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Should You Get Led Lights To Replace Your Incandescent Bulbs?

I was at Lowes this last weekend and as I moseyed down the aisle, I noticed that they had LED light bulbs on sale. 50% off to be exact. They are currently selling a xl-watt equivalent bulb for $ix.99 – on sale until May 9th.

Let me step back and say that I have avoided the CFLs as they have emerged the last few years. I really don’t like flourescent light and all the CFLs I have tried just make the room feel a bit like a warehouse. Add to that the dangerous chemicals contained within them and I have just decided to avoid them.

A bulb that lasts

Getting back to the $10 LED bulb. At commence-top away glance that could seem similar a ridiculous cost to pay for a depression-cal bulb. But if you lot consider the fact that this depression-cal bulb is rated for 25,000 hours – which is 23 years if y'all utilise it an average of 3 hours a 24-hr interval – this may non live a bad damage. Comparing it against the cheap incandescent bulbs, you lot lot tin acquire to a greater extent rated hours from buying twenty bulbs that testament inward conclusion 1500 hours each for $10, but who likes to alteration calorie-complimentary bulbs that oftentimes? I would prefer to modify them every other decade – how well-nigh you lot lot?

Energy Used

This is where the LED truly shines. They approximate (based on three hrs/xx-4 hours) that it volition cost $0.xc each YEAR to operate this LED bulb. At the same KWH seat, a twoscore watt Incandescent would cost well-nigh $4.fourscore/yr.

If you add this up over the 23 year lifespan of the LED bulb, it looks pretty compelling. The LED bulb would cost $20.70 to operate acre the incandescent bulb would cost $110.xl over the same  23 yr menses.

Total cost

If we concord dorsum at total cost…

twoscore Watt Equivalent LED Bulb16 Incandescent Bulbs
Purchase Cost$ix.99approx $8.00
Cost to Operate (23 yrs)$xx.70$110.40
Total Lifetime Cost$thirty.69 approx $118.twoscore

The low-cal

In the flick below the LED depression-cal is on left inward summation to the xl Watt Incandescent is on the correct.

LED vs Incandescent 40 watt bulbs

While the film doesn’t really portray this really good, the LED bulb really brightened the room slightly to a greater extent than than the Incandescent.

Final thoughts

Running the numbers it looks similar LED bulbs are finally starting to expire a practiced purchase (but a couplet years agone they were going for to a greater extent than $100/bulb). But 50-fifty if the cost savings wasn’t skilful plenty, but not having to modification the bulbs for 2 decades would exist pretty nice.

If you shop for LED bulbs you will quickly realize that it is difficult to find a 40-watt equivalent LED bulb for $10, so if you are interested you might want to jump on this ane from Lowes piece it is notwithstanding on sale.

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