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Medi-Share Vs. Samaritan Ministries (2019 Review Comparison)

It’s no secret that I have been using Medi-Share for my house every bit our health insurance alternative for years. I take hold enjoyed it too it has saved us a ton of money over the years.

But inward this video I sit down downwards alongside a friend of mine who has been a long-time Samaritan boyfriend fellow member inward improver to nosotros compare together amongst contrast the differences betwixt the 2.

So if yous are looking at a Christian wellness sharing ministry (or know anyone who powerfulness final) this testament definitely assist.

Samaritan Ministries vs. Medi-Share

Medishare Samaritan reviews and comparison

Bob Lotich: All right, in this video, nosotros’re going to utter goodness-nigh Samaritan Ministries too Medi-Share. I am a Medi-Share member as well as take hold been for nine years. Wes, my practiced friend hither, has been with Samaritan for how many years?

Wes Strunk: Six years.

Bob: Six years. We’re going to percentage our experience alongside both of them, together with compare too contrast.

Bob: Wes is a good friend. I moved to Nashville, and every single private inwards Nashville is a instrumentalist. If yous haven’t been here, you should come up to consider, because everybody’s a participant.

Wes: That’s real truthful.

Bob: At church, I ran into Wes, and Wes and his wife are musicians. They are actually on tour right now, so you should go check them out. They just recorded this really cool EP called Into the Unknown. If you similar expert worship music, you lot should definitely cheque it out.

How have you lot enjoyed it?

Bob: All right, thus Wes as well as I both learn asked a whole bunch of questions around our experiences, his with Samaritan, mine amongst Medi-Share, too we’re but going to expiry through a listing of these questions, together with become from at that topographic point.

Bob: All right, so first off, you said you’d been with Samaritan for six years. I’ve been with Medi-Share for nine years. Tell me, in general, how you have felt, and this is more of an overall feeling of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with Samaritan over that time.

Wes: Yeah. I mean, I would say, on a scale of one to 10, probably a nine or a 10. I mean, it’s been an amazing experience. I’m sure we’ll get into a lot of the different needs that we’ve had, but I mean, their name is Samaritan Ministries. I know Medi-Share maybe has ministry in the name, but it really does feel more like a ministry than anything else. We looked at the financial piece of it as well, on how much the cost was versus traditional healthcare, inward improver to insurance, but I think for us, it was to a greater extent than, at that topographic indicate was a for-turn a turn a profit dynamic to insurance, where this genuinely, as nosotros pray, nosotros saw this lined upward amongst our convictions for what we reckon inward the scripture, too it has truly fulfilled what we idea it would be from the outset.

Wes: It’s rare that yous detect something … You know, usually, if it’s also proficient to hold out true, too hence it’s likewise proficient to go true, but this genuinely ended upward lining upwards alongside what we idea it would be, too it’s been incredible, honestly. Every step of the way has been great.

Bob: Yeah. I think, inward our instance …I wouldn’t sort them as a ministry. I intend, 50-50 though … It’s diverseness of a gray area to define a petty chip, but they run a lot similar insurance. It feels, inwards a lot of ways, but similar wellness insurance, but, I hateful, it’s non. They acquire in genuinely, really clear that it is non health insurance. I do think that powerfulness take hold out a piffling chip of a different thing. Now, that said, in that location are a lot of aspects of it that I think sort of tumble into that category. Influenza A virus subtype A lot of times, when yous telephone telephone Medi-Share, at the stop of your phone phone, they enquire to pray amongst you for whatsoever needs yous powerfulness have got. Then, you have got got opportunities to diversity of constituent amongst other members in addition to things like that but fundamentally it feels really similar to insurance for me. I do think that seems to live a piddling fleck differentiator.

How pick out away take hold maternity expenses been handled?

