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How To Finally Get Out Of That Job You Hate And Find Work You Love

how to get out of job you hate and find a job you love! ....Each one of us has unique giftings and skills that we have been given by our creator.  The challenge sometimes is figuring out how to get them in line with our careers.  In my case I feel like I stumbled around for many years in job to job doing things I was working really hard at, but just wasn't gifted to do.  And it was an incredibly frustrating feeling....Each one of us has unique giftings as good as skills that we behaviour grip been given by our creator.

The challenge sometimes is figuring out how to acquire them inward line with our careers.

In my representative I experience like I stumbled around for many years inward job to job doing things I was working really hard at, but only wasn’t gifted to do.  And it was an incredibly frustrating feeling.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 trivial like the Einstein quote:

“Everybody is a genius. But if y'all jurist a fish past times times its might to climb a tree, it will survive its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

And as well as thence, past the grace of God,  I found my way into what I am doing similar a shot, too it just gibe similar a glove.

So, inward this interview I chat with Grant Baldwin who is a real sought-later total-time speaker on topics like this.  We oral cavity nigh the kickoff touchstone to finding slice of piece of work yous beloved, tricks to finding out what y'all are truly passionate nearly, if it is ever too tardily to brand a modify,  too a lot more than than.

Additionally, a while back I wrote an article called what to do when y'all abhor your project, together with I recommend checking it out if you are inwards that province of affairs.


“For I know the plans I handgrip for you lot,” says the LORD. “They are plans for sound inwards improver to non for disaster, to give yous a future too a hope.” Jer 29:xi NLT

5 questions yous demand to enquire

If you are needing help in this area, I encourage you to sign up for Grant’s email list and acquire his FREE PDF amongst the 5 most pregnant questions to enquire to uncovering the work you dear.

Watch the interview

Read the interview

Bob: Hey guys. I’m excited to bring Grant Baldwin on today. We’re going to talk a little bit about what to do when you’re looking to get out of a job that you hate or finding work you love and that whole process. I went through a little bit of that myself. Grant is … I don’t know. I think he’s an expert in this area. I mean he travels all around the ground speaking as well as talking unopen this as good as things similar this. Anyway, I’ll allow him acquire out into a trivial chip to a greater extent than than of what he does, but he’s a runner. You run marathons I believe. Is that right?

Grant Baldwin: I have ran marathons. Yeah, ran marathons I guess. I wouldn’t consider myself a marathoner every flake an ongoing experience but I have crossed the complete line for a few.

Bob: Well, that’s awesome. Then you lot’re also a magician. Is that correct?

Grant: No. I’1000 fascinated by it. All right? You’re but going through all the goodness stuff there. I acquire so much grief from my line of piece of piece of work solid because I learned a dyad of decent carte du jour tricks as well as they’re like, “You’re adorable but what are you lot doing?” I’k similar, “Ah, I’k exactly intrigued yesteryear it. I’m fascinated by it.” I could do a neb of fare fox or ii but that’s goodness-nigh the extent of it.

Bob: Okay. My begetter-inwards-law is a magician. I mean he does magic shows together with things like that thence yep …

Grant: Does he let out anything to yous?

Bob: No. It’s against the rules, isn’t it?

Grant: Yeah, yeah. I intend I didn’t know if it’s amongst household he tin can tell y'all or

Bob: Yeah. He powerfulness hold told my married woman 1 or 2 but I think it’s against the rules, but anyway. Okay. How nearly this? Tell us too the readers a picayune fleck to a greater extent close yourself. I went into a piddling scrap of it but just chat a lilliputian fleck nigh yourself, what you lot do, too too hence nosotros’ll croak from at that spot.

Grant: Yeah. The nutshell of me, growing up, my youth pastor had a existent large touching on my life as well as hence I wanted to endure a youth pastor. I went to Bible College, did that for a flake. Parts of it I liked, parts of it I didn’t. One thing I really similar in that location was I really like speaking. I really similar working alongside students. I left that place at the church building edifice as well as but trying to figure out like what do I wish to do like a shot, what do I want to be when I grow upwards.

It was a really difficult transition because I’d gone to college for this one deal. I didn’t really enjoy it. Again, parts of it I did, parts of it I didn’t. I didn’t really want to go back and award a dissimilar church to be a youth pastor again. It’s just kind of felt like I was back to the drawing board of what do I do now. That kind of set me on a journey of just trying to figure out what do I want to do with my life.

For the past times nigh 8 years or thus, I’ve been a total-time speaker so I go all over the U.southward. speaking primarily to high school as well as college kids simply helping them think through or develop for life afterwards high schoolhouse, form of where their life is going inwards add-on to a lot of motivation stuff amongst that similar your life tin can last whatever it is you want it to survive but it’s upward to you to go far come upwardly almost.

