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My Tithing Experience

my tithing experienceI just finished reading a smashing post service yesteryear times James nigh how tithing tin increase your income.

And it got me thinking virtually my ain personal rate of when I started tithing inward summation to the things that followed.

Starting to tithe

I don’t exactly remember when I started to tithe – belike almost vii-8 years agone. But I do think getting a novel chore that was nearly double my previous income too every bit thinking, “Wow, thence this is the upshot of tithing.”

It was a helpful lesson to me since I was, like most, skeptical about the whole thing. I had heard about all the scandals with TV preachers and kind of grew up with a cynical attitude towards giving to the church.

Somewhere along the line I decided to “have got a run a endangerment” together with exertion it out.

We have had a couple times over the years where God has wanted us to stretch our giving. The times were faith-tests that have got proved extremely valuable to us.

I call back a time when nosotros realized, due to an fault on my constituent, that we hadn’t been tithing the right centre.

Once I alive on figured it out how much it was supposed to be, I quickly realized that if nosotros did that our expenses would exist greater than our income. That’s never a proficient thing 😉

I remember praying amongst my wife and telling God that if He really can do what His tidings says, then it will all work out. We went ahead and started tithing the correct amount, not knowing where the rest of the money was going to come from to pay the bills. I am not exaggerating at all when I say that the NEXT DAY, my boss called me into her office to tell me about a completely unexpected raise that she was giving me. The raises normally only came once a year and this was way off the schedule. Guess how much it was for. Yep, it was almost the exact amount of the difference. I must say that experience was a strong encouragement for my religious belief.

Does anyone receive got whatever skilful testimonies from their experiences tithing?

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