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Our 10 Most Popular Videos Of Last Year

We give thanks yous for beingness a office of our SeedTime household unit of measurement of mensuration! If you’re novel hither, our mission is for yous to larn what schoolhouse as good as church edifice never taught yous nigh coin.

No affair if you’re new to SeedTime or if you lot’re a long time reader, we’ve compiled Our Top 10 Videos of 2019 (from our YouTube channel), solely for you lot. Enjoy!

Below is the video for you lot to picket of our top videos.

We’ll also acquire to a greater extent than inward depth with each video equally you lot read further. Drop inward on the word Linda together with I had, transcribed below… together with we welcome yous to convey together inwards by times leaving us a comment!

Bob: I’ll permit you do the honors. We’re starting from number v as well as nosotros’re working backwards to our number 1.

Linda: This mightiness acquire cast of confusing because all of these videos are inwards numerical club, but they also withdraw proceed numbers, as far as the title.

Bob: Almost everything we do has a upshot to it.

The Top 5 Most Viewed Videos of 2019

Linda: So, number 5 is, Five Bad Money Habits To Break.

Bob: This video… I similar this ane. We had a lot of neat reply inwards this ane, too obviously had a whole bunch of views. Definitely cheque it out. There’s a lot of habits that we have, that we don’t l-l know aren’t practiced habits, that are pain us financially. What’s set out 4? 

Linda: Number 4 is, Three Surprising Things That Jesus Said About Money.

Bob: Yeah, this is fun. Jesus really did oral fissure nigh coin, believe it or non. He genuinely talked virtually money a lot. The Bible has a lot to tell around it. We pulled out iii things that Jesus said or thence money.

Linda: All right, break three. 17 Things Frugal People Don’t Do. I similar this 1.

Bob: Linda had fun with this 1.

Linda: You know those online quizzes, or quizzes inward magazines, if you lot’re sometime school like me? I used to dearest taking the quizzes inward magazines.

Bob: Girly magazines? Yeah.

Linda: This is variety of like that. Yeah. Number ii is, Seven Legit At Home Jobs.

Bob: So people enquire me all the fourth dimension near what sort of piece of work they tin ship away do from habitation. Everybody wants to slice of piece of work from dwelling, and I’ve worked from position a long fourth dimension. There’s some benefits to it. But anyway, the signal is, is that these are 7 ideas for y'all, if yous desire to do that.

Linda: Number 1 of our most viewed videos, How We Travel For Free.

Bob: Yeah, this is no surprise. This video goes over our system that we’ve used to get… I don’t know what the number is now, but basically, 100 complimentary hotel nights inwards plus to virtually 100 flights inwards the finally v years. It’s a system specifically for traveling inward the U.S. that we usage. So, if you’re interested, cheque that 1 out.

Bob: All right, thus at one time that we got those 5 out of the agency, allow’s acquire to the ones that hold got the highest similar ratio. Some of them are viewed to a greater extent, but don’t hold every chip many thumbs ups, as good as so these are the ones that but got a whole bunch of thumbs ups.

The 5 Most Liked Videos of 2019

Linda: Thumbs ups. Number 5 thumbs ups. Number 5 is, How to invest $100. It is a billionaire investment strategy. Am I maxim this right?

Bob: Sometimes these things read a piddling chip unlike than they’re spoken. The indicate of this video is, we introduce yous ane of my favorite specific strategies on how to invest $100. The fight it’s called a billionaire strategy, is because a real good-known billionaire recommends this strategy.

Linda: Who?

Bob: I don’t know. Should I tell yous? Should I give it away? He recommends this strategy, as well as he specifically has inwards his volition, for his married adult woman afterward he dies, to follow this strategy for investment. I’m going to get out it at that. I’m non going to say anything else. So if you lot’re interested you’ve got to cheque our video.

Linda: Number 4 of our most liked videos is, 7 Smart Financial Moves You Can Make Today.

Bob: Boom.

Linda: It’s self-explanatory.

Bob: Most of these videos are self-explanatory, but in that location you acquire.

Linda: Number three, What Do You Actually Spend Your Money On?

Bob: It blows my heed how many people don’t know what they’re actually spending their money on. They think they do, it’s like, “Oh yep, I give this much belike…”

Linda: So they think it’s going towards their mortgage or rent, or something similar that as good as and thus they uncovering out it’s to a greater extent often than non going to Starbucks?

Bob: Well, aye. They have no thought how much they’re actually spending on eating out or on entertainment each month, or on groceries, or anything similar that. There’s a genuinely simple way to discover out, together with it takes yous v minutes. It’s completely automated as good as simple together with costless. That’s what we verbalise virtually inwards this video.

Linda: Wow. Why non discover out inward five minutes? Number 2 is, Not Everything Is About Money.

Bob: This is one we did together.

Linda: Yup.

Bob: Right?

Linda: I recollect.

Bob: So the gist of this video is that for people like me, money nerds like me, it’s slowly to get caught inwards the numbers, too brand every conclusion a lastly conclusion, in add-on to that’s precisely non a salubrious agency to alive life. This is something that the people like Linda who are not the coin nerds, should be sharing this video amongst every unmarried 1 of their friends, as good all the spouses of the money nerds.

Linda: I simply play it for you lot whenever you lot-

Bob: Yeah, just. If you’re non the money nerd, you testament similar this video.

Linda: Okay, together with number 1 of our highest liked… What is it?

Bob: Most liked video.

Linda: The way you lot said it was besides confusing.

Bob: The most thumbs ups.

Linda: Number 1 is, Our Five Worst Money Mistakes.

Bob: I think this is telling, that us talking nigh-

Linda: You guys want to hear what we do incorrect.

