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How To Get Started Investing In Real Estate For Beginners

Ever want to get started investing in real estate? Check out this interview with a veteran real estate investor!I receive got been wanting to do some existent estate investing for years, but only haven’t gotten around to it all the same.  We all create our excuses don’t nosotros?

But a friend of mine, Brandon Turner, is part of the largest real estate investing website out there (BiggerPockets.com) and has been investing inwards real estate for years. And he is a really non bad teacher besides communicator.

So, I figured who ameliorate to enquire some questions to.

In the interview below I inquire him a serial of questions that I am curious virtually every flake a wannabe investor together amongst that are pretty park questions that beginners typically wonder almost.

  • What type of existent estate investing do you lot recommend to beginners equally good every bit why?

  • What made you lot get the leap into REI?

  • Answer this research 1 time every bit well equally for all – tin flame dismiss you lot invest inward a holding with no money downwardly?

  • When looking for practiced properties, are in that location whatsoever rules of pollex that yous follow to identify a goodness investment asset?

  • With at that topographic request being likewise thence many real estate investors out at that home, do novel investors maintain concur a chance to snatch upwardly a winning holding?

  • How does a novel investor minimize risk?

  • Do you recommend that novel investors function a holding manager?

  • If you lot were talking to your younger self – say right when yous started- what books, resources, would you lot recommend?

Watch the interview hither

Since this interview, I have found another avenue for Real Estate investing through Fundrise inwards add-on to I verbalize nigh it inward item inwards the video below!

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