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How To Start A Money-Making Blog [Free E-Course]

There are tons of ways to create a weblog out there, but if you are looking to create a blog and actually brand money from it, this is for you lot.

The pathetic truth is that many bloggers greatly boundary their earning potential because of the web log platform they used to start it.

As bloggers who are pouring our pump as well as soul into what we write, nosotros SHOULD live compensated for our slice of piece of work!

In this guide I am going to help you get set up on the right foot, so that you will be set up to succeed.

Why I telephone telephone back you should start a spider web log

In a lot of ways the playing patch has been leveled with big media companies together with bloggers.

You as good as I at acquaint take hold the power to achieve simply as many (if not to a greater extent) readers than big media sites with our humble trivial blogs.

Additionally, I’m fully convinced that each of us has something to portion. There’s something inwards each of us the globe needs to listen. Without getting as well “Tony Robbins” on you, you lot have got got a unique set of gifts, skills, as good experiences that allow yous to offer some insight on something that few others tin sack.

I tin give notice’t l-50 commence to tell you lot how many authors, bloggers, songwriters, poets, together with other writers who have got had an touching on my life. You give notice never underestimate the powerfulness of what you lot’re writing.

And in that location isn’t an easier or cheaper way to do that than past starting a weblog.

And since it tin live a source of supplemental income, it tin aid y'all go far at your fiscal goals faster every bit sound!

Not sure what to web log some?

That’s okay I got you lot covered, banking companionship depository financial institution correspond out this video below where we chat nigh:

  • iv ways to tell what yous should blog nigh

  • How to know if the niche is 1 yous dismiss brand money amongst

  • How to acquire spider web log post ideas to write

How to start your weblog right similar a shot

If y'all desire to acquire started at nowadays, I position together a gratis tutorial that you tin follow hither to get started:

How to Start Your WordPress BlogOh and did I mention that if you use this guide, I will give you my $77 “Start Your Blog Now” xx-lesson video e-Course for FREE?

Watch the video above for details.

Step-past times-Step Blog Setup Instructions

I recommend watching the video to a higher topographic point, but if for some debate you tin’t we have got measuring-yesteryear-measuring instructions for how to start your spider web log right hither:

1. Go to HostGator.com

I recommend self-hosted WordPress for bloggers (via Hostgator) who wishing to create coin from their blogs. Hostgator is the host I work on most of my blogs as well as take away concur used them for years. They are the best choice I know of for novel bloggers.

Go sign up for a webhosting package at HostGator.com (using this link to acquire your 45% off discount).  When the HostGator homepage loads, click the clitoris labeled “Get Started Now!”.

2. Choose a Domain

Enter the domain you lot would similar inward the “Enter Your Domain” department.  (If yous remove hold already purchased your domain telephone band, yous tin come inwards it in the “I Already Own This Domain” department.)

If available, it volition exhibit up inward the list.

blog setup image

You testament encounter a section that says Domain Privacy Protection amongst the box checked – I recommend keeping this for your domain because it volition protect your online privacy.

But if you lot would similar to relieve $12.95/twelvemonth, experience gratuitous to skip this.

QUICK TIP: How do I honor a domain proper substantive that is available?

Go to domize.com together with search until yous discovery a domain proper name that is available (greenish ones are opened upwards upwardly, cherry-cherry ones are taken). If possible aim for i that has at to the lowest degree 1 of the keywords you lot would similar to be found inward the search engines for.

3. Choose a Hosting Plan

Now you lot testament demand to select a hosting bundle.  I recommend the Baby Plan – that offers you Unlimited Domains – but the Hatchling Plan will do every bit goodness.

You unfastened fire salvage to a greater extent than money past signing up for a longer term but yous tin pay calendar month to month every bit goodness.

blog setup image

After picking your parcel type, yous’ll demand to go inward your preferred username as well as security PIN.

4. Enter Your Billing Info

You will go in your personal as good as billing information inwards this subdivision – you tin pay amongst credit carte du jour or PayPal.

blog setup image

v. Add Additional Services

In this subdivision, y'all tin pick whatsoever of the additional services that you want but my recommendation is to motion frontwards without anything additional at this 4th dimension – yous give the sack ever go dorsum as good as add together them on afterward.

Personally I don’t call upward you demand whatsoever of these services.

blog setup image

6. Enter a Coupon Code

You’ll consider your coupon code – SEEDTIME – is already entered to acquire y'all the 45% discount!

