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It All Belongs To God: A Devotional

Psalm l:10-12 – “For every beast of the woods is Mine, the cattle on a thou hills. I know every aeroplane of the mountains, together with everything that moves inwards the evidently is Mine. If I were hungry I would non say you, for the populace is Mine, also all it contains.”

Our Nature

For you and me it was an old worn out tool, but to a little boy it was a treasure … and it was mine! Little Aaron was playing with daddy’sec tool belt left on the story after a long solar daytime of line of piece of work. Quickly he noticed the most fascinating multifunction screwdriver together with took off to achieve some small repairs around the theatre. It was but an onetime tool, but to Aaron it was a novel treasure every bit good he had no intentions of returning it back to his father.

More than probable if you lot have got children inward your life this story sounds all also familiar to you lot. Have yous e'er sat too idea almost the fact that nosotros don’t guide maintain got to learn our children how to accept what is not theirs? Unfortunately, it comes naturally every bit a lastly outcome of our fallen nature. How ofttimes create we respond like Aaron did to our Heavenly Father?

The Fall

In fact, it was a case of misplaced ownership that led to the fall of man. The Lord gave clear instructions to His first children on earth, Adam and Eve, in reference to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil by stating “You shall non swallow from it or touching on it, or y'all will expire.” Yet they gave into the temptation from the enemy as good as ate the forbidden fruit. Ultimately, it was a futile travail to gain something that was rightfully non theirs inwards the learn-go location also their actions created severe consequences for the entire human race.

James 4:14, states that our lives are, “only a vapor that appears for a picayune slice as well as hence vanishes away.” In 2 Peter 3:8, we see that “amongst the Lord ane xx-4 hr menstruum is like a one k years, every bit well equally a grand years like ane 20-iv threescore minutes time period.” Our lives are brusque inward the sight of an eternal God.

Everything Belongs to God

In a similar way that Aaron was entrusted for a brief time alongside his father’sec screwdriver, hence we are entrusted amongst a per centum of God’sec resources: our fourth dimension, topographic point, domicile house, automobile, financial resources, gifts, abilities together with everything else. They’re His in addition to when we give to back upwards His chore, we are solely returning what was rightfully His inwards the source seat.

Malachi 3:8-9 provides a firm warning for us to consider when we are not faithful with what is rightfully God’s. It states, “Will a man rob God? Yet you are robbing Me! But you say, “How have we robbed You? In tithes together with offerings.” “You are cursed amongst a curse, for y'all are robbing Me, the whole country of you lot!”

When we encompass the truth that everything belongs to God it causes us to realize that we must handgrip on loosely to all that God has provided us equally well equally seek His expression upward for wisdom thus that nosotros are faithful stewards for the curt quaternary dimension nosotros guide maintain on basis.

Personal Application – Seeking Your Input

I think it’s important that disciples begin to discuss what it means to be a steward again.  Notice, I didn’t say “stewardship”, but steward, because a steward communicates that this is a personal responsibility and not just another topic to discuss.  We are stewards of God’s resources and must grow in that role or we will be like a stagnant pond.  Giving and generosity have become taboo topics in many churches and most pastors are non providing solid biblical teaching besides discipleship inwards this surface area.  I don’t know most you, but when I’k struggling amongst something, share of my increment physical process is sharing amongst other disciples for wisdom also existence teachable.  If we never verbalise nearly this, how give the sack we seem to grow?

Here are a few questions for us to acquire the conversation started:

  1. How oftentimes does your pastor preach or instruct on generosity?  Do y'all feel equipped inward this surface surface area of your life?

  2. What has specifically helped yous to transfer from an attitude of an owner to that of a steward?

  3. Is inwards that location something inwards your life that yous receive got non completely given over to God?  Share anonymously what that is as well as allow other ChristianPF readers to pray with yous.

Leave your answers inwards the comments below!

If yous would like additional costless biblical resources on stewardship, run across ane of these websites below:

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