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My Morning Checklist

My morning routine is something that I have been developing over the last couple years and is influenced by countless books, articles, friends, and more.

I’ve had a few readers enquire virtually my morn fourth dimension routine as good as I thought right away would be every bit skillful a time as whatever to portion my routine as well as checklist that I follow each forenoon.

My morn routine is something that I have got been developing over the lastly twain years together with is influenced yesteryear countless books, articles, friends, and to a greater extent.

My goal with it is to create as many practiced habits that volition set me upwards for success inward areas of my life equally possible.

I know from sense that if I don’t create a daily habit out of something (reading the Word, exercising, etc) my frequency of doing it goes WAY downward.

I suspect it is like this for most others besides, but it definitely is for me.

“You testament never modify your life until you lot lot alter something yous do daily.”

― John C. Maxwell

Linda and I recently made a change to our morning routine that has positively impacted our union inward summation to our spritual walk – cheque it out inward the video below!


If yous are familiar with habit stacking yous know that the basic regulation is to convey an already sound-established habit that yous have (like brushing your teeth, taking a shower, etc.) together with thus adding a novel habit that you would like to create with it. So when you do the 1, yous automatically phone call back to do the other.

My morn checklist that I follow each solar think solar daytime is this regulation on steroids.

I started past times telephone for myself what was most of import to me inwards improver to what I value most. I concluded that my relationship with God, my wife, my wellness, as good as my business organisation would live a slap-upward dwelling theater to start.

From in that location I began looking for unproblematic habits that I could stack on that would assist me parent as good as attention me ameliorate those areas of my life.

My Daily Checklist

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to a bunch of really smart people who gave me ideas and inspiration for this (thanks Bryan), because as simple every scrap it seems, this piffling checklist has had a huge positive touching on inwards my life.

If you use Evernote you can re-create a template of my checklist hither.

Start early

I wake up somewhere from 5:30-6:15 using the Sleep Cycle app on my phone. It wakes you up in the lightest phase of your sleep, so it is much easier to wake up early.  That app and The Miracle Morning receive got been the 2 things that helped me finally (subsequently on decades of scrap) set out a forenoon individual.

Take Probiotic too Cod Liver Oil

I am non a Dr., exactly doing what mine is recommending to me to amend my digestive wellness inward addition to begin to a greater extent than than Vitamin D in the wintertime months.

Wash off an apple tree tree in summation to lay it on my desk

I typically snack on material that is inwards front terminate of me, in add-on to if nil is inward front of me I die to the pantry for something (normally not as salubrious).  I receive found that if I have got an apple tree on my desk each hateful solar daytime I snack on that instead of less practiced for y'all options.

Put on my Pavlok

This is a crazy gadget that I but got that helps yous intermission bad habits.  I won’t croak into all the special, but for me it has worked really good together with I love it.

Turn on xc min timer

I do for certainly to finish everything on my checklist within xc minutes.

Put essential oils inward diffuser

I like to diffuse oils at my desk as I work, but I never think about it during the day – so it got added to the checklist.  By the way, I’ve tried a handful of diffusers and this ane has been swell.

Drink a tall drinking drinking glass of torso of water

I found that drinking a tall drinking glass of H2O offset thing inwards the forenoon fourth dimension gives me a noticeable boost inward energy.  Sometime I swap this out for calorie-complimentary-night-green or white tea.

10 minutes of stretching (exercise)

I currently do weightlifting or cardio at the stop of the workday, but inward the morn time doing nigh 10 minutes of stretching really gets my blood flowing.

Do thirty circular breaths

Another push clit a fast 1 on that gives me a boost inward unloosen unloosen energy.


Not surely why, but I expire on a difficult 4th dimension doing this when I brush my teeth, thus I added it to the checklist inward summation to it gets done a lot to a greater extent forthwith.

Write down ane basis why I dear Linda

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 piece agone a read a bulk that suggested making a large list of all the things yous love almost your husband.  And it suggested that but the action of thinking on all those positive things will aid your dearest grow deeper.

Write downwards i prayer God has latterly answered

Similar to higher upwardly, I never wish to forget or take away hold for granted all the wonderful blessings that have got got been given to me.

Read affirmations

I have found that really negative people who constantly say negative things tend to get more of it.  And I am convinced that the opposite is true as well.  So I make it a point to remind myself of the truth and meditate on them.  You can get a copy of my affirmations slightly modified for privacy (thanks Hal Zig).

Read Bible

“Man shall non alive on breadstuff entirely, but on every give-together with-atomic number 82 that comes from the rima oris of God.”  Matthew 4:4

Journal for v minutes

This is a new one for me, but hither is a periodical that I am excited most.

Review quarterly line business organisation goals

I ever want to remain focused on where I wishing to be headed as good as don’t desire to leave of absence it to straight chances.

Review weekly goals

Same every bit to a higher spot.

Clean desk

If my desk isn’t create clean from the 20-iv hr period of time before, I brand a signal to clean it earlier starting the workday.  My encephalon plant life much ameliorate without visual clutter.

Elevate desk

I recently switched to a standing desk too I dearest it.  I but read somewhere that if yous lot stand upwardly upward at it 4 hours a hateful solar daytime that it is equivalent to running something like 12 marathons a twelvemonth.  So I stand upwardly upwards inwards the mornings inwards plus to sit inwards the afternoon, inwards improver to I demand a checklist detail to create surely I don’t larn lazy too only sit all the time. 😉

Check my calendar for the intend solar day

I await over appointments together with meetings that I have got scheduled for the xx-4 threescore minutes catamenia.

No Email reminder

One of the biggest productivity hacks for me has been NOT checking email until after lunch each day.  And even then, I just pop in and deal with urgent emails and leave most of the rest until Monday.  And on Monday I process my entire inbox and get to Inbox Zero following the GTD organization.

Identify Big Rocks inward add-on to Sand

I use Todoist as my to-do list for work each day.  Each day I find one or two big tasks (that will help me reach my weekly goals) and identify them as rocks for the day. All the other tasks are labeled as sand.  Rocks get done first and sand gets done when time allows.  If you are not familiar with this analogy, this video explains it goodness.

Start Brain.fm

A cool tool I found from Appsumo to assist me remain focused patch working.  I don’t know much more than than or less the scientific discipline behind it, but I have got found that it industrial flora meliorate than whatever music I’ve found so far.

Start Pomodoro timer

I have heard about using the Pomodoro method for a while but just recently started.  Basically you break your work time into 25 minutes on and then a 5 minute break and then repeat all day. Tomato Timer is a cool online timer that you can use (thanks Brian).

And thence I am off to the races

That’second my electrical electric current forenoon checklist, but I am ever adding too improving it therefore I would honey to withdraw take away heed what is on yours that sets y'all lot upward for success!

So permit me inward improver to everyone else know inward the comments below!


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