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Is Asking For A Discount Appropriate?

is asking for a discount appropriate

I was hanging out amongst some of my family unit this weekend together with an interesting frustrating news came upwards good-near the appropriateness of asking for a discount from beau Christians.

The give-as good as-withdraw started because of this 50-l:

A hard-working painter (Joe) we all knew from church went over to give an estimate to another church building building-fellow member (Mike). Joe goes in looks at all of Mike’s rooms, and measures, calculates, etc – whatever needs to be done to give an estimate. Joe then gives Mike his estimate of what he thinks it will cost to do the job. Mike then asks, “What’s my ‘Brother Discount’?” as if to suggest that he should get an even cheaper price than what Joe just told him – because he is a immature human Christian.

When I heard this story I forthwith had a dyad thoughts…

  • How does Mike know that Joe didn’t already discount the toll?

  • If Mike tin’t afford to pay what Joe is charging, I mean Joe inwards all probability would have got preferred that he (A) kindly explicate that or (B) but non practise concern amongst him, rather than concur out manipulated into offering a lower cost.

10DG228x257The remainder

As I am writing this, I am thinking almost the difficulty of maintaining a proper residuum with this. Everyone needs to larn paid, as well as everyone wants a bargain. I similar getting a bargain as much as the following guy, but I also like approbation those who assist me. So, if at all possible, I would rather give Joe MORE than what he was charging me, rather than trying to acquire him to discount the cost. I know that isn’t e'er possible, but I intend if we all did this the footing would suffer a meliorate topographic indicate.

Receiving vs. Taking

You know, I intend it comes downwardly to the deviation betwixt receiving and taking. I am convinced that God’sec blessings give uncovering’t concord out gotten past times us TAKING them past our ain inaugural, but rather they should acquire out RECEIVED when they appear.

John answered in add-on to said, “A human beingness tin move hold zip unless it has been given him from heaven.” John three:27

A gift tin give the sack solely endure received if it is given. If it is taken, therefore it genuinely isn’t a gift inward the starting 4th dimension topographic point. For consequence, if a kid takes a $20 banker'sec nib out of his virile heighten’s wallet, it is a much dissimilar thing than if the begetter gave the child a $20 gift – or even the same $xx pecker for that matter. Because the nipper took the $twenty, he also stole his begetter’mo ability to give it to him in addition to lost the gamble for it to locomote received.

Also, from my feel it is a lot more fun to be given something, rather than taking reward of someone to larn it.

Back to discounts

So as I think about all this, I don’t think I would have asked Joe for a “deserved” discount that Mike did. And I am realizing that what irks me about what Mike did was that he expected it, I think if he had asked if there was a discount for church building members, I would experience a petty ameliorate most it.

Thinking about myself, I didn’t have any problem negotiating prices with our home builders – for some reason that seems different – or am I being hypocritical? Is it the difference between little line of slice of operate organisation as well as big line of go concern? Or beau Christians and everyone else? Or is it but the fact that Mike seemed to think that he deserved something extra?

What do you mean value?

I feel similar this has been a mish-crush of wandering thoughts, but I’d similar to withdraw mind your wandering thoughts! Can y'all relate with Joe (or Mike)? Is it just a matter of an entitlement mentality versus kindly quest?

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