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Success Story: Tithing And Paying Off A House In 5 Years

tithing and paying off a mortgage early

Note From Bob: The next is a invitee postal service service from (TL1234) from the Philippines that has been promoted from CPF message boards. I acquire encouraged from testimonies similar this. The rewards of obedience to God are wonderful in addition to I love hearing stories of victory!

In 2005 I began tithing regularly. I got introduced to the concept that all things belong to God and I am only a steward. At the quaternary dimension I had been renting an bird for ii years together with finally I decided to acquire a identify to my ain. I turned thirty that yr together with somehow my life’s priorities were changing both inwards the fabric as well spiritual sense.


I loved the neighborhood I lived inwards thus inwards the evenings after work or on weekends, I’d drive around or stroll through the identify looking at places I’d like to live. There was i special topographic point non far from the flat I was renting that I always liked. I managed to get the existent estate broker’s lay out from the management also amazingly when we met, the lone location she could exhibit me, the only listing she had, was a inwards a discussion: perfect. It was newly re-modeled, barely lived inward, together with simply too elegantly furnished. And though the terms was fair, I could not afford it. That was the outset identify I looked at. I went to run into 10 to a greater extent than but none were similar that outset ane– the appear of the location in addition to the means it felt just was thence positive.

To give or non to give

I could not stop thinking about that first place (let’s call it Apartment 1005) and I re-worked my spreadsheets over and over to see if I could find money by cutting back spending here and there but the numbers just would not work out UNLESS, I stopped tithing and use the money to add to the mortgage payments. I was desperate– I knew if someone amongst just a fleck to a greater extent money than I would come across this identify, it would sell inward a 2d.

I had a long prayer time telling God how much I wanted the place and how it would be a home for the small family I wanted to have. In the end, I relented telling God, “If this is the cost of obedience and if this is my way of showing you I love you more than my ambition, so be it. I know you have a plan for me and you have your timetable for it.” That prayer ended in peace but I can’t say it wasn’t painful. There were times when I’d give my tithe, I’d live reminded of that story as well as it made the giving hurt.

Second chances?

Eight months, a pay increment, as well as the previous year’s bonus later I resumed the search for my possess place. The starting fourth dimension off person I called was that same broker to banking concern agree on Apartment 1005 to run into if alongside some degree of luck it would silent live available. To my jolt she said, “Yes it is. And I believe it was you who live on looked at the identify. If yous remember the price is also high peradventure we forcefulness out inquire the owners for a discount.” She went besides asked together with they were willing to allow it larn for 10 percentage less.

I got dorsum to my spreadsheet inward improver to in ane illustration again I wouldn’t keep enough to pay the monthly mortgage payments but non my much this 4th dimension. Was God playing games with me? The place was notwithstanding available, I got a 10 per centum discount, inwards improver to I’k brusk past times hence lilliputian! And even so ane fourth dimension to a greater extent, i was tempted to cutting into my tithe. I don’t know how I did it but I had just enough organized religious belief to resist.

That calendar week I was telling my colleague at office how I’k thence close but so far away from buying this solid. Then a few days later when I got my salary, I saw an increase inwards my pay. This was the most overwhelming feeling because that pay increase, after income taxation as well my tithe on it, was EXACTLY the amount I needed. It was an growth to advantage me for my good operate that twelvemonth– totally unexpected.

I got the house a niggling earlier my 31st birthday.

My budget then was so tight and for the next 15 years, which was the term of the loan, I’d be living on the equivalent of Dave Ramsey’s “rice as well as beans”.

Then as good as similar a shot

A lot has happened since that day. Most notable of which is that on October 15, 2010, I paid off that house early, xi years ahead of schedule without always missing a month of my tithing for the lastly 4 years.

Since the xx-four hours I signed the papers on Apartment 1005, fiscal as well as career blessings (promotions, successful investments, bonuses) poured inwards twelvemonth after twelvemonth that I’ve been able to growth the amount of my monthly payments as well every bit lay payments against the main.

Somewhere along the way, I’ve moved tithing off my gross income instead of my network income, the financial blessings that have made it possible for me to pay off the loan quickly I’ve used to help others put siblings through school, start businesses, in improver to pay for hospital bills. The pocket-size position I bring I’ve shared past using it equally a venue for prayer groups together with temporary living for mission workers. It has been an awesome journeying of faith.

I came across this reading inward Scripture today as good as I scream dorsum it sums up what it feels like to be writing this:

“May you empathise amongst what extraordinary powerfulness he acts inward favor of us who believe.” – Ephesians 1:19

Lessons I’ve Learned

  • God doesn’t desire my coin, He wants my see in improver to He is faithful.
  • Tithing is nigh not what we give the axe give to God. It is nigh what God give the sack give us when we let get likewise opened upwardly ourselves upwardly to Him to create full upwards us.
  • The do of tithing frees us from the traveling handbag of materialism together with greed. It teaches us that nosotros are non what nosotros ain together with its is possible to exist happy together with contented amongst less, letting us on the of import things: religion, others / service, together with relationships.
  • We are merely stewards of blessings besides they are meant to live used to bless others. And sharing feels much amend than hoarding.

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