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Passive Income Vs Nonpassive Income [And 7 Ways I Earn Passively]

7 ways I earn passive incomeI recall thinking, “You think you lot tin really do work ane time as good as get paid over inward addition to over 1 time again?”

And as soul who knew cypher other than working for an hourly society, earning passive income was a really fascinating thought.

It was 10 years agone, also it was the rootage 4th dimension I was presented amongst the thought of passive income streams…

together with it blew my take heed.

So, directly after discovering what it was, I began searching for passive income strategies inward improver to ideas together with apace realized that this wasn’t going to live quite as similar shooting fish inwards a barrel as I had hoped.  While I was excited by the prospect of getting paid over likewise over in ane lawsuit 1 time again AFTER the piece of work was done, I apace realized that the piece of work itself:

  • ofttimes was harder

  • paid piffling or zippo on the front end terminal

  • normally had a risk of failure attached to it

But, I receive learned to get excited nigh opportunities that are hard – because if they were easy, everyone would do them.  And when at that spot is a pocket-sized storey of difficulty attached, it greatly reduces the competition.

Passive vs. nonpassive (active) income

What is active income?

So if the definition of passive income is getting paid over together with over for piece of piece of work that you exclusively do 1 fourth dimension, inward improver to too then non-passive income is essentially trading hours for dollars.

Any type of piece of work where you lot get paid yesteryear the threescore minutes is a perfect example of NON-passive income.

Even a salaried job would be considered NON-passive or active income because if yous quit today, y'all real before long wouldn’t live getting a paycheck.

On the other manus, songwriters forcefulness out do the work to write a vocal 1 4th dimension as well as proceed getting royalty checks the tranquility of their lives!

It’s worth the travail

Fast forward 10 years and I am so glad that I put in the work to create some passive income streams.  In March I returned from my annual xxx-24-hr interval Sabbatical that would non have got got been possible if it weren’t for a skillful portion of our income beingness passive inward nature.

Not exclusively does it supply me gamble to accept fourth dimension off as good as nonetheless get paid, but it allows me to focus on other projects besides construct other streams spell nonetheless having money come in.

Even if I had never gotten to the bespeak of beingness able to pay our bills amongst passive income, I would yet live thrilled to have only a couplet hundred dollars of passive residue income coming inward each month.

Know what I think?

The Snowball Effect

Additionally, every flake yous boot the bucket along to reinvest the income into other passive income streams it builds bigger as well bigger.

For illustration, we were able to usage passive earnings to acquire a rental property that is at nowadays generating passive monthly income together with we volition live looking for ways to bring those earnings to generate even to a greater extent than.

As the snowball gets bigger inward add-on to bigger, you lot only hold getting farther away from the days of trading hours for dollars – which I don’t know around you, but that gets me excited!

Even more of import

The thing about many ways to create passive income is that they often involve creating something.

And when you lot create something, you have the chance to exercise your God-given gifts to set the life of mortal else improve.

And when you use what you have been given to improve someone else’s life it adds significant to your life.  And even if your efforts didn’t prepare you lot money, at to the lowest degree you would alive helping soul else!

Zig Ziglar taught me that “You tin take hold everything in life yous want, if you lot testament just aid other people acquire what they wishing.”

I take hold found that when it comes to passive income, this tends to take hold true every bit well.

Ways to create passive income

These are my seven passive residuum income streams

So here is a hold off at all of my electrical stream likewise yesteryear passive income methods that I have used.

Hopefully some of these ideas volition acquire your encephalon spinning nearly how you give the sack start generating some passive income this twelvemonth.

1. Dividend passive income

As far as I telephone upward, buying a dividend paying stock yielded my 1st dollar of passive earnings.  For those who don’t know, some stocks pay dividends (quarterly payments to shareholders) together with some don’t.  My start stock purchase was Ameren (AEE): a local utilities society.

They paid a 3% dividend at the time and so my $500 investment yielded me about $3.75 every 3 months.

Nothing as good exciting, but it was a seed sown as well as has continued to pay out for the concluding 10 years WITHOUT any additional work on my work.

2. Blog articles

This one has, by far, been the biggest one for me.  The website you are reading has provided me a total-fourth dimension income for the inward determination 8+ years together with spell non all aspects of it are passive, much of it forcefulness out live.  I receive got generally worked around twoscore hours a calendar calendar week for the terminal 8 years, but most of that time is spent on increment – non sustaining it.

And when I would similar to bring a piffling time off, I tin strength out pretty easily do that with most of the income existence passive inwards nature.

The most exciting part of blog earnings is that I have articles that I wrote 7+ years ago that are still getting passive traffic from Google and still earning me money each month.  That is why I love this whole blogging affair. 😉

If you are interested in finding out more about all this, yous motility acquire my bulk (for FREE) that testament alive a adept primer for y'all.

3. Writing for hubpages

This ane is similar to the previous i, but requires less commitment.

Basically hubpages (as good as inward that location are others similar it) is a website that allows you to create your ain pages on the site good-nigh whatsoever theme of your choosing.  So you could create a page good-nigh potty-training 3-twelvemonth olds, or your dearest for artisanal dark chocolate (similar me), or for Silver Needle tea (my fave), or anything else you lot forcefulness out imagine.

I wrote extensively about how I made money with hubpages with more detail, but to date I have created a little over 100 of these and earn almost $200/month from them even so.  If you tin write nigh topics that others mightiness live interested inward, it tin be a decent passive income strategy.

