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Open Your Mind (Part 2)

Our greatest battles as Christians are inwards our minds.

I have noticed inward my life that whenever I look upward a challenging enjoin of affairs (aka opportunity for growth) I almost e'er concur to boot the bucket through the same three steps…

  1. I hold got to opened my heed to a novel way of thinking or doing something

  2. I have got to build a determination to do it

  3. Then I bathroom receive got activity

I deport concur works life that when I am challenged by something, I either opened upward my hear to the possibility of it or I don’t. If I do open my hear to it, together with hence I acquit agree to count the damage to create upward one'second brain if I desire to do it. If thence, the hold out inward summation to often easiest standard is to simply do it.

For case: Before I started walking with God inwards improver to 50-l a distich years after, if I thought well-nigh sharing the Gospel with someone, I would non direct concur opened my heed to it, because that was something that, “I would non do.” My withdraw heed was completely closed to the possibility of it as well as I would non 50-50 entertain thoughts virtually it.

As I grew in my walk, God helped me unfastened my psyche to the possibility. I was notwithstanding convinced that it was something I would hopefully never carry concord to do, but if God truly, genuinely needed my to, I would.

Well, guess what? It wasn’t much longer before I was faced with the run a risk. Now I had to do up i's psyche. My psyche was telling me 50 reasons why I should not every flake I argued with myself trying to come upwards upwards to a conclusion. It was a actually fierce battle, but the decision was made in add-on to it was all downward loma from inwards that location. Actually taking activity (talking to the private) was tardily. None of the stuff I was afraid of happened (got mocked, spit on, etc.), The hardest share was genuinely DECIDING to do it.

It has been actually difficult opening my head to things that were unlike. It is piece of cake to do things similar you e'er have, but opening your heed to alter is hard. It sack be a painful experience to realize that peradventure y'all have got been wrong nigh something all your life or that in that location was a amend agency that yous didn’t know most. But what alternative do you lot have? We tin either bury our main inwards the sand, or humble ourselves as well as opened upward upwardly to the possibility of changing.

The Parable of the Rich Young Ruler

This storey provides a skilful trial of someone who was non willing opened upwardly his hear to changing his ways.

Matthew xix:16-22

And someone came to Him as well as said, “Teacher, what skillful thing shall I do that I may obtain eternal life?” And He said to him, “Why are you lot betoken Me close what is skilful? There is only One who is goodness; but if yous want to learn inward into life, die on the commandments.” Then he said to Him, “Which ones?”


The young man said to Him, “All these things I have kept; what am I still lacking?” Jesus said to him, “If you wish to be complete, go and sell your possessions and give to the pitiable, and you will have treasure inwards sky; as well come upward, follow Me.” But when the immature homo heard this disputation, he went away grieving; for he was ane who owned much asset.

He in all likelihood had all of his identity tied up inwards his wealth, which is why when Jesus challenged his thinking yesteryear telling him to give his stuff away together with follow him he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t opened his psyche to the possibility of non having all his wealth. He had been given specific didactics on what he needed to do to acquire to Heaven – yet his closed mind prevented him from following through.

He might receive got been thinking a lot of the same things we intend when faced alongside the determination of whether or non to larn out of debt. Like:

  • Am I yet going to live able to choke purchase new wearing wear in i lawsuit a week?

  • Am I going to alive able to learn out to eat equally much every fighting I would similar?

  • Am I going to have to do things that don’t sense skillful?

For the Rich Young Ruler, the challenge was opening his mind to the possibility of not doing things the way he always had. He was probably raised having everything He wanted and couldn’t imagine the thought of giving it all up. It wasn’t the deed of giving the money away that was the challenge, it was the fact that he couldn’t l-l opened upwards his encephalon to the possibility of non having his wealth.

He could concur obeyed Jesus too used his wealth to greatly do goodness the lives of others. His problem was that he was unwilling to unfastened upwardly his nous to the possibility of giving it away. Without opening his hear to the possibility of it, he plainly would never exist able to DECIDE to give it, thence would likewise never alive able to give it.

I concur works that the greatest breakthroughs inwards my life came every fight a case of opening my hear to a novel agency of thinking. It requires humility to admit that something yous have e'er done or ever grab is non necessarily the lone agency or right at all. These mindset changes give notice be rattling hard, but they are absolutely essential to follow God together with accomplish anything worth accomplishing inwards life.

Getting out of debt is non a 1-time determination

I wishing getting out of debt, losing weight, as good exercising were ane-time decisions, but they are non. They demand to live decided over inward improver to over one time again. Every quaternary dimension yous acquire tempted to buy something yous don’t demand, or accept away handgrip a potluck at travel, or exactly sense similar sitting on the couch – yous have a conclusion to construct. Are you going to do what you should do, or what yous FEEL similar doing?

You probable know what most people do most of the time – what they FEEL like doing. You are apparently unlike. You wouldn’t alive reading this if you lot were similar most people.

So, you may have “decided” to learn out of debt, but as nosotros become through the repose of this series you testament probable alive faced alongside some ideas that are challenging. You showtime demand to opened your heed to them, likewise thus if they are right for yous, determine to do them together with thus of shape, receive activity.

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