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Prosperity Gospel, Poverty Gospel, And The Gospel

Yesterday an article was published on TheSimpleDollar where Trent shared his opinions close the “Prosperity Gospel”. I read the article, read the comments, too had some thoughts that I wanted to write near – as well as hence hither we are. In the article Trent made clear all of his misgivings alongside the Prosperity Gospel together with at the quaternary dimension I read it all the commenters seemed to percent the same disdain for it.

Scripturally I think it is important to start with Matthew 6:33…

“But seek starting time his kingdom likewise his righteousness, too all these things will be given to yous also.”

What I get from this is that our priority and focus should be on God and His will, not on getting the things. I think it is pretty easy to argue that when our focus is on getting things or material possessions, we are in the wrong. My hunch is that it was a few preachers who got out of balance with this who have made the word “Prosperity” thence taboo.

That said, there are numerous scriptures that suggest that God does wishing to encounter us blessed (or dare I solid reason prosper?). The fact is that if yous search your bible you are going to observe the give-in plus to-straightaway Prosper used nigh 45 times (depending on which version you lot accept). And I don’t retrieve an representative where it is used every bit a negative affair.

I would similar to exercise a piddling Greek as well Hebrew report on the give-in addition to-direct Prosper to learn back to it’sec master of import – but my hunch is that it isn’t limited to finances – similar thus many people drib dead far to live on today. (If anyone has this information, experience complimentary to percentage inwards the comments.)

What’minute it for?

So I hold back at myself – I am a centre-assort American who sees a lot of room to grow financially past looking at those around me. But realistically, I am filthy rich compared to the stay of the world. I don’t know why God chose for me to endure born in such a prosperous field when I could accept but as easily bring been a starving tiddler inwards Republic of Bharat.

But, I do see this as a special responsibility that I have been given – I feel that it is crucial that I don’t get caught up in Keeping up with the Joneses, but rather focusing on how to be the best steward of my coin possible. Not alone to instantly proceed it wisely also seeking to increment it, but to seat it to skilful business office by honoring God together with helping people with it.

The poverty gospel

In the yesteryear I had a fearfulness of earning a lot of money. I somehow felt a petty more “holy” if I didn’t hold whatever money. The truth is that the amount of coin y'all earn direct hold nil to do with your right-standing with God. There are athiests as well as Christians alike who both railroad develop a ton of coin too who are broke.

Before I was afraid to brand much money because of this verse…

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” Mark 10:25

Then I began to find out more about Stewardship and realized that none of my money is really mine anyway. And wouldn’t it be much better if I made a bunch of money and used it to advance God’s Kingdom rather than intentionally trying to avoid making more money? What if I could get to the point where I could give away 50% of the money I made – or what about 90%? Imagine all the churches that could be built, imagine all the missionaries I could assist, imagine all the mouths that could be fed.

If I made a lot of money, but were giving away 90% of what I made would I be the same as the “rich man” that Jesus was referring to? On the other hand, what if I just happened to be in the top 1% wealthiest people in the world (banking business organization cheque for yourself here) – 50-l though I don’t experience that rich – does that still build me the “rich human” that Jesus was referring to?

The determination I came to is that I am rich whether I similar or non in addition to I experience a responsibility to never larn caught upward in the accumulation of things, but rather to line what God has given me to give back.

Psalm 67:vii has struck a chord inward my pump…

“God blesses us, That all the ends of the soil may fearfulness Him.”

I sense thus incredibly blessed by God inwards many ways, but I know what it’sec for.

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