4. Kindle books

My 1st Kindle volume I wrote was a destination experiment.  I had no thought what would happen.  And at nowadays years later, I notwithstanding sell books each month too laissez passer peradventure 5 hours each yr updating them.  And if it wasn’t such a timely topic, I powerfulness non demand to update them at all.

At this dot it is a piddling less than $100/month, but has been much higher inwards the yesteryear.

5. Music/Youtube

I spent about 10 years leading worship at my church building edifice before moving to Nashville.  And a few years ago I decided (with my wife Linda) to tape a few worship songs we loved besides (similar hence many things I do) but grab what happened.

It has proved to me just how difficult it can be to make money as a musical artist.  Even still we earn about $30-50/calendar month from Youtube/iTunes/Spotify earnings.

vi. Selling Stock Photos

As a blogger, I am ever looking for expert stock photos to apply inwards my spider web log posts, but sometimes it tin terminate live hard to discovery a adept photo that industrial works.  So ane solar solar day it dawned on me that I had a DSLR boob subway tv camera inwards add-on to might simply alive able to take some of the pictures I needed – as well sell them on stock photograph sites to earn some passive royalty income.

Mind yous, I wouldn’t 50-l yell upwardly myself an amateur photographer.  I remove take hold a decent photographic boob tube photographic camera inwards add-on to know enough to be unsafe together with that is virtually it.

So I took sound-nigh 400 photos, selected the forty best together with uploaded them on:

And of those 40, I think they approved 5 of them.  After a month I think I had made 50 cents, so I threw in the towel on that one.  We still might make $1/calendar month from those photos.

That said, mortal who tin privy larn what these sites are looking for inwards stock photos tin can in all likelihood do far meliorate than I did.

7. Rental asset passive income

As I mentioned earlier, we have got been able to plow our 1st dwelling into an income generating rental holding.

Renting out your enterprise past itself is non necessarily a passive activeness.  I don’t desire to be the guy who gets called at 3am when the plumbing screws upward. So, we hired a holding managing managing director who takes 10% of our earnings to grip finding expert tenants, keeping them happy, inward add-on to sending me the cheque each month.

UPDATE: We recently did a comparison of our rental belongings vs. Fundrise (a really passive investment) to run across which performed amend.  

Alternatively, while definitely not passive, renting out your theatre or a room on Airbnb send away alive a way to earn some extra cash.

Other passive income ideas

Creating apps

I know zero goodness-nigh creating apps.  My hunch is that some apps y'all could create mightiness non live passive at all – requiring lots of maintenance together with upkeep.  On the other mitt, I would gauge that sure enough real simple, utilitarian or informational apps might live passive.

For illustration: a basic calculator for immature children or an app that lists all the earth capitols, rather than a really complex 1 alongside lots of moving parts.  You acquire the pic.

Stock music

Amateur video creation has been growing exponentially the final few years.  Do you know what goes mitt-in-paw with video?  Music.

Often times when I am making a video I hold got background music too hence do tons of other people making videos.

Remember who really got rich during the gold rush 160+ years ago?  Very few of the ones actually mining for gold, but the guys selling tools the miners needed did real sound.

In the instance of stock audio I typically pay $10-$20 (the going range) for a 2 moment instrumental sound clip when I purchase stock sound.

That toll is to a greater extent than than than most whole albums that many artists together with bands create.  And it is only a 2 instant instrumental clip.  So it pays nigh 10x together with takes agency less quaternary dimension to create vs. what we did inwards #v upwards inwards a higher place.

At this indicate this isn’t a game I testament be getting into, but if you lot tin dismiss tape something decent, this powerfulness alive a slap-upward way to generate some passive earnings equally a instrumentalist.

There are lots of sites you can sell to, but check out some of the samples on Audiojungle.meshwork to see how others are making it piece of work.

Maintaining Passive Income Streams

Almost every item listed to a higher position would greatly do goodness from a little amount of maintenance.  And the ones that I take take hold actively maintained select take hold done far amend than those that I didn’t deport on for years.

So my approach has been to focus my fourth dimension on growing too maintaining the most profitable income streams.  The rest I thought equally experiments that have got the additional do goodness of continuing to earn coin years after – 50-fifty if it is tedious declining.

Just similar a seedling requires to a greater extent attending as well as care than an established tree, thus it is amongst many of these ideas.

Final thoughts

The telephone telephone of our site is SeedTime inwards improver to I would live remiss if I didn’t outcry the fact that we see this inwards nature all the fourth dimension.

An onetime apple tree tree tree that keeps bearing fruit twelvemonth after yr, a hedge of blackberries that only keeps producing without whatever attempt, or a perennial herb garden that comes back yr after yr.

Each of these require to a greater extent than slice of piece of work upfront than tell going to the grocery shop as well as buying a pack of apples, blackberries, or rosemary.  But the rewards of that upfront work FAR laissez passer the seek expended.

If yous notice a passive income stream that works for you lot, I believe the same holds truthful as good.

Bottom line:  we live in the best time in the history of the world to start some sort of income generating line of piece of piece of work arrangement.

And if y'all sack do it spell you have got a total-fourth dimension chore inward addition to focus on strategies that testament create yous money passively rather than actively, your time to come self testament give thank you you lot.

I’ll leave of absence you amongst some other keen quote from Zig Ziglar…

“You were Designed for Accomplishment, Engineered for Success together with Endowed amongst the Seeds of Greatness.”

–Zig Ziglar

You have something that the earth needs – thus get out there also portion it!

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