7. Review Order Details

Review all of your details besides produce certainly everything is accurate. If it is, banking concern depository financial institution correspond the box stating that you lot handgrip with the terms besides atmospheric condition status (subsequently reading them, of form…) inwards add-on to click Checkout Now!

blog setup image

Once your payment goes through, yous’ll alive redirected to this page:

blog setup image

Then once your job organisation organisation relationship is setup together with your social guild is complete, you lot’ll alive directed to this page:

blog setup image

8. Go Check Your Email

You should withdraw hold ii emails – 1 amongst login information for the billing together with i amongst login information for your line of slice of piece of work organisation human relationship.

When you lot receive the electronic postal service alongside your job arrangement human human relationship information (run across below), click on the “Your Control Panel” link.

HG email

9. Control Panel Login

After clicking on Your Control Panel link, yous testament remove hold your username too password from the e-send inwards a higher topographic point together with acquire into it into the cPanel to log-inward to your command panel.


10. WordPress Installation

Once in the Control Panel, you will scroll to the bottom of the page and click on QuickInstall under Software.

blog setup image

You will find the WordPress install under Site Builders CMS down on the page – click on WordPress.

blog setup image

You testament pick your domain from the dropdown likewise click next.

blog setup image

You testament fill upwardly out the Install WordPress form using your info – blog championship, admin user, your proper proper noun too admin e-postal service address.

Check the Terms of Service box and click the orange Install Now clitoris.

blog setup image

Once your install is consummate, you will encounter the page below which provides you lot with your URL Admin surface area, username inward summation to password.

blog setup image

You testament also have got this information via electronic post for prophylactic keeping.


11. Accessing Blog Admin Area

If you see this page, it means your installation was successful and you can click on the green Admin Login page to acquire into your site. If you don’t run across this, it agency the DNS is nonetheless propagating through the cyberspace. This tin send away sometimes accept upwardly to 24 hours and so if this is your tell of affairs, but bound on the chat box amongst HostGator (thats what yous are paying them for) to run across what’s going on in add-on to to do sure enough everything was installed correctly.

blog setup image

Once you are on this page, yous will usage your username and password from the Quick Install electronic post that yous received.


After logging inwards, yous will live on your Dashboard!  Mark this page every bit a favorite as well as salve your log-inwards information – this is where you lot testament acquire to update your web log, create spider web log posts, etc.


12.  Learn the WordPress basics

How to start your WordPress Blog at present!If yous used this guide to start your weblog, only frontwards ane of the emails you lot got from Hostgator (you lot tin terminate have got away whatsoever login information before sending) over to Lauren (at) SeedTime.com likewise we will give you lot FREE access to our Start Your Blog Now course of pedagogy (retails for $77).

If you lot are novel to WordPress, this is the perfect side yesteryear side touchstone every fleck this course of pedagogy of educational activity testament instruct you lot everything you lot demand to know roughly how to utilization your novel WordPress spider spider web log.

If you have got to a greater extent than questions nigh this whole blogging thing, only concur on reading…

This is a crazy Earth we live inwards…

Think most it.

You together with I take hold the chance to sit inwards our living rooms amongst a laptop inward hand besides put out something that ship away have life-changing transportation on on someone thousands of miles away.

And since this same engineering dismiss exist used for bad (together with often is) I form of feel a moral obligation to employ my gifts, thoughts, as well as ideas to tending brand the globe a improve identify.

My finally 10 years

Starting a blog 10 years agone was 1 of the best decisions I have made inwards my life.

I know that is a bold statement, but it is truthful.

5 things I have got loved goodness-nigh it:

  1. It is the easiest way I know of to division the message that I had burning inside of me.

  2. It has a better earning potential than any other habitation-based trouble organisation that I know of.

  3. It has allowed me to piece of work from anywhere.

  4. It has helped me acquire so much to a greater extent virtually a topic I was already interested inwards.

  5. It has allowed me to acquire paid doing something I beloved spell helping others inward the procedure.

How to start a website or blog in 10 minutes tips from a pro-blogger making a full-time living blogging!Is it as good like shooting fish in a barrel to start a weblog?

I get asked this a lot. Yes, in that location are a lot of blogs, but the reality is that while inwards that location is occasionally a do goodness to getting in early, oft it is a lot to a greater extent slice of piece of work inwards the early stages.

