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Make Money Designing Logos

Learn How to Make Money Designing Logos OnlineI am e'er intrigued alongside alternative in addition to/or novel ways to brand coin from the typical ix-five.

It is becoming more apparent to me that the typical ix-five jobs that many direct got larn accustomed to over the concluding few decades is likely not going to exist every bit prevalent inward the future.

But regardless of whether you are a web-worker or an office manager, many people are looking for ways to supplement their income and so I am excited to share methods for making money every bit I uncovering them.

Make money designing logos?

The newest income-generator that I flora life is for designers (or wanna-live’s).

CrowdSpring.com99 Designs inwards addition to a twosome other similar sites allow buyers to post service a task inwards improver to how much they are willing to pay for it. Designers so create logos, pattern elements, or whatever it calls for too the best ane wins. Basically it precisely puts the command back into the buyer’second hands yesteryear letting them choose from the multiple entries from diverse designers.

How much does it pay?

From what I conduct hold got seen on the site, it looks like the projects pay from $200 to a couplet one k each. Obviously the ameliorate paying projects testament have got to a greater extent than together with better contest, but if yous are sound, it could exist a squeamish income supplement.

Interestingly l-l the cheap ($200-$400) projects have a lot of entries. So, I don’t scream back it would be a walk-inwards-the-black-commons for anyone, but it is definitely a fun agency to sweat to educate some extra cash.

Is it worth submitting if I am non a designer?

Possibly, but if you receive never designed anything earlier, it volition belike lead you a acre before yous win some. But, ane of the cool things virtually Goalspring is that the buyers ofttimes submit feedback to the designers telling them what they similar in addition to don’t like, thus if y'all tin come up across the needs of the buyer meliorate than the others, yous powerfulness have got a shot.

Here is a CrowdSpring review and a 99 Designs review from buyers perspectives.

Has anyone always used Crowdspring or similar pay-for-designing sites?

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