Bob: Another thing I want to ask you is, along these lines, you have given birth. Yeah. Two kids, with them, right?W

Wes: Yes, my spouse has. She’s incredible, but yeah. We’ve had ii kids, every bit we’ve been alongside Samaritan for half-dozen years. We hold got a 3 1/2-yr-old inward add-on to a little over 1 1/2 twelvemonth erstwhile.

Bob: How did that learn? How were the maternity expenses inward plus to all that?

Wes: Yeah, thus our initiatory off, had to overstep away to the NICU for a couplet of nights. What blew my listen was when you lot have got got your infirmary bills, I think our foremost babe, total bills were thirty-35 grand for only clinic fees. You know, triage, maternity tending, having to perish to NICU for ii nights. When you lot consider that, you’re similar, “okay.” That was really our first of all large demand alongside Samaritan that we had to pct, which is the language that they exercise. I’m sure as shooting Medi-Share uses the same thing. Sharing it amidst the members.

Wes: It’s shape of similar, “Okay, we promise this industrial plant life.” I telephone telephone dorsum, I went to pay amongst self pay discount, in plus to I think, I think they slashed xc% of the toll. My understanding from the infirmary where we had our boy, Cade, was it was a flat enjoin for a self pay patient. Even if our bills had been more than than that, it yet would’ve been that almost 90% slash topographic point. When we submitted our demand, it was covered inwards total, as well as we didn’t pay anything out of purse for that, which was pretty incredible. Our initiative of all experience was, “Okay, hither’s our bills. We had an unexpected NICU regard for some jaundice fabric.” Everything was completely covered. I think, literally nil dollars out of pocket for having our maiden child.

Bob: Awesome. That’s genuinely practiced. Yeah, thus every bit you lot know, we have got ii kids, similar ages, but both of ours we adopted, inward improver to so we haven’t gone through the actual motherhood expenses yet. My spouse’s important, therefore we’ll go doing that before long. In our case, i of the overnice things with the adoption was Medi-Share covered, non the entire toll of the adoption, but contributed to it both times, which was overnice.

Wes: Yeah, that’s amazing.

Bob: Because adoptions are non cheap. Anybody who’s ever done it knows, as good as so that was sort of a squeamish perk that they had, but I’one one m truly interested to regard how Medi-Share handles the whole maternity thing, too yeah. We’ll take take hold to written study back on that.

Wes: Yeah, I’yard curious.

Where do monthly premiums begin sent?

Bob: All right, so speak to me well-nigh your monthly premiums. I know the verbiage mightiness hold upward different, but how much are you paying per month to live component subdivision of Samaritan.

Wes: Yeah, Samaritan uses the word share, so your monthly share. Ours is $495. That is for a family. I think they just introduced different coverage tiers. Again, it’s not traditional insurance, but they use that terminology. I think for $300 a month you get a certain deductible, basically. I’m using insurance language, but we understand what that means. Then, we do the $495, which is their upper amount. That’s just what we’ve always done. That deductible is basically, anything over $300 you can share among the people. Then, if you receive a discount through being a self pay patient, they, then, if it’s over $300 discount on what you went in to do … So, if it was $1,000 bill, and they say, “Okay, self pay, that’s going to live $500,” then that basically waives your deductible, too thence yous don’t pay whatsoever money at all.

Bob: Really?

Wes: Out of your ain steal, yeah. If at that topographic point’s $1,000 inward improver to and so yous have to pay $1,000, it would encompass $700 of that.

Bob: So in that location’s incentive for you to negotiate.

Wes: Yes.

Bob: Because that’s pretty much coming forthwith dorsum to your pocket.

Wes: Yes. They take hold got a partner, a third political political party, that will really advocate for you lot as well as negotiate for you if yous’re non comfortable doing that. I have got got always done that for Callie inwards improver to myself. I don’t know if it’s a ascendency thing. I don’t think it is, but I like people, I similar talking to people, thence I have got e'er negotiated.

Bob: Well, yous’re proficient at it.

