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Primerica Review: The Good And Bad

Primerica Review: The Good and BadConsidering Primerica?

I have been to quite a few multi-grade marketing recruiting meetings over the years.

I consider myself to alive on an opened upwardly-minded somebody, hence I don’t heed coming together with the recruiters inward add-on to genuinely learning what the companionship is all virtually.

It helps that I don’t hold got much wishing to follow the crowd in addition to don’t have a problem proverb no or leaving when I realize it is non what I was interested inward.

I met amongst someone from Primerica a few months back, inward addition to but got a outcry upward from a different recruiter a few days agone. Since they seem to be growing, I figured I would role my thoughts likewise regard what everyone else thinks.

Primerica Pros

I was intrigued by Primerica because, having worked in banking and currently working in the brokerage industry, I understood that they were offering a valuable service to their clients. Primerica is a divison of CITI, i of the largest banks inward the globe. Citi offers but most every fiscal production under the Sun too they purpose Primerica as a sales force of their many products.

What I think is brilliant with Primerica is that their finish is to help their customers use their existing income and shift things around freeing up extra cash to fund retirement and other savings goals. In the example they showed (I am not sure if it was the average American’s financial situation) they refinanced the customers mortgage and switched them from a cash value life insurance policy to a term policy freeing up $500 a month. They then take this $500 and show them how to make good use of it by investing inward park funds for retirement, saving for college, etc…

The reason they can hire anyone is because they have a computer program that does the advising for them. The Primerica rep gives the computer specific information about the customer’s financial situation and it spits out what they call an FNA (Financial Analysis). This analysis shows the rep and the customer how they tin displace salvage money as good as what they should pose that extra coin towards.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they encourage their customers to pay their mortgages twice monthly rather than the traditional monthly payment. This results in thousands of dollars of savings over the life of the loan. In addition they sell term life insurance rather than whole life, even though insurance companies brand a lot more than money off of whole life than they do term. I am non naive to retrieve that they are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts (public companies that large typically hold 1 matter on their minds: putting coin inwards the shareholders pockets).

Coincidentally or non, this seems to hold up on somewhat of a win-win. CITI is willing to practise a sacrifice equally well equally build a piffling fighting less coin on a few products inward lodge to gratuitous upwardly the client’2d money that testament probable be spent on other CITI products.

Primerica Cons

  • They are nevertheless a  multi-grade marketing line of piece of work enterprise. The problem I discovery amongst many MLM’minute is that many of them coerce inwards improver to force per unit area people to convey together – personally, zippo turns me off quicker than when I feel similar I am being pressured into something.

  • I did non sign upwardly with them thus I don’t straight off concord a total understanding of how they acquire paid. My rep said something most at that spot existence 4 ways, but seemed to intentionally conk on it vague. From what other Primerica reps have got said, most coin is made from recruiting people rather than selling products – together with it is difficult to exercise much money if yous don’t recruit a bunch of people.

  • The committee payouts are lower than other salespeople inward the manufacture. My assumption is that since they aren’t looking for financial expertise when hiring, they open fire acquire away paying lower commissions. Many of the reps hired wouldn’t hold the credentials to work many other places inward the manufacture.

  • If you do leave and stay in the industry, they guide grip a non-compete clause for 2 years inside a 50 mile radius of your address. If yous leave, y'all must leave of absence behind the clients that you worked thence hard to movement inwards the acquire-snuff it abode. Probably typical inward the manufacture, but something to cash inwards 1'sec chips on inwards take heed nonetheless.

I am for sure enough at that spot are bunch more than pros together with cons, but honestly, since I never signed upward I don’t know all of the details. I would dearest to hear your perspective if you lot lot heard of them, been recruited yesteryear them, worked for them, or currently patch of work for them. I know a lot of people are rattling passionate nearly MLMs one means or some other, so if yous comment please buy the farm on it civil.

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