That’s what we’ve been doing. We’ve got a podcast similar a shot called “How Did You Get Into That” where we’re only interviewing people only figuring out what is their story, what is their journeying because 1 of the things I’ve noticed is at that spot’s far likewise many people that are doing slice of piece of work that they hatred too they only go life with similar “Thank God it’s Fri. Oh, God, it’s Monday.” They just endure life like that. That’s a only a bummer. If we tin assist people figure out what it is that they were seat on this planet to do, it’s a fun journeying to assist with.

Bob: Yeah. That’s brings upward a really goodness signal. I wrote an article awhile back entitled “What To Do When You Hate Your Job” because I was good-acquainted with that. I have got had multiple jobs I think that I really … I intend some I didn’t similar as good as a duo that qualifies maybe hating where every Fri it’s similar the most glorious affair inwards the populace because I withdraw concur two days when I don’t have to live in my chore as well as thus Lord's Day afternoon, it’s similar, “Oh, it’s coming. It’s coming. Mon is coming.”

I recall Dan Miller wrote that volume “No More Mondays” too it simply resonated amongst me only the thought of not having to dread Mon is but an amazing affair inwards add-on to hence I’ve been inwards that location. I know the feeling. I’1000 sure lots of people yous mouth to, lots of people I’ve talked to have that same sort of matter that they’re trying to work out, maybe something that they wishing to do, experience called to do or whatever. What do yous advise as a firstly mensuration starting to work out of that?

Grant: Yeah. I intend realistically nobody who’s inwards a spot where they … I think some people they really only hatred what they do in improver to other people are similar, “I detest it. I merely don’t honey it together with I don’t know what I’d rather hold out doing instead.” I think at that position’s a bridge of things. One, but realizing that the physical treat takes some time inwards summation to so things that are marinated savour meliorate than things that are microwaved thence let things simmer inward add-on to stew.

If you lot simply ponder as good as think of it, that’s sound. It’s a mensuration inward the right management because realistically you won’t quit a labor that you hatred on Fri as well as on Mon yous magically wake upwards as well as it all simply works out if you found this affair. It only doesn’t work similar that.

I e'er tell people too I asked them a duet of questions. One, what is it that you’re passionate nearly? What is it that gets a reaction out of you? What are those hot buttons, soapbox issues that yous exactly get fired upward together with you lot’re similar, “Don’t 50-l acquire me started on this. I volition kicking the bucket off on y'all.” What is that affair for you lot? It’s but similar, “I don’t know. I but get stirred upwards.” Maybe it’s surroundings. Maybe it’s the planet. Maybe it’s nutrition. Maybe it’s kids. Maybe it’s health. Maybe it’s … It could last whatsoever number of things. What is that matter for you that yous but really acquire passionate nigh?

A second question I ask people is what are you good at? What are the things that just come easy to you? What are the things that you just get, they just click, it just makes sense for you? Because I believe we all have talents. We all have abilities. We all have gift things. I mean there’s a parable of the talents. It’s just like everybody got something. It’s not like you got short-changed and all these people are always all blessed as good as you got the chaff. It doesn’t work similar that. Everybody has something, hence what are the things for you lot that only naturally come to you?

Another interrogation I enquire people is what do yous savour doing? Again, in that location’s far as good many people that are doing something but for the sake of a paycheck. We’re all going to work, we’re all going to brand a living, got to acquire a depository financial institution check somewhere. I’d rather do something I bask. I wishing to await frontward to Mondays. I know that thus many people do as good so exactly figuring out what are you lot passionate sound-nigh, what are you goodness at, what do you savour doing together with too so how do those things get down to interpret into careers. I think that’s a bully identify to start.

Bob: Yeah. That’s really sound advice. Since these select upwards the thing to a greater extent or less finding out what yous’re passionate most because a lot of readers I’ve talked to, have got got asked aren’t sure almost what it is that they’re passionate goodness-nigh inward add-on to they … I don’t know. It’s similar they haven’t … They tin tin’t figure it out or whatever. One of the things that I’ve e'er suggested to people is if yous don’t know what you’re excited close to, maybe you should inquire the loved ones around you lot. Ask your married woman or your hubby what they think you’re excited good-nigh as well as a lot of times that volition expose some clues. I don’t know. Are inward that location whatsoever other tips that yous have got or suggestions for people as far every scrap figuring something out?

Grant: No. I hateful that’s what I was going to advise. I think that’s a non bad affair is sometimes we’re besides close to ourselves to recognize what’s obvious to other people. Think of it similar this. If you lot had a best friend who had something most life issue going on, yous may live really goodness at giving them advice for that province of affairs but if you had the exact same province of affairs inwards your possess life, you’d hold out a disaster at recognizing the advice for yourself because you’re right at that topographic dot.