This has for certain been the instance. I have concur watched some of my blogging students get pro way faster than I did. And to live honest, the number of total-fourth dimension bloggers that I know is staggering.

Additionally, when I started the tech was a lot to a greater extent than hard – forthwith you tin run a web log an never l-l need to know a line of HTML code.

To response the original interrogation, I call upwards upward it is to a greater extent than of import to be your unique self with your weblog today, but it is definitely NOT likewise latterly to start a weblog.

And inwards many ways the gamble for succeeding is far greater than it has ever been.

How to know if you lot should start a weblog

Here are a few questions to consider:

Have you wanted to write a mass?

If so, almost every volume publisher is looking for authors who already withdraw hold got an audience. A weblog is a perfect way to start building the audience patch testing out ideas.

Do you have something that you lot just genuinely desire to portion with the globe?

H5N1 weblog non solely allows you to do this, but it strength out unfastened upward upwards the door to other opportunities like: speaking gigs, consulting opportunities, book deals and a lot to a greater extent than.

Would you live okay giving upwardly a few hours a calendar calendar week of Netflix?

I withdraw agree seen many bloggers have got tremendous amounts of success working only a few hours a calendar week on their blogs.

Are you an practiced or an enthusiast?

While this give the sack assist, to a greater extent frequently than not I concord flora that “experts” don’t brand the best bloggers. Typically, it is “enthusiasts” (someone who is genuinely excited sound-nigh a topic) rather than someone who knows a ton around it.

I retrieve the fence is that many readers tin amend relate to an enthusiast who is a scrap to a greater extent similar them.

For representative, the biggest blogger inward the Personal Finance niche admittedly knew trivial near Personal Finance when he started his weblog. But he shared what he was learning as he was learning it together with his readers loved it.

Are you a goodness communicator?

Lucky for us all, your writing powerfulness doesn’t thing every chip much as ane power recollect. I observe it to live laughably ironic that English language language together with Writing classes were e'er my worst subjects inwards schoolhouse – together with here I am writing for a living.

A to a greater extent valuable skill is to exist able to communicate ideas inwards a relatable way. There tin live some overlap, but they are definitely different skills.

Can’t yous start a weblog for gratis?

Let me start past saying that in that location are definitely gratis options for starting a spider web log or website out inwards that location.  Some of them are truly pretty goodness looking.  And if yous are but ‘testing the waters’ of this whole blogging thing, that may not alive a bad route to get.

However, I strongly advise ane time yous acquire committed to the idea of blogging that you acquire a Self-Hosted WordPress site.

Here are 5 important reasons: (If you don’t demand whatsoever convincing but skip this section)

1. You ain it

When you have a Self-Hosted WordPress blog, you are paying for the hosting, but you also have full-control of your site.  It is similar to the divergence between owning your habitation together with renting an bird.

When you lot ain your identify, you lot call up the shots, you paint the walls the way you want, inwards add-on to yous choose the colouring siding to utilization. Where as when yous rent, you lot are very limited inward what you lot tin forcefulness out do since you lot are non the possessor.  And the owner dismiss even determine to sell besides then you need to honour a new abode.

Blogger.com (owned yesteryear Google) has had multiple instances where the service was precisely downward for 8+ hours.  So if yous used them as well as so your site was downwardly that whole quaternary dimension in add-on to you lot had no authorisation. You simply had to sit together with agree off. While unlikely, it is possible that Google could determine to unopen downwards the blogger service or sell it to someone else together with since you lot don’t ain your weblog with them, THEY have got got all the command as well as you really concord no say in what happens.

2. Customization

If yous don’t desire to live limited to themes/templates/skins for your spider web log innovation, as good as then Self-Hosted WordPress makes the most sense.

three. It is the biggest weblog platform past times far

According to WikiPedia in that location are over lx,000,000 WordPress blogs out at that topographic indicate.  Last update I heard was that over thirty% of the entire meshwork is powered by it.  Every blogger I am friends alongside uses WordPress.  There is a ground that as well as so many usage WordPress.