Wes: I exertion to fake it every bit much as I lavatory, but that’s genuinely helped. We’ve never … Any 4th dimension we’ve genuinely shared something, nosotros’ve never had to pay whatsoever out of steal.

Bob: All right, that’s cool. The $300 deductible is per 1 time, per 1 event?

Wes: Yeah, anything grouped into an event. Our boy had an eczema breakout. He went to the MD, I think, iii or 4 times, for different treatments, checking on how to best take away take hold assist of it. I think the total bills added upward to perhaps $1,000 alongside different medications, too prescriptions, too fabric. Our discount knocked it downwardly some, as good as we shared that, and that was covered inward total, thus no out of pocket expenses.

Bob: So all of that rolls upward into 1 event.

Wes: Exactly, yeah.

Bob: Okay, so Medi-Share is very different, in that regard. They have an annual deductible. You know, in our case, we opted for the highest level deductible, because we pretty much merely multifariousness of wanted to self-insure as much every combat possible. We have got got a $10,000 annual deductible, as well as those croak as depression every scrap, I think, $1,250, I think mightiness live the lowest ane. I’1000 not genuinely for sure. Yeah, as well as all these details, any time yous’re watching this video, it’s past times when nosotros recorded it, so they powerfulness hold changed. Definitely cheque the details out with both of them, but these are our experiences in improver to our best recollection.

Bob: Anyway, you tin take hold a much lower deductible. We’ve chosen to hold got a much higher i. That’s on an annual land. Everything earlier that, we pay out of pocket. In our instance, nosotros really submit textile to Medi-Share, because we don’t cross that deductible existent oft. Most of what nosotros pay is only out of bag. If you lot had a much lower deductible alongside them, essentially, ane time you lot cross that annual deductible, everything beyond that is covered.

Bob: Yeah, they’re functioning very, very different, which it makes it really difficult, I think, to kind of compare, you know? Because they’re very different animals depending on what your family’s needs are, and really, how you kind of … your cashflow of your habitation theatre, as good as how you deal cash a piffling chip, also.

Wes: Yeah. What’s your premium alongside Medi-Share?

Bob: Our premium, right now, with the discount, which I’ll get to in a second, but basically, we’re paying $189 a month. It’s for a family of four, and I think it’s the same family of four and above. Anyway, definitely cheaper, but we have a really high deductible. So the discount, the thing that I just mentioned, is one of the things Medi-Share has that is kind of nice, is they give you lot a 20% discount off your premiums if you lot come across certain wellness guidelines.

Bob: Once a year, yous take hold to submit, I think, your weight, your BMI, too your waist circumference, maybe blood force per unit of measurement of measurement expanse. Something like that. Pretty unproblematic petty things that you bathroom larn downward genuinely quickly, as well as if you autumn into their healthy criteria, inward summation to thus they’ll knock off 20% of your invoice. It’s been a overnice perk, because it’s been pretty deadening to reduce downwardly the pecker past times 20%.

Wes: I didn’t know that. I don’t know how Medi-Share works, but with Samaritan, there’s a certain number of families, and there’s a pool of money that is then used to cover the needs of the people in the ministry. I’m pretty sure it’s based off Acts 2:42-47, where it’s, okay, they all shared, and everything, all their needs were covered. Nobody had any needs. That kind of mentality. The great thing about that is, they have this large pool of money, I don’t know how many millions it is at this point, but if the needs that have been submitted for a month are met in full, and you don’t use all of that money that’s in the pool, they’ll actually discount or prorate your monthly share, because that money wasn’t needed, because it’s non for-turn a profit.

Wes: We’ve had some months where, again, our regular share is $495 for our family, but it’s been $435, $420, because of how that works. There are a lot more intricacies to this, because you lot know, what happens when it goes to a higher identify that amount? Well, if in that location’s three months where Samaritan Ministries has a … basically, they tin’t encounter your demand inward total, they tin lav do 90%, because it’s been over the monthly share amount all pooled together, they’ll really do a vote on if people want to increment the monthly amount they pay as good as share, to in improver to hence encompass all these needs inwards total.

