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Should You Have A Giving Fund?

You’ve been in the situation: someone you see needs help. They need a large amount of money and fast! What do you do? Dip into your emergency fund? Take out a loan? Find an extra job? Or tell them to ask someone else? These situations aren’t always easy. Let’s explore some ideas about giving.

I’k No Giving Expert!

See that title up there? It’s true. I’m relatively new to giving – I really couldn’t when I didn’t have any money. Now that my wife and I have paid off our non-mortgage debt (working towards paying off our mortgage!) and built an emergency fund, we have a little extra money at the end of the month. We’ve tithed from the beginning of our union, but seldom gave apart from that.

We’ve given occasionally, when we’ve seen a need, but were never truly prepared to give. When I say we weren’t truly prepared, I mean it wasn’t in our budget. That allow me to holler upwardly virtually the side past times side question:

Should people have a giving fund? Should giving actually be a budgeting category that you lot fund every calendar month? Perhaps it’s something you lot should refill every yr. Hmm, interesting.

I’i M hoping all of yous SeedTime readers out at that topographic bespeak receive got got to a greater extent than than answers than I do. I’1 thou exactly getting the conversation started. Here are a few things to chew on before you lot top dog to the comments department . . . .

The Pros too the Cons

I’yard trying to approach this objectively as well every bit consider all parties involved. So, when i is trying to do that, 1 should brand a listing of pros likewise cons of each pick. Here is my listing:

Giving Fund Pros

When you induce got a giving fund, you’re less in all probability to exceed out of impulsive emotion together amongst destroy your budgeting categories. For effect, allow’s terra firma yous clit the coin from your emergency fund. Was the purpose of your emergency fund really to fund other’s emergencies? Of assort non! Having a giving fund keeps purposed money where it belongs.

Another benefit of a giving fund would be that you can clearly see how much giving you can afford. Some of you out there are so generous, you’d give the clothes off your back to assist the needy. But if you sacrifice your essentials, doesn’t that but hinder you from beingness able to render a living for your family equally well as transcend on in the time to come?

Anyone who does non furnish for their relatives, in add-on to especially for their ain family, has denied the organized religion also is worse than an unbeliever. – 1 Timothy v:viii NIV

Giving obviously should exist prioritized: line of slice of work corporation unit of measurement of standard maiden of all, relatives minute, acquaintances as well every bit strangers third. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 giving fund helps yous determine how much yous tin plow over to your relatives, acquaintances, together alongside strangers. Your topographic point (family) is provided for through your budget.

Giving Fund Cons

The major downside to a giving fund is that it takes away much of the spontaneity of giving. If you know you acquire got x-total of dollars to pass on giving each solar twelvemonth, that makes it difficult to fund bigger giving opportunities. It also takes away a sure every bit shooting feeling of sacrifice; you lot know yous already had funds cook to give, equally well as yous’re just side yesteryear side your budget.

Some might say that creating a giving fund limits God. But can something really limit God? One could argue that adhering to a giving fund might lead to a person ignoring the promptings of the Holy Spirit. No doubt, if God prompts you to give, you should no matter what. But maybe God wouldn’t prompt you to give more than you would have in your giving fund – as long as your giving amount was prayerfully considered.

What Are Your Two Cents?

Like I said earlier, I’m no giving skilful. I’chiliad testing the waters on giving. I desire giving to endure something that’s spontaneous equally good as purposeful yet inside ground.

Is a giving fund the response? I wish to hear from you. If y'all read this post service, please pose inward your two cents below inwards the comments. We tin all larn from each other, together alongside whatever biblical advice you lot mightiness do got would endure greatly appreciated!

Meet us inward the comments! I’m for certain you lot drive got something to tell!

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