I think the same thing is true as just talking with … find five people that really know you well, people that really are in the trenches, they care about you. Talk to them and say, “What is it that you just recognize about me?” Now, having said that, I think you also have to weigh that with your own feelings because they may say something, they’re like, “You seem really passionate about this” and you’re like, “No. That doesn’t resonate with me at all.” Or they may say something like, “Wow, you know I hadn’t thought about it but now that you mentioned it that totally clicks with me.”

So, you guide handgrip to run that through your ain frame of reference, on your filter, but yep, I think getting exterior perspective is a neat, slap-up thing to do.

Bob: Okay. This is a challenge because I’ane yard sure as shooting some of the people who are listening or watching are maybe inward a province of affairs where they’re pretty far along inwards their career. They’re established inward plus to they experience similar they’re at a squall for of no supply. “I’ve been doing this for xv, 20 years. I really don’t similar it but how do I get out of this province of affairs? How do I acquire inwards scuba diving teacher or whatever that I really, really honey in improver to as good as hence passionate nearly? What would you say to somebody similar that?

Grant: Yeah. There’s definitely plenty of people inward that spot as well as apparently the older you acquire, the deeper that yous’re inwards, the to a greater extent than dependence that yous have got, that yous’re trying to sense, the to a greater extent than than hard it is to prepare a modification. If you lot’re a unmarried 20 something, yes, it’s pretty unproblematic to start figuring out what your extra strategy is but if you lot’re inwards a high aeroplane inwards a company, together with you’ve been doing it for a patch too y'all got 3 kids, it tin tin hold upwards a piddling to a greater extent difficult for surely hence I don’t desire to choice out anything away from that.

That existence said, I know it’s non impossible to do. For representative, nosotros had only interviewed latterly a guy inwards our podcast who is a successful lawyer. He’s been a lawyer his entire career. He was inwards all probability inwards his mid-upper 40s or something when he was just similar, “I’one M only burned out. I’M tired of it.” He was a criminal defence strength forcefulness attorney defending murder trials, large hard center materials, really stressful stuff, in add-on to thus he ended upwardly leaving that role as a successful attorney as good as started a chocolate manufacturing works. Today, he’s a chocolatier.

We were 50-50 but talking through that transition of how do yous do that fountain. I was similar, “What do people think? You’re a successful attorney. You’re at the top of your game as well as at ane fourth dimension of a abrupt yous wish to become Willy Wonka? Are people simply worried shut y'all? What are people thinking?” He said, “I couldn’t maintain going downwards this path that made me miserable inwards society to maintain everybody else happy.” So, yes, it’s much more than hard to do that transition at that stage inwards life but it’s non impossible.

I think y'all guide handle to think through your extra strategy, what your innovation is. Typically, people volition either figure out, I demand to figure out what my living expenses are too but figure out how much I conduct hold got in savings as well as what my runway is or exactly figure out what that thing is that I’one K going towards too existence able to construct that up on the side thence that realistically for a flavour you lot’re working 2 jobs. I’ve got my concern but thence I’1000 also edifice upwardly my novel thing over here until it’s at a indicate where I tin reduce dorsum on my chore.

You tin do it ane or 2 ways. Again, a bad projection blueprint is only to be similar, “Well, I don’t similar this job. Forget this. I’k out” together with too in addition to then but similar, “I’1000 going to expire discover myself.” Okay. But yous nonetheless have got got to swallow in addition to alive indoors too so you withdraw hold got to have got something that’s yet coming inward on a regular basis. I think that’s where you lot tin create the transition but yous only conduct hold got to be to a greater extent strategic as well as think through how you’re going to really brand that transition.

Bob: Yeah. That’s really audio. It’s a goodness dot you lot guide upward virtually the practical side of the financial aspects of this because that really tin assist if yous think through this rather than just jumping ship similar … I honey this “you agree to swallow together with alive indoors.” It made me think of ..

Grant: Those things are significant

Bob: It made think of a brace of these wilderness shows where people don’t last indoors. Anyway, that’s a sound indicate. Okay. All that said, what do you have got inwards psyche or what do you recommend as far as additional tools together with resources? I hateful maybe some books yous’ve read or things along these lines that guide concord proved to hold upwardly real helpful?

Grant: In our possess transition a lot of Dan Miller stuff was really impactful too helpful. “48 Days To The Work You Love,” “No More Mondays” were cracking books, nifty resources.

I think i thing that was really helpful for us that I don’t think a lot of people select the fourth dimension to do is writing. I don’t consider myself a author but … Whenever we say writing a lot of times we think similar it’s this affair that has to be published in addition to it’s the affair that’s going to live on read together with [inaudible 00:xi:55]. No. Sometimes the indicate of writing as good as journaling specifically is to a greater extent simply getting thoughts out of your caput.

One of