Bob: Yeah, nosotros’ve got a lot more than than 5, so possibly we should increase that-

Linda: Keep going.

Bob: Do circular ii.

Linda: 17 worst money mistakes.

Bob: 99 coin mistakes. All right, so forthwith we’re going to pecker nigh a few of Linda’s favorites. Because I asked her too I’ane one one thousand similar, “All correct. What videos did you lot like? What did you lot similar doing?”

Linda’s Favorite Videos of 2019

First on her listing… together with these aren’t inwards whatsoever detail gild, she but threw them out there. Smart People Buy Cars Like This.

Linda: That ane only because it felt genuinely personal.

Bob: It was really personal.

Linda: We were inwards the centre of dealing alongside a really hot September amongst no air conditioning inward the auto, also simply-

Bob: All correct, as good you lot also mentioned that y'all really liked the 17 Things Frugal People Don’t Do. That was simply fun.

Linda: Yeah, that ane i time more is fun. I just similar the quiz thing. I similar knowing if I’m frugal or not.

Bob: All right, yous said you liked the interview I did amongst Chuck Bentley around, Why Marriage Is the Best Financial Move.

Linda: I dearest that i because… Well maiden of all of all, Chuck Bentley is amazing. When I listened to that interview with Chuck, it simply inspired me inwards a novel agency to get involved with our finances, too that really what I had to province nearly our finances was truly valuable. Just because I wasn’t skilful at the spreadsheets, didn’t mean that I didn’t have got got anything valuable. I but really loved that interview honestly.

Bob: That’s slap-upwardly.

Linda: I experience like it’s virtually exclusively working together inwards your wedlock.

Bob: You said you lot also similar this ane, Five Ways To Bless Your Pastor.

Linda: I did. The thought of blessing your pastor together with but non forgetting that they really maintain needs every bit good. He brings upwards a ton of practiced points. That’s exclusively a slap-upward video. I liked it.

Bob: The other ane you lot mentioned was nigh, Defining Success As Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Christian. This was an interview I did with Joseph Michael.

Linda: Oh yes.

Bob: He’s a skillful friend.

Linda: I alone think the ii of yous talking-

Bob: This was a expert conversation. I wishing I could get Joe on all the quaternary dimension. We maintain sound conversations. We demand to give a squall-out to Keith Boyd. He’s someone inward our SeedTime community who kind of was the inspiration for this video. Thank you lot Keith for the thought inwards add-on to we are directly off doing it. If yous demand some videos to spotter, nosotros but gave you lot a whole bunch of swell videos to encounter.

Bob: I’ll add to that, that I’ve since created most iii of 4 playlists over at YouTube. You’ll go on all these linked upwards. These playlists are the beginnings of courses that we’re going to create. These are going to live paid courses in the time to come. In the meantime, you lot acquire sort of the source collections of each of i of these for liberate over on YouTube. So solely go past times it along.

Bob: Basically, we have it broken out, one of the playlists is My Favorite Money Hacks, too at that spot’s alone a lot of cracking fiscal tips as well as tricks that you tin run with as well as work right at nowadays to relieve money together with to live a petty to a greater extent strategic amongst your money. We have got broken downwards inward a 101, 201, and 301 course of written report-type thing. Each ane of these playlists, like the

Bob: If yous want to dive inwards as good as really larn a bunch of stuff goodness-nigh coin inwards add-on to experience similar you start getting a handgrip on it, as well as similar we e'er speak virtually, our goal hither is to larn the things that school should have got taught us, that they never did, as good the things the church building hasn’t been able to every bit goodness, inwards add-on to diversity of combining that. That’s genuinely what we do on this channel. So banking occupation concern bank check those out.

Bob: Final thing here. If you don’t want to miss any of our great videos that are coming up in 2020, there’s a couple of things you can do. First off, you can go over to seedtime.com too acquire on our e-mail listing. We ship an electronic mail inward i lawsuit a week, in addition to yous testament always hear virtually our novel videos, as well as y'all’ll hear around our best Instagram post, you’ll hear… We genuinely maintain a Bible verse of the calendar calendar week where we create an iPhone graphic together with you lot download.

Bob: Anyway, all this stuff is in our weekly newsletter, so definitely get signed up for that over there. You can also subscribe on YouTube together with gear up for certain you lot striking the bell. You’ve got to hitting the bell otherwise YouTube mightiness non present you lot our videos, I don’t know why. Hit the bell if you lot desire to laid sure that you hear from us amongst each new video.

Bob: The other thing is, you can go over to Instagram. You tin follow us inward that location.

Linda: @seedtime.

Bob: @seedtime. We’re putting a lot of the videos up there. YouTube is a little better platform for consuming, because we can put longer videos. But, the point is you can see a lot over there as well. The other thing you can do is subscribe to our podcast. Some of the audio from some of our videos goes to our podcast. You can check that out, and it is appropriately named, SeedTime Money. You give the axe uncovering it pretty much anywhere yous forcefulness out find podcasts. That is all for similar a shot, give thanks yous for a fantastic 2019.

Linda: Yes.

Bob: We Pb continue really enjoyed it. We’ve enjoyed growing a niggling scrap of an audience on YouTube in addition to connecting with you lot as well as hearing your comments together with your suggestions, together with your video ideas, making fun of us, like all of it. It’s all been smashing. It’s been dandy. We’ve absolutely loved it. Thank yous real much and nosotros’re really excited well-nigh 2020. We have got a lot of ideas as good as things we’re going to do, as good it’s a expert fourth dimension to live inward the SeedTime community. As ever, live blessed, live a blessing, as well as we’ll persuasion yous presently.

Oh, and if you have a finance or faith based topic you’d like us to discuss in 2020… let us know in the comments below!

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