

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