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Should You Tithe On Your Tax Refund?

should you tithe on your tax refund

I uncovering that a lot of Christians (every chip shortly as they stop filing their taxes) showtime wondering nigh whether on non they should tithe on their taxation refund total.

This post was originally from our forums:

Amatachick mentioned this inward [some other thread] but I thought it was worthy of it’second ain thread:

“So do you tithe off of your tax homecoming?

Though that begs the question, brand yous tithe on your income earlier taxes or afterward taxes?

Personally, we tithe on our income before taxes, thus I don’t experience that we should tithe on our supply because that coin has already been tithed from (Or is that just beingness stingy?).

How do you determine your tithe, pre or send service income taxes? Why?”


Check the comments below for more than than…

There are a lot of comments below showing how other Christians are answering this interrogation…

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