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My Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas (For Those Who Don’T Want Anything)

I think most of us would like the gifts that nosotros give to live every flake beneficial as possible. For me, that way I prefer non to give a gift that takes upward interplanetary infinite on a shelf for v years together with never gets used.

gift ideasAs a giver, I honey seeing a gift acquire used together with enjoyed, but fifty-l amend than that is when a gift has lasting value inwards a someone’sec life.

In an endeavour to assistance you lot in addition to I observe some gift ideas that aren’t typical consumer goods, I put together this listing of Christmas gift ideas (or really whatsoever occasion) that will have got lasting value inwards the life of the recipient.

If you want to just see the most pop typical gift ideas for 2018, you tin give the sack only click hither, but in the rest of this article, I am focusing on gift ideas for people who don’t want anything, minimalists, and really anyone who would enjoy an atypical gift that has lasting value.

1. Give the gift of Stock

Did y'all know that you lot tin give the sack at nowadays purchase someone a percentage (or a partial part) of their favorite club?  And inward some cases, with a gift neb of fare?

Check out this video to consider how it works:

2. Buy a caprine animal inward honour of someone

Heifer is a bang-upward charity that works amongst to a greater extent than of the approach of “teaching a adult man to fish” rather than only “giving him a fish”.  They allow you to give cows, goats, chickens, as well as other livestock to those inwards ask in developing nations.  The recipients so have got got a sustainable rootage of milk or food that they tin ship away apparently usage themselves, but also assist others inwards their community.

christmas gift idea - a goat

They make it really easy to give gifts inwards award of someone, so for the charitable-minded individual on your gift listing, this could exist a win-win.

3. Audible Subscription

“You volition be the same mortal inward v years as you lot are today except for the people you run into in addition to the books you read.”

― Charlie Tremendous Jones

While I don’t 100% concur amongst this quote, I think we all acquire the point.  Reading is ane of the best ways to alter the trajectory of our lives.  Reading changes our thinking as well equally such changes us.

I do enjoy reading actual books, but I discovery that listening to audiobooks with Audible helps me greatly increase the number of books each solar solar year.

And Audible lets you gift books (or credits) to anyone you like.  If you aren’t a member yourself you can get a month free and acquire my 31-20-iv hours devotional for gratuitous amongst it. 😉

4. Contribute to 529

If you want to offset some of the typical gifts for kids with something that testament receive lasting value, consider contributing to (or starting) a 529 College savings conception for them.

Each state is different, but I have found that it really is a pretty simple process to get started.  Here is a quick tutorial on how to do this.

v. The Passion Translation Bible

Gift ideas for ChristiansI have been reading this Bible translation lately together with am really loving it.

It is fresh together with modern, but is a fleck less of a paraphrase than the Message version.

If y'all are looking for a gift for someone who loves studying the Bible, this would exist a practiced one!

vi. Spotify Music Subscription

I have got been using Spotify for nearly 10 years as well as I honey it.  I withdraw hear enough that it is expert worth it to me to pay the monthly subscription to learn rid of the ads.

If you lot are looking for a gift for the music lover inwards your line of piece of work company, this would be a skilful ane.

7. Amazon Prime Membership (3-months)

I really don’t desire to honey Amazon as much as I do. But the truth is that at that identify are thence many items that seem to alive solitary institute on Amazon.  And for those out inwards rural areas, it really opens upwards a lot of options that the local stores don’t have got.

For those who don’t know, a membership is far to a greater extent than than but gratuitous ii-intend solar 20-iv hours send. You also begin:

  • Streaming video (a really worthy Netflix competition)

  • Streaming music (similar Pandora)

  • Unlimited photograph storage

  • Free Kindle books

  • And a ton more cloth

8. deoxyribonucleic acid Test Kit

23andme gift ideaThis might sound like an odd gift, but this is actually a really popular gift idea this year. I did one of these tests and was fascinated by the results.  There are 2 big players: Ancestry DNA and 23andMe.

Both give you a written report showing you where your ancestors migrated from – which may non alive the same storey that has been passed downwards inwards your household unit unit.

And the 23andMe examination provides information on genetic predispositions to certain health issues. You may non desire that information, but for those who are curious, it is available with the seek out.

Oh, as well as it doesn’t injure – you but receive to postal service service back a saliva sample. 😉

9. Butcherbox

Butcherbox is how I purchase around all my meat.  Once a calendar month I get down a box inwards the post alongside all the meat that our menage will eat for the calendar month.  We acquire grass-fed beef in summation to organic chicken delivered to our door.  I absolutely love the graphic symbol in addition to simplicity of this service as well as if I didn’t role it already this would alive a gift I would dearest!

I created a video showing how it works if you lot desire to a greater extent than info:

10. Buy a mug from Haiti

buy mug for charity gift ideaWe concord partnered with FMSC for the terminal few years together with I love these guys.  They are a neat Christian system feeding millions around the terra firma each yr too they keep got a marketplace of goods made past times people inwards developing nations that you lot tin forcefulness out purchase.

Each especial bought provides a number of meals to those inward demand.  In this illustration, amongst 1 of these mugs, it volition furnish 56 meals!

The mugs are just one of the dozens of items they have available for sale, so definitely banking company fit out their marketplace hither!

For more ideas:

Ok, so I now have some Christmas gift ideas for my wishlist, how well-nigh you?

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