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My New Favorite Money-Saving Strategy That You Aren’T Using

I just love finding new ways to preserve money.  It is diverseness of an addiction genuinely. 😉  And afterwards spending years existence a guinea squealer alongside a lot of money-saving tips I created this 3-footstep procedure I used to assistance me relieve over 50% on almost all of my purchases.

My newest money-saving strategy that you probably aren't using!

So today I just want to share a very simple strategy that is saving me money each month – check it out below!

Buying Used Gift Cards

Did you lot know that you lot tin give notice purchase used gift cards at a discount – sometimes every bit much as xv% off the human face value of the pecker of fare?  So this essentially way that you lot flame pay $85 for a $100 gift carte du jour inwards some cases.

But the key to actually saving coin here is to purchase gift cards for stores equally well products that nosotros testament suffer buying anyway.

For example, my family will be spending money every single month buying groceries, household items, every bit good equally fuel for our cars.

If we are going to be spending $100 at Target or Walmart each calendar month, why non purchase a $100 gift carte du jour at a discount?

Discounted Rates available

These are some of the current rates at GiftCardGranny.com

  • Lowes  v% off

  • Whole Foods  4% off

  • Starbucks  sixteen% off

  • Target  v% off

  • Walmart  4% off

  • Publix  two% off

  • Kohls  12% off

As you terminate come across the discount rates vary widely, but if you lot are going to top money at a shop, why non larn a discount?

Questions I had nearly buying used gift cards

There are other sites out there that sell discounted gift cards (Cardpool.com, Raise.com, and others) and I can’t speak for all of them, but these answers apply to GiftCardGranny.

Are inwards that location any fees?


What if the gift carte doesn’t hold the right total loaded on it?

They verify the total on the banking concern electric charge of fare earlier transportation it out, but if it e'er did come upwardly nearly, they acquire got a lx-solar daytime purchase guarantee that it is the right dollar amount.

Do I concur to pay for send?


Do they expire?


Do I direct concord to pay sales tax when buying the gift carte?


How long will they create got to build it?

They ship them via USPS, together with and hence it is unremarkably nigh 3-v line line concern days

Can I sell them my unwanted gift cards?

Yes, they purchase gift cards upwardly to 92% of the facial expression upward value.  So if yous travail got some collecting dust inward a drawer, that is a skillful means to topographic signal well-nigh some cash out of them.

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