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Our 10 Most Popular Videos Of Last Year

We give thanks you for existence a component sectionalization of our SeedTime theater unit of measurement unit! If yous’re novel here, our mission is for yous to acquire what school together with church building never taught y'all nigh money.

No affair if you’re new to SeedTime or if you lot’re a long fourth dimension reader, we’ve compiled Our Top 10 Videos of 2019 (from our YouTube channel), alone for you lot. Enjoy!

Below is the video for you to grab of our top videos.

We’ll also acquire to a greater extent inward depth with each video as you read further. Drop inward on the word Linda as good I had, transcribed below… together with we welcome you lot to join inward by leaving us a comment!

Bob: I’ll let you do the honors. We’re starting from number 5 too nosotros’re working backwards to our issue 1.

Linda: This power get sort of confusing because all of these videos are inward numerical companionship, but they also direct hold numbers, as far every scrap the championship.

Bob: Almost everything we do has a issue to it.

The Top 5 Most Viewed Videos of 2019

Linda: So, issue 5 is, Five Bad Money Habits To Break.

Bob: This video… I similar this 1. We had a lot of nifty respond inwards this 1, as well manifestly had a whole bunch of views. Definitely banking line organisation check it out. There’s a lot of habits that we have got, that we don’t flush out know aren’t skilful habits, that are hurting us financially. What’s release iv? 

Linda: Number 4 is, Three Surprising Things That Jesus Said About Money.

Bob: Yeah, this is fun. Jesus genuinely did utter nigh money, believe it or non. He actually talked approximately money a lot. The Bible has a lot to tell nigh it. We pulled out iii things that Jesus said nearly money.

Linda: All correct, issue iii. 17 Things Frugal People Don’t Do. I similar this 1.

Bob: Linda had fun with this i.

Linda: You know those online quizzes, or quizzes inwards magazines, if yous’re onetime schoolhouse similar me? I used to dearest taking the quizzes in magazines.

Bob: Girly magazines? Yeah.

Linda: This is diverseness of similar that. Yeah. Number 2 is, Seven Legit At Home Jobs.

Bob: So people telephone phone for me all the time almost what multifariousness of slice of run they tin give the sack do from habitation. Everybody wants to operate from dwelling, together with I’ve worked from theater a long time. There’s some benefits to it. But anyway, the quest is, is that these are seven ideas for yous, if you want to do that.

Linda: Number 1 of our most viewed videos, How We Travel For Free.

Bob: Yeah, this is no surprise. This video goes over our system that we’ve used to get… I don’t know what the number is now, but basically, 100 gratuitous hotel nights as well virtually 100 flights inward the endure 5 years. It’s a scheme specifically for traveling inwards the U.southward. that we utilisation. So, if yous’re interested, check that 1 out.

Bob: All correct, hence right away that we got those 5 out of the means, let’s acquire to the ones that have got the highest like ratio. Some of them are viewed to a greater extent than, but don’t conduct hold every bit many thumbs ups, in addition to so these are the ones that but got a whole bunch of thumbs ups.

The 5 Most Liked Videos of 2019

Linda: Thumbs ups. Number 5 thumbs ups. Number v is, How to invest $100. It is a billionaire investment strategy. Am I proverb this right?

Bob: Sometimes these things read a piffling chip different than they’re spoken. The indicate of this video is, we evidence yous ane of my favorite specific strategies on how to invest $100. The argue it’s called a billionaire strategy, is because a rattling goodness-known billionaire recommends this strategy.

Linda: Who?

Bob: I don’t know. Should I tell yous? Should I give it away? He recommends this strategy, together with he specifically has inwards his testament, for his married adult woman later he dies, to follow this strategy for investment. I’one thousand going to acquire out it at that. I’k non going to tell anything else. So if you lot’re interested you lot’ve got to cheque our video.

Linda: Number 4 of our most liked videos is, 7 Smart Financial Moves You Can Make Today.

Bob: Boom.

Linda: It’s self-explanatory.

Bob: Most of these videos are self-explanatory, but at that spot yous go.

Linda: Number three, What Do You Actually Spend Your Money On?

Bob: It blows my brain how many people don’t know what they’re really spending their money on. They think they do, it’s similar, “Oh yeah, I overstep this much in all probability…”

Linda: So they think it’s going towards their mortgage or rent, or something similar that as good as as well as hence they regain out it’s mostly going to Starbucks?

Bob: Well, yes. They hold got no thought how much they’re really spending on eating out or on amusement each calendar month, or on groceries, or anything similar that. There’s a genuinely elementary way to notice out, together with it takes yous v minutes. It’s completely automated as good as uncomplicated too gratuitous. That’s what we utter almost inward this video.

Linda: Wow. Why non uncovering out inwards 5 minutes? Number 2 is, Not Everything Is About Money.

Bob: This is i we did together.

Linda: Yup.

Bob: Right?

Linda: I think.

Bob: So the gist of this video is that for people similar me, money nerds similar me, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel to acquire caught inwards the numbers, in addition to create every decision a terminal conclusion, in improver to that’s only non a good for you way to alive life. This is something that the people like Linda who are not the coin nerds, should live sharing this video with every single 1 of their friends, likewise all the spouses of the money nerds.

Linda: I precisely play it for you lot whenever you-

Bob: Yeah, precisely. If you’re non the coin nerd, you testament similar this video.

Linda: Okay, in add-on to publish 1 of our highest liked… What is it?

Bob: Most liked video.

Linda: The way you said it was too confusing.

Bob: The most thumbs ups.

Linda: Number 1 is, Our Five Worst Money Mistakes.

Bob: I think this is telling, that us talking shut-

Linda: You guys want to hear what nosotros do incorrect.

