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The 5 Best Dave Ramsey Quotes

best dave ramsey quotes

I alive inward the same hometown as Dave Ramsey, inwards add-on to it seems like every other mortal I run into here works for Ramsey Solutions. But my admiration goes beyond my proximity to his dwelling house role. I’ve read his books, watched several of his videos, as well as fifty-50 gone through his transformative course of study of written report, Financial Peace University.

Dave has a way with words. Over
the years he has come up with some fantastic one-liners — succinct nuggets that
sum upwardly much of his wisdom.

These Dave Ramsey quotes had a meaning affect on my life, together amongst I hope they’ll intend every chip much to you lot every bit they hold to me.

Dave Ramsey Quote #1:

“Not until the pain of the same is greater than the hurting of alter volition you lot hide modify.”

In some ways, it’s a blessing when
things acquire thence bad that yous really receive to alteration.
When things are just okay, it’s
easy to float in mediocrity for a while. It’s not until things really get bad that
you encounter a breaking point. That’s when you can make a major course

And that’s what happened to
me and my financial situation.

I was floating in mediocrity. Things
slowly got worse and worse until I hit a breaking point. From there, I began to
create some massive changes.

We all know breaking points like
these often get us to a point where we can actually pray and ask God for help. That’s
when you can truly start to plough things around.

(Credit to Tony Robbins here: He said something similar to Dave, helping me cast my thinking on the human relationship betwixt pain inwards add-on to alter.)

Dave Ramsey Quote #ii:

“You must gain ascendency over your money, or the lack of it will forever command you lot.”

I spent years of my life non
being in control of my money. My money was in control. It was leading me.

Once I decided I was going to be
in control of my money (though I didn’t have much at all), my life’s trajectory
shifted, moving me inwards the right management.

It was just like a snowball. Dave talks about “the debt snowball,” but this was a fiscal snowball that I started when I began making audio financial decisions. The momentum built over time, and it’s been amazing!

Dave Ramsey Quote #three:

“The primal to winning with money is to live on less than you lot ready. Act your wage! Quit spending similar yous are inwards Congress.”

Particularly in the US, we have no
concept of how to “act our wage.” Acting our wage means this: Spending the
money that we really earn instead of using credit to keep up with our
neighbors’ lifestyle.

Maybe this is a trial of us non wanting to tell ourselves “no.” I’i K non really certain what the drive is but it’s definitely an epidemic.

However, this is by far the
simplest, notwithstanding most profound, financial concept you tin e'er implement.

If you just spend less money than
you actually have, you can almost guarantee you are going to be in a good
financial position for the rest of your life. On the other hand, if you
consistently spend more than you earn, like so many of us do, you are going to
be inward job.

There’s just no way around it. It
is going to catch up with you eventually. You can only make that strategy work for
then long.

For a deeper dive into this concept, agree out our video on “The Seesaw Principle” below. It will teach y'all how to build wealth together with a secure financial futurity.

Dave Ramsey Quote #4:

“Ever notice that when yous are broke, everything is an emergency?”

I love this because it is so
painfully truthful. I’ve been at that topographic point. You’ve inwards all likelihood been there, as expert.

I spent so many years feeling like
my finances were an endless stream of chaos. It came down to the point where I
had no margin. No safety net. If the smallest thing went wrong, it would kickstart
an avalanche of events that would turn into a huge labor.

Eventually, like so many of us, I discovered that a credit card doesn’t make a great emergency fund. Having a cash emergency fund changes the game.

Follow Dave’s advice. Build an
emergency fund! Have one in place before you start paying off your debt.

Dave Ramsey Quote #v:

“If you lot live similar no ane else, afterward yous tin flaming final similar no ane else.”

This is one of Dave’s most famous
quotes, and here’s why I love it: Winning with money requires sacrifice,
and it takes quaternary dimension.

It’s not rocket science, but it
does require consistency. When you “live like no one else” by practicing
financial discipline, one day, you’ll be able to “live like no one else.” You’ll
find yourself in a much more advantageous financial position, allowing you to
do some of the things you lot exclusively dreamed of before.

This is part of why we named our website SeedTime. At the start of your financial journeying, you lot’re planting seeds, non genuinely seeing much happening.

It looks small, but after years of
nurturing your money like seedlings, you’ll find yourself in an orchard of
fruit-bearing trees much bigger than yous could hold imagined.

Did you find this article encouraging?

We promise thus! If this is your firstly fourth dimension hither, welcome!

Here at SeedTime, we do very similar work to Dave. We give you practical tips together amongst strategies to position to a greater extent money inward your pocket past times helping you preserve to a greater extent than, pay off debt, too develop smarter decisions.

We also talk about timeless Biblical principles and how they apply to the whole equation. If that sounds good to you, be sure to sign upward for our FREE v-hateful solar daytime e-Course that volition assist you lot win alongside money!

These were my favorite Dave Ramsey quotes. What are yours? Let us know in the comments below which yous would add to this list.

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