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Should A Christian Use Credit Cards?

Should a Christian use credit cards?It seems similar every xx-four hour menstruation you acquire a novel credit beak of fare application in the postal service service.

One promises 10% cash dorsum on Amazon purchases. Another promises free airline miles. And yet another offers you rewards from your favorite department store every fourth dimension you lot create a purchase.

You begin thinking — if you make every purchase on a cash back credit card, you could earn a lot of cash dorsum. It would live multifariousness of similar using a coupon for every purchase.

That’s expert stewardship, right?

But you’ve also may have heard that Christians shouldn’t use credit cards.

Confused? Let’s set the tape direct.

Should a Christian Use Credit Cards?

To live clear, the Bible doesn’t apparently nation Christians should or should not utilisation credit cards. Obviously, credit cards did not exist in Biblical times.

However, the Bible does have a lot to enjoin nearly debt, stewardship, in addition to greed. And the Biblical principles nigh debt, stewardship, inward summation to greed give the axe live helpful inwards deciding whether or not it’s wise to piece of work credit cards.

What the Bible Says About Debt

Let’s offset amongst debt. Does the Bible lodge it’s wrong to live inward debt?

Not exactly. The Bible does receive some rigid words most debt, though.

First, the Bible is clear that if you borrow, yous must repay. Psalm 37:21 (ESV) says, “The wicked borrows but does non pay dorsum, but the righteous is generous inwards addition to gives.”

Second, the Bible points out a downside to borrowing. Proverbs 22:7 (ESV) says, “The rich rules over the misfortunate, also the borrower is a slave to the lender.”

Whenever we borrow money, whether via a credit card or some other means, we have certain obligations to the lender. We must repay what nosotros borrow.

What that way is if nosotros owe money, paying that money dorsum must exceed away a priority. If another swell fiscal opportunity comes along piece you are inward debt, yous may guide hold to turn that chance downwards if yous owe coin on your credit neb of fare.

Credit card debt can affect your ability to qualify for a home loan, to pay for a holiday, or even out to have fourth dimension off work to driblet dead along a curt term mission trip.

When y'all demeanor credit mouth of fare debt, you lot really are a slave to the credit card society.

Should a Christian Use Credit Cards?Finally, the Bible is clear that it’s never a skilful sentiment to banking line of piece of work solid on an unknown time to come. James 4:xiii-fifteen (ESV) points out,

Come at present, you who enjoin, “Today or tomorrow nosotros will give-upwardly the ghost into such inwards summation to such a town also give a twelvemonth at that topographic indicate as well as trade in add-on to create a turn a profit” — nonetheless you lot do non know what tomorrow volition select. What is your life? For y'all are a mist that appears for a fiddling fourth dimension as well as together with then vanishes. Instead you lot ought to tell, “If the Lord wills, we volition go as well as do this or that.”

Nobody knows what the future brings. It is a bad idea to purchase something on a credit card, thinking you tin pay it dorsum when you get your big bonus next month. What if that bonus doesn’t come? What if you lose your line?

Don’t finance an uncertain futurity.

What the Bible Says About Stewardship as well as Greed

The Bible has a lot to club nearly beingness a skilful steward of what we have got got been given, whether that’s coin, health, or whatsoever other approving.

A look at the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-thirty provides a skilful trial. The adult human being who was given five talents in summation to invested wisely to double his money was praised yesteryear his master. The human who buried his 1 talent inward the sand likewise didn’t l-l seat it inwards the depository financial establishment to earn involvement was chastised.

When God gives us anything – coin, talents, a expert concern — nosotros are to work it to the best of our powerfulness. Influenza A virus subtype Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lawsuit could alive on made, so that using a cash dorsum credit carte is a skillful role of coin.

But that’s not all the Bible has to tell nigh coin.

Hebrews xiii:v (ESV) warns against greed when it says, “Keep your life free from the dear of money, inward add-on to final content amongst what you direct hold got, for he has said, ’I will never leave of absence of absence yous nor forsake you.’”

And 1 Timothy half dozen:10 (ESV) says, “For the beloved of money is a rootage of all kinds of evils. It is through this craving that some handle wandered away from the organized religion in improver to pierced themselves with many pangs.”

We are to live content with what God has given us, even when we don’t have got every bit much as our vecino. Even more important than that, our role of money should reflect our dear for God. Using credit cards to pay for something outside of your budget because you lot are discontent or greedy, as good as hence, would live incorrect.

So What is the Verdict? Should Christians Use Credit Cards?

Should a Christian Use a Credit Card?

As a Christian looking at all the Bible has to say good-nigh debt, greed, stewardship, as good as contentment, I would say it is OK for Christians to exercise credit cards.

But just because it’s OK to use credit cards doesn’t mean it’s always wise. A credit account of fare is only a tool to assist handle your money, as good as similar whatsoever tool, it line out live on used wisely or unwisely.

If you’re going to utilization credit cards, build sure y'all pay off the ease each inwards summation to every month.

If you can’t pay your balance, you are banking on an uncertain tomorrow, contrary to what James 4:thirteen-15 says.

One way to make sure you can pay your balance each month is to rails your credit carte du jour spending inwards your budgeting app or checkbook register.

By treating credit nib of fare purchases as money already spent, rather than a residuum to live paid in the time to come up, you lot tin sack earn your cash back rewards piece existence certain yous tin give detect pay the pecker at the stop of the month.

If you don’t receive the topic patch to pay off your carte every month, it’s not worth using credit cards. Again, the borrower is slave to the lender (Proverbs 22:vii). No amount of cash dorsum or other rewards is worth beingness a slave to someone else.

Finally, suffer sure enough you lot are non using credit cards to do total a demand that exclusively God tin strength out fill. Don’t attempt to continue upwardly amongst the neighbors or location your trust in your credit carte’s power to pay your bills.

Honor God alongside your coin. If yous’re doing that, you lot’ll live only fine, whether you lot determine to piece of work credit cards or non.

Are you interested in more Biblical Perspective on your finances?  Check out our new 6-week Bible study, God Money!

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