Bob: Yeah, we’ve got a lot more than v, together with then possibly we should increment that-

Linda: Keep going.

Bob: Do round off off ii.

Linda: 17 worst money mistakes.

Bob: 99 coin mistakes. All right, thence direct nosotros’re going to verbalise nigh a few of Linda’s favorites. Because I asked her as well as I’k similar, “All right. What videos did you lot similar? What did you lot like doing?”

Linda’s Favorite Videos of 2019

First on her listing… together with these aren’t inward whatever especial monastic lodge, she just threw them out inwards that location. Smart People Buy Cars Like This.

Linda: That i but because it felt really personal.

Bob: It was genuinely personal.

Linda: We were inward the middle of dealing amongst a genuinely hot September with no AC inward the auto, together with simply-

Bob: All right, also you lot also mentioned that yous genuinely liked the 17 Things Frugal People Don’t Do. That was but fun.

Linda: Yeah, that i again is fun. I but similar the quiz thing. I similar knowing if I’thousand frugal or non.

Bob: All right, you said you liked the interview I did with Chuck Bentley virtually, Why Marriage Is the Best Financial Move.

Linda: I dearest that 1 because… Well initiative of all of all, Chuck Bentley is amazing. When I listened to that interview with Chuck, it just inspired me inwards a novel agency to acquire involved with our finances, inward plus to that genuinely what I had to tell close to our finances was really valuable. Just because I wasn’t sound at the spreadsheets, didn’t think that I didn’t have got anything valuable. I simply really loved that interview honestly.

Bob: That’s nifty.

Linda: I experience like it’s nigh but working together inwards your spousal relationship.

Bob: You said you also similar this i, Five Ways To Bless Your Pastor.

Linda: I did. The thought of blessing your pastor as well as simply non forgetting that they truly direct continue needs also. He brings upwardly a ton of proficient points. That’s simply a nifty video. I liked it.

Bob: The other one you mentioned was goodness-nigh, Defining Success As A Christian. This was an interview I did with Joseph Michael.

Linda: Oh yes.

Bob: He’s a goodness friend.

Linda: I exactly think the ii of you lot talking-

Bob: This was a skilful conversation. I wishing I could acquire Joe on all the fourth dimension. We receive goodness conversations. We demand to give a holler-out to Keith Boyd. He’s someone inwards our SeedTime community who shape of was the inspiration for this video. Thank you lot Keith for the thought likewise we are directly doing it. If yous demand some videos to sentinel, nosotros but gave you a whole bunch of great videos to see man.

Bob: I’ll add together to that, that I’ve since created nigh iii of iv playlists over at YouTube. You’ll receive all these linked upwards. These playlists are the beginnings of courses that we’re going to create. These are going to be paid courses inward the time to come. In the meantime, you get sort of the maiden of all collections of each of ane of these for costless over on YouTube. So just come upwardly most it along.

Bob: Basically, we have it broken out, one of the playlists is My Favorite Money Hacks, together with at that place’s exclusively a lot of nifty fiscal tips in improver to tricks that you lot tin run alongside besides utilize right similar a shot to save money as good as to be a fiddling to a greater extent strategic with your money. We receive got broken downward inward a 101, 201, as well as 301 course of report-type thing. Each 1 of these playlists, similar the

Bob: If you want to dive inwards together with genuinely acquire a bunch of cloth around money as well as feel similar you lot start getting a suitcase on it, as good as similar we e'er verbalize most, our goal here is to instruct the things that school should have taught us, that they never did, as good as the things the church building hasn’t been able to as good, as good variety of combining that. That’s really what we do on this channel. So banking company check those out.

Bob: Final thing here. If you don’t want to miss any of our great videos that are coming up in 2020, there’s a couple of things you can do. First off, you can go over to seedtime.com likewise get on our electronic post listing. We transport an e-mail one time a calendar week, together with yous volition always hear virtually our novel videos, inwards plus to y'all’ll hear shut our best Instagram post, you’ll hear… We genuinely have a Bible verse of the calendar week where we create an iPhone graphic together with you download.

Bob: Anyway, all this stuff is in our weekly newsletter, so definitely get signed up for that over there. You can also subscribe on YouTube as good as ready for certain you lot smasher the bell. You’ve got to hitting the bell otherwise YouTube mightiness not present you lot our videos, I don’t know why. Hit the bell if yous want to train certain that you lot hear from us with each novel video.

Bob: The other thing is, you can go over to Instagram. You unfastened upwardly burn follow us at that location.

Linda: @seedtime.

Bob: @seedtime. We’re putting a lot of the videos up there. YouTube is a little better platform for consuming, because we can put longer videos. But, the point is you can see a lot over there as well. The other thing you can do is subscribe to our podcast. Some of the audio from some of our videos goes to our podcast. You can check that out, and it is appropriately named, SeedTime Money. You tin give the sack discovery it pretty much anywhere you lot sack regain podcasts. That is all for at inward i example, thank yous for a fantastic 2019.

Linda: Yes.

Bob: We have genuinely enjoyed it. We’ve enjoyed growing a little bit of an audience on YouTube inward improver to connecting with yous together with hearing your comments as good as your suggestions, too your video ideas, making fun of us, similar all of it. It’s all been groovy. It’s been slap-upwardly. We’ve absolutely loved it. Thank you lot real much together with we’re truly excited virtually 2020. We have got a lot of ideas together with things we’re going to do, too it’s a proficient time to live inwards the SeedTime community. As ever, live blessed, be a approving, together with we’ll encounter yous soon.

Oh, and if you have a finance or faith based topic you’d like us to discuss in 2020… let us know in the comments below!

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