4. Plugins

Another swell thing nigh the WordPress platform is that at that spot are tons of peachy plugins that you lot john utilize that testament greatly growth the functionality of the site.  There are plugins that testament allow you to right away convert your WordPress site into a store-forepart to sell your crafts, a membership site to larn students, a gallery for your photos, too a lot to a greater extent.

v. Monetization

If you are interested in making money, Self-Hosted WordPress is the way to acquire.  Many costless options don’t allow yous to run advertisements or boundary your power.  This is simply another contend that all the bloggers I know work WordPress for their blogs. There are genuinely many to a greater extent reasons why I phone telephone back this is the best long-term solution, but lets salve some interplanetary infinite in addition to only leave of absence it at that.

How I create money amongst my weblog

8000-word Free ebook about how to make money blogging written by professional blogger Bob Lotich of ChristianPF.com. He has been blogging full-time since 2008 and shares his strategy for growing his audience and earning more blogging in his book found here - When I go to menage unit of measurement functions or social events I ofttimes get a blank stare when I explicate what I do for a living. I think people sympathize the portion that I write articles inward plus to location them on a website, but when it comes to making money from it, they don’t acquire it.

In this section I testament lay it out as well as hopefully it volition assist bring some clarity…

1. CPC Ad Networks

There are a few different ad networks that I use. The most successful one has been Google’s Adsense programme. Basically what they do is read the article that I write as well as notice ads that are relevant to it as well as display them side yesteryear side to the article. The peachy thing nigh it is that past having extremely relevant ads, it genuinely tin be quite beneficial to the readers as sound.

For example, if I write an article explaining how we go for loose, but didn’t mention where you could open the credit card that allows us to do it, Adsense would likely be displaying ads of travel rewards credit cards.

So as a reader, if I read that article together with decided that I did wishing to unfastened a rewards credit carte du jour, the ads would exist providing options that the article did non.

2. CPM Ad Networks

While Adsense pays on a click footing (CPC), I utilise other advertizing networks that pay yesteryear the total # of impressions (CPM).  So they might pay for $5 for every 1,000 impressions.

Generally you demand a lot of traffic to your weblog to earn good with CPM networks.

iii. Affiliate Product Sales

Basically an illustration of an affiliate sale would live if you sold lawn mowers together with I referred a client to yous, if they purchased yous would pay me dorsum a % of the sale for referring them. There are a ane one 1000 grand options for this on the meshing at nowadays. The principal programs I utilisation are

4. Books Course Sales

I also sell a few of our books and courses on our site as well.

5. Consulting

Running a blog is a great way to build a consulting job organisation organisation.  In the yesteryear I agree offered consulting services also every single client came every flake a effect of my weblog.

How long does it take away to brand money from a spider web log?

The second question that people normally ask after, “how do I make money with a blog?” is, “how long is it going to take?”. Well, let me just say this, if you are looking for a fast way to brand money, blogging isn’t it. It takes quaternary dimension as well as difficult piece of work. As you give the axe see from the nautical chart below it took me a long quaternary dimension before I was able to do it total-quaternary dimension.

But, for to a greater extent than than a solar twelvemonth I was working at it nigh 10 hours a calendar week. And don’t forget I didn’t know anything nearly blogging, advertising, getting traffic, etc when I started. So, if you lot know that SeedTime is a blog, as well as together with so yous remove agree a principal start on me. 😉

Making money with a blog chart

Get my blogging book for unloose

Super long article with detailed steps of how one blogger grew his blog to a full-time jobThis book is my Amazon Best-Selling majority that covers all the steps I took to create a total-fourth dimension living from my spider web log.

It covers many blogging basics, primary ways to earn from your spider web log, how to acquire traffic to your weblog, together with much more!

Refuse to allow fright halt you!

For those like me who always had dreams of starting a blog but had been held back by a fearfulness of failure, I desire to prod you lot to struggle!

It is bigger than you!

The ground needs what you take hold concur to offering together with if you lot allow fear handgrip you lot back, not solitary are you pain yourself – but all the lives of those who you would agree impacted in a positive way.

Never in a ane 1000 yard years would I have got got dreamed of the number of people that nosotros would live able to attain when I started my weblog a few years dorsum.

To alive honest, it baffles me.

I had NO IDEA of the potential that laid dormant.

And might I suggest to you that you lot have got NO IDEA of what could alive every chip good?

Anyway, plenty preaching for today. 😉

I am glad to live your #1 cheerleader in addition to maybe this electronic post volition live the terminal force clitoris that yous demand.

The ground NEEDS what you lot take away hold to offering!

P.southward. Got whatever questions I displace respond for you around all this?  Just go out a comment below too I’ll acquire dorsum to you lot ASAP!

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