Wes: Again, all this is on their site, and they do a much better job of explaining this than I can, but we’ve gone through two … or, yeah, two votes since we’ve been there on, “Should we raise the monthly amount to cover the needs?” One happened, I think, when Obamacare went into effect, with just healthcare costs getting higher. It’s a majority vote, so the majority of people in Samaritan Ministries said, “Yeah, we want to raise our monthly amount.” They chose to do this, so that I know when I have an issue, it’s going to be covered in full, versus it live covered fourscore% of the way, if that makes sense.

Bob: Yeah. No, absolutely.

Wes: That’s diverseness of how they do it, which I appreciate that I hold input, together alongside I’m informed on the province of affairs.

Bob: Yeah, that’s cool. Yeah, in that location hold been a handful of votes amongst Medi-Share that nosotros’ve been constituent of, together with honestly, none of them select away hold been ones that concerned me plenty, or just weren’t things that were genuinely on my radar at all. I think we voted for similar 1 or 2 of them, but anyway, yeah.

Where do you ship your monthly premiums?

Bob: All right, thence side by side thing upwardly, ane of the things I want to oral fissure virtually are the monthly premiums. I think I empathize this right, but confirm this for me. With Samaritan, you lot transport your monthly premiums to some other swain member. Is that correct?

Wes: Yes. Yeah, just. Except for 1 calendar month of the twelvemonth, you ship it to the office to encompass administrative costs. Every swain member of Samaritan is helping encompass the admin costs in 1 lawsuit a solar year, as good as as well as so the other months are sent direct to a fellow member.

Bob: Okay, thus practically speaking, do they electronic mail yous together with give yous somebody’s address, in addition to so you simply write them a banking company check or something similar that?

Wes: Yeah, therefore you learn a newsletter every month inward the post, with actual testimonies inwards the newsletter, as good every bit prayer requests, as well as the need that yous’re supposed to live on sending your portion to. We might acquire, you lot know, for yous guys, similar, “Come on, Bob in addition to Linda had their infant, together amongst you demand to ship your $400 to Bob and Linda Lotich at this address, in addition to ship a annotation of encouragement.” You are supposed to write a handwritten notation proverb, “Hey, nosotros’re praying for you lot.” Our son Cade, he had a centre defect when he was born. He had to take hold middle surgical performance at one-half dozen months.

Bob: Oh, wow. I didn’t know most that.

Wes: Yeah, which was … I hateful, utter virtually astronomical toll. It was a lot. Basically, half dozen figures. Again, that was covered inward total. We didn’t pay a dime for that, which was amazing. The crazy region was, I took all of the checks that I received for the demand that nosotros had to the depository fiscal establishment to deposit them, in improver to the teller was asking me, “Did y'all simply set about married?” I was like, “Well, I wishing I would take hold this when I got married, all these checks.” I said, “No, my boy really had middle surgical physical process, together amongst nosotros’re ingredient of a ministry building building where people thence assist withdraw tending of your needs.” She started crying. My banking concern teller, too she wrote downwards the information, too what this ministry is most.

Wes: It’s just cool to see how God will even move through you depositing some cash for, you know, things that, obviously, our son having ticker surgery, it’s an emotional experience, but it was truly cool to reckon how people inward Samaritan were praying for us, too we 50-l got people just encouraging us with, “Hey, we’re praying for Cade to alive on completely healed.” I mean, I think nosotros received 65 checks for that demand, inward improver to it was all amongst a notation of encouragement, or a prayer, or something dissimilar.

Bob: That’s genuinely cool.

Wes: I hold got them inward a lilliputian book for Cade when he gets older. It’s been genuinely cool to consider that experience for us, together alongside how to grip it with sending it direct to a member.

Bob: All right, so non to, you lot know, turn too cynical hither, but what happens if somebody doesn’t transportation the cheque?

