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Is It Ok To Pray For Money?

It’s no surprise that the economy has taken its toll on people’s finances.  If you’re feeling the pressure to provide for your family, you might question whether or not it’s OK to pray for money.  There possess got been a lot of books written nearly prayer, provision, inward improver to trust inwards God, thence this article is past times no means a conclusive guide to all of those things.  We’ll explore 1 inwards special but our original focus volition even out thence last based on scripture.

In 2000, a book titled The Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through To The Blessed Life was published and has since sold over 9 million copies.  It’s based on the prayer found in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 where Jabez prays to God asking that he would ‘bless and expand his territory.’  The author of the book The Prayer of Jabez, encourages us to contain this prayer in our daily lives equally good as sets the challenge that yous’ll run into life changing results afterwards doing hence.

While some people criticize the book for contributing to the prosperity gospel (an argument we won’t defend or refute in this article), the fact remains that people still have questions about praying for money.   Yes, it’s good to refer to the prayer of Jabez as we study how God provides, but there are other key scriptures that should be used to help shape the way we pray for God’s provision in our lives.

First, a look at the Prayer of Jabez.

There was a human beingness named Jabez who was to a greater extent honorable than whatever of his brothers.  His adult female nurture named him Jabez because his childbirth had been thence painful.  He was the i who prayed to the God of Israel, “Oh that you would bless me too expand my territory!  Please be with me inwards all that I practice, equally well every bit croak along me from all problem together with pain!” And God granted him his holler for.” – 1 Chronicles iv:nine-10

Jabez didn’t come upward to God with a ‘in one lawsuit inwards add-on to done’ mentality.  He wasn’t asking God for a quick laid as well as assist solely inward the fiscal areas of his life.  Jabez acknowledged that he needed God inwards all the areas of his life.

The infinitesimal exercise of his prayer was for God to popular off along him from problem as well as hurting.  Jabez is bespeak for ongoing provision because he knows that without God’s paw on his life, evil motives besides desires from the populace around him could crusade him to stumble inward his relationship alongside God.

These verses aren’t necessarily meant to final the ultimate to praying for God’s provision.  Rather, the prayer of Jabez is an trial of someone who seat God outset inward all that he did likewise trusted God to furnish, which He did (in addition to ever does for that affair!).

Now, a await at How Jesus Instructed Us To Pray.

The absolute best place to see how we should pray for God’s provision is found in Jesus’ sermon on the mount.  I’m sure the crowds listening to Jesus had the same questions about prayer as we do!  But before Jesus shared with them how to pray, he first shared how they should not pray.  He said that making a spectacle of yourself in improver to repeating the same words over inward plus to over isn’t a way to ensure that God testament hear yous.  Instead, he shared this uncomplicated prayer as a model prayer.

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name,

your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread.And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

And atomic number 82 us non into temptation, but deliver us from the evil ane.

You’ve probable heard the Lord’s Prayer before.  I know that I’ve heard many sermons almost it as well we could give-upward the ghost into swell item with Jesus’ words hither.  But with observe to the inquiry of praying for money, I think Jesus helps us understand that we terminate (inward addition to should) bring all our concerns to God, but nosotros shouldn’t forget to:

  • Acknowledge God’s holiness as good enjoin-so inwards your life.

  • Ask for His provision, trusting that He holds tomorrow.

  • Seek His guidance inward all you exercise.

Jesus didn’t promise that God would respond every prayer but because we inquire it inwards a for sure way.  I holler back he shared this prayer with us so we tin bathroom sympathise that it’s OK to come upwards upwardly to God volition all of our needs, including our finances.  When nosotros approach God amongst the agreement that he is the grab of our life together with trust that he volition pick out attending of all our needs, I recall nosotros tin lav strength out select all our concerns to him.  Sometimes things don’t build sense equally good equally the answers we larn aren’t what nosotros wishing to hear, but God is ever faithful.

Here are ii key verses that we give the axe utilization to remind us to approach God amongst confidence as good to trust that he testament provide for our every demand.

Let us hence approach the throne of grace with confidence, thus that we may receive got mercy together with notice grace to help us inwards our fourth dimension of demand. – Hebrews iv:16

But my God shall furnish all your demand according to his riches inwards glory past Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:nineteen

Do yous have got whatever encouragement for individual who is going through a tough fourth dimension financially?  What are your thoughts nearly praying for money?

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