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How To Use Evernote: 21 Creative Uses

21 creative uses for #EvernoteAre you looking for new ways to acquire improve organized?

One of the biggest challenges I hold when it comes to organizing is what to do amongst the fabric I desire to proceed but do non shout out for correct forthwith.

In the past times times, I e'er ended upwards having a huge pile somewhere on my abode function desk.

Even if I filed something away, I had to remember how I filed it. All that changed for me about two years ago when I started using Evernote.

What is Evernote?

Evernote is free desktop download that works like a large reference file. I like to call it my “external brain.” What is great about this application is that you can store documents, photos, and webpages all in the same place. Everything is keyword searchable. What is really cool is that whatsoever text that appears inwards your photos is as well keyword searchable within Evernote.

If you lot are new to Evernote, hither is a list of 21 ways yous give the sack utilisation Evernote to acquire ameliorate organized this twelvemonth:

1. Place to store favorite quotes – I have a file for my favorite quotes so that I do not forget about them. Every once in a while I will read through the file for inspiration.

2. Store ebooks as well as online reports – The internet is full of free and useful information but I do not always have the time to read special reports or free ebooks that I want to read. So I have a file in the system for online reading.

3. Keep favorite articles or blog posts – Why not capture a helpful article from SeedTime.com or other blogs so that you do not forget about the principles or action steps you have learned?

iv. Catalog illustrations and stories – This is very helpful if you are a writer, blogger, speaker or pastor. Just simply capture stories, illustrations, or statistics that you may end up using later down the road.

five. Vacation organisation – If you are going on holiday soon, create a file and collect webpages about hotels, dining and entertainment.

half-dozen. Place to capture random ideas – My mind is always coming up with ideas. Sure I may never take action on half of them but it is fun to review from time to time.

vii. Create a Reading List folder – I love to read and usually average reading a whole book every week or two. I have a list that I keep of books that I want to eventually read.

8. Reading a skillful mass? – Snap a picture of a page you enjoy and search for the quote, illustration, or points later.

ix. Record passwords or whatsoever of import information – you can use a folder to store passwords that you might want to remember later.

10. Snap pictures of receipts you want to keep for tax purposes and place in a notebook file.

xi. Write downwardly a listing of movies that you want to watch.

12. Take pictures of significant newspaper articles and store them for your kids down the road.

thirteen. Take photos of valuable items in your home as a way to keep track of your home inventory.

xiv. Make a eating theater listing of places to swallow near and around your home.

xv. Copy as well as paste of import emails that you want to remember so that you do not have to print it off and file it away.

sixteen. Create a working errand list for the supermarket or hardware store so you can get everything in one trip. Also, record prices on grocery items so that you can know when things are on sale.

17. Snap a photo of every problem bill of fare y'all commence – All photos are keyword searchable once in the Evernote system.

18. Take photos of prices when you lot are out shopping in order to compare prices with other stores.

xix. Take photos of your automobile VIN number and license plate for later use.

xx. Use Evernote every flake a quaternary dimension direction scheme – Create folders for to do lists such as calls to make, errands to run, projects, and bills to pay.

21. Write a 101 goals for your life to choke on handy – Use a folder similar a bucket listing to tape downward things you lot would similar to achieve acre yous are last.

The options are endless.

The betoken is that if yous accept grip a trusted scheme to seat things, yous testament receive got less mental anxiety with having to attempt to retrieve everything. I have had people contact me asking for certain items as well as receive got been able to spot it inward 10 seconds (too they agonized over trying to abide by the same matter for an 60 minutes). Think virtually how much quaternary dimension lonely yous testament salve yesteryear having a topographic point to spot everything. Remember, you do non have got got to hold up super-organized. Just commence it inward Evernote together with you lot tin search for it yesteryear keywords afterwards.

(Note from Bob: I am an Evernote user every bit goodness in add-on to honey it. The spider spider web features are slap-upward, but when yous pair that amongst an Evernote application on your telephone, it really makes for an incredible scheme to deal maintain you organized.)

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