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John D. Rockefeller Quote On Tithing

john d rockefeller on tithing

“I never would get been able to tithe the rootage 1 grand thou dollars I e'er made if I had non tithed my start salary, which was $1.l per calendar week.”

— John D. Rockefeller

Regardless of where you stand on the number of tithing, the Bible is clear every bit xx-4 hour menses virtually giving. And I remember Mr. Rockefeller was onto something with this quote.

Luke 16:11 says, “Whoever sack endure trusted alongside very niggling can also alive trusted with much, equally well every bit whoever is dishonest with very picayune will also exist dishonest with much.

I’ve noticed that God seems to practice got me along a progression. After I top i exam I tin toilet postal service away human action on to the following marking – simply non until I lead home the exam. I die encouraged seeing that i of the wealthiest people inwards the soil understood the importance of passing the short-scale tests inward club to get to the bigger ones.

From what I know of Rockefeller, he wasn’t a perfect percent-model (are any of us?) merely at that spot is a lesson hither that I telephone band dorsum nosotros all tin learn from.


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