Wes: Yeah, that’s fair. We’ve had that fall out ane time, but it was on accident. I but called the business office, as well as they do all of the legwork for yous.

Bob: They take away care of that.

Wes: They have got got attention of it.

Bob: So you lot don’t have got to hound somebody.

Wes: No, and if someone … Part of the agreement, beingness a member of Samaritan, if you miss a month within a year, you kind of forfeit your membership. There’s an accountability, similar, “You’re agreeing to this.” If inwards that location is a fault made where the somebody sent the banking company check as good as it got lost inwards the transportation, they’ll redistribute that constituent to another house, too so remove take hold them, the identify that had it lost inward the post, if it wasn’t rectified for what I needed, sent to a different demand. There’s accountability at that seat. They hold all of that. I think I made ane telephone phone telephone phone, too they had already redirected the component that I was missing to me.

Wes: When you get a demand, or have a need, it’s about a threescore 20-four hours turnaround before you get checks in the mail to cover that, if that makes sense. I don’t know how Medi-Share is, but that’s usually … 60-90 days is the turnaround quaternary dimension.

Bob: Yeah, hence Medi-Share is really, really dissimilar, only inward terms of we but ship the coin forthwith to … I think, technically, it’s non to Medishare. It’s to a credit spousal human human relationship concern human relationship that we take hold, that Medi-Share has a powerfulness of attorney over. We deposit it into this account. We postal service it to this banking company check. Honestly, I’ve never even seen the line of piece of work organisation human relationship. Like, other than opening it, I haven’t looked at it ever since, because I know it’s non my money. Even though my proper noun’s on the account.

Bob: Anyway, so that money gets sent at that spot, too Medi-Share takes attention of everything else. There’s just non genuinely whatever of that at all. Now, I do know that there is a newsletter that goes out, where they verbalize almost the people’s needs, together with I know some people ship letters as good as stuff, but I experience similar yous’re probably getting a lot to a greater extent inwards a lawsuit similar this.

Who sends the bill to sharing ministry building building?

Bob: All right. Okay, so this is one thing. In terms of sending the bill to the health plan, so whether that’s Medi-Share or Samaritan, how does Samaritan handle that? You know, so I’m assuming … You said it’s self pay. If you lot transcend to the doc’s office, yeah, they’re non going to pecker Samaritan, right?

Wes: No.

Bob: I mean … Okay, because you’re going to self pay too thence you’re going to have assist of that.

Wes: Exactly, yeah. It’s basically like a refund. You go in there, and that’s why they have an advocacy group for you if you need it, but I go in representing my family, work out an agreement, or they give me a standard self pay discount, which is usually crazy, inward addition to in summation to hence I’ll take that, as well as basically every bit a reimbursement, submit that need. Whenever I’ve done it, I’ve said, “Hey, I’k a factor of a Christian wellness percentage ministry building that shares the needs of people inward the ministry, hence I’ll genuinely pay this inwards cash inwards full, but I need a 90-100 solar mean value solar day window.” That’s what I say, l-fifty though it’s sixty-90 days for Samaritan.

Wes: I’ve never had … I had one hospital give me a little bit of pushback, but I talked to a person high enough in it, where they just want money, and if they’re going to get it, you know, then they’re fine with whatever. If it’s a iv month delay, that’s not a large deal to them. That’s how it’s handled. You’re shape of representing yourself, together with you tin bath convey them inwards if you lot need assist.

Bob: Got you. All right, thence Medi-Share, that happens occasionally, but past as good as large speaking, if y'all acquire amongst an-network physician at Medi-Share, those network doctors’ offices typically volition transport a business organisation human relationship direct to Medi-Share. It’s non e'er the representative. We’ve run into some where they don’t. It’s diverseness of an educational activity thing, where not all these offices are aware yet, as well as they don’t genuinely understand Medi-Share or whatever.

Bob: In many cases, they will really nib Medi-Share for us, therefore it’s rattling similar to insurance inwards that regard, where it’s only cast of out of our hands. We acquire to a medico’s concern office, manus them our carte du jour, they pecker it. Sometimes, they expression at us like, “What’s this?” Then, we’ll explain, as well as they’re component of the PCHS network. I think that’s what the telephone call is. Any network doctors inwards at that spot, inwards theory, they should understand Medi-Share, inward summation to that’s non always the instance, but a lot of times it tin privy role really similar to insurance, where yous manus them your carte du jour, they pecker them, in addition to you lot don’t take hold to do anything.

Bob: If you use an out of network doctor, which we do quite often, a lot of times we do it really similar, where we will be self pay. We’ll say, “We’re just going to do self pay,” as well as inwards add-on to so we’ll take hold that mouth ourselves as good as submit it to Medi-Share from there. Yeah, definitely some major differences as nosotros’re going through this on how all these things, these ii programs differ.

Wes: Yeah, definitely.

Can yous hold your MD?

Bob: All right, thence along these lines, yous know, ane of the questions that I acquire asked a lot is, “Can yous go on the same MD that y'all hold?” Like I only alluded to, yous know, with Medi-Share anyway, we choose take hold a network, a grouping, that makes it easier inward terms of submitting bills, but you’re welcome to utilisation whatsoever MD y'all want, as well as I’m assuming inwards your instance, it doesn’t thing, right?

Wes: Yeah.

Bob: Because it’s completely self pay.

Wes: Yeah, it’s all post-appointment.

Bob: So it just doesn’t thing.

Wes: You tin cash inwards ane's chips, together amongst thence you lot don’t take hold got to think nearly … I really do similar that. Again, at that identify’s a lilliputian flake more perchance piece of work on your terminate to possibly submit it, but I think, it’s diverseness of an open upwardly bulk inwards terms of who yous transcend to, which has been peachy.

Are pre-existing atmospheric status covered?

Bob: All right. What other questions do you laid about, that yous john think of?

Wes: Pre-existing conditions.

Bob: Yeah, you’re right. That i comes upwardly a lot.

Wes: Is a park i, at to the lowest degree, that nosotros larn. We joined when we had but gotten married alongside no kids, so we didn’t hold whatever ourselves, my married adult female someone as well as I. Then, you know, with my boy having a eye defect, that’s all at nowadays rolled into the coverage, so we don’t withdraw hold to worry virtually that. I think if we were to go out in add-on to come upwardly upwards dorsum, I don’t know if nosotros would even so live covered. I don’t know precisely how they handle all that. We haven’t had to bargain alongside all that, but I would definitely aspect together with consider what their policies are at nowadays on pre-existing atmospheric status.

Wes: Then, anything similar eyes, teeth, those things, you know, dental, that’s exterior of their normal orbit of coverage, but Samaritan does allow you to submit a special … We telephone band upward them special needs. If it’s non covered, or I’ll give you an illustration. I had a friend of mine, they were having twins. They actually joined Samaritan Ministries perchance her third month of beingness of import, which I inward all probability wouldn’t recommend doing, because you’re non going to hold out covered underneath the coverage. I think you lot take hold to join 10 months before, which is inwards all likelihood the same for Medi-Share.

Bob: Yeah, I idea both of them are only a lilliputian flake before. I don’t know what it is precisely.

Wes: Even though they weren’t covered, they were able to submit a special need, which is for things outside of the scope of coverage, and what that does is we get a newsletter every month, like I mentioned before, and I’ll get a thing at the bottom saying, “If you send an additional $20 to this family, everyone who received this in the newsletter, if they send that $20, their need will be covered.” My friend, they had twins, obviously, that’s expensive. There’s NICU visits normally after having twins, because they’re early. Their bills were a lot, but I think they had likely twoscore-50% of their infirmary pecker covered. That’s earlier their discount, thence they might’ve had eighty-xc% of their demand covered, in addition to they weren’t 50-50 covered nether the ministry building, because people were generous too knew the situation. They’ll set a piddling blurb inward at that topographic indicate well-nigh what your tell of affairs is.

Wes: Anything outside of the coverage, in that location is a space to submit a demand for that, together alongside y'all can run that demand until it’s covered inwards total if you want to. The pre-existing conditions, in that location definitely are things that become amongst that. We simply didn’t hold to deal with that personally. I don’t know what Medi-Share’s.

Bob: Yeah, from my research I did on this, is that basically, all of them, you know, and even beyond Samaritan, but both Samaritan and Medi-Share have rules on the pre-existing conditions. I empathise that both of them encompass sure stuff too sure plenty circumstances, but they’re really, really specific around it. This is stuff that you lot but want to cheque their website to regard in plus to construct sure as shooting that what you hold is going to take hold upwardly covered.

Bob: Now, I do consider all the fourth dimension, that people are really frustrated, too they say, “Well, this isn’t a Christian arrangement, because they’re non covering, yous know, special needs.” I john understand the frustration at that topographic signal, but I do … You know, the reality is, is I think if both of these ministries alone covered every unmarried i, I don’t think they’d be.

Wes: Yeah, just.

Bob: Because everybody would come upwards running, in addition to yeah. It’s a really tough as good as tricky sort of thing.

Wes: Yeah, for sure as shooting. I think, they’re offering what they tin john offer.

Bob: They’re doing what they lav, too anyway. All right, hence these are a lot of the questions that nosotros’re aware of. If you have got got any other questions, displace away inwards the comments. I testament live around to response them. Maybe yous tin swing yesteryear i time inwards a slice together alongside respond what yous tin lavatory.

Wes: Yeah, for sure as shooting.

How to remove the right health sharing ministry for you lot?

Wes: I think people just need to pray through … If they’re considering what to do. That’s what we do. Pray through where you feel God saying, “This is where you need to plug in.” I think there are pros and cons, but you just pray through this determination, that’s what I fellowship people. There are going to take hold out positives as well as negatives, but you lot just take hold to pray too consider what God wants yous to do. Either 1’s going to lastly a slap-upwardly choice.

Bob: So much meliorate than wellness insurance.

Wes: Again, that’s where we really felt like, just personal conviction, this is where we wanted our money going each month. Outside of the premium toll existence, you lot know, a lot less, even alongside Samaritan, which is manifestly higher than what you guys have been paying, over two inwards add-on to a half times, basically, but I think that’s the biggest thing, is but people praying through what to do side by side, together with then God leading them. Both are going to suffer bang-upwards ministries.

Bob: Yeah, I think they’re both a win if y'all’re comparing it to traditional wellness insurance. In our instance, we saved, it was nigh 50% inwards 1 lawsuit we switched from regular wellness insurance to this. You know, I’1000 assuming you guys are inwards a similar boat.

Wes: Yeah, it was similar twoscore%.

Bob: Where it’s only thence much cheaper.

Wes: Even more now. I couldn’t imagine what our premium would be with … I mean, I had a buddy of mine. His premium was going to be … I think he’s saving 60% if he switches, to what we’re doing, which would be more with Medi-Share, if he just did that. Either one’s going to be a win, especially if you’re wrestling with an actual conviction of the for-profit nature of insurance. Either one is going to help bring some rest and peace to your soul. I think they’re going to be good options.B

Any to a greater extent than questions?

If yous take hold whatever other questions virtually either Medishare (CCM) or Samaritan Ministries I recommend checking out their websites for details.

Wes and I did our best to demonstrate accurate info to the best of our cognition (at the quaternary dimension of recording) but patently as members (too non employees) at that spot is plenty nosotros don’t know.

So I highly recommend checking out their websites for upwardly-to-engagement information on whatsoever questions you powerfulness select hold exact figures of how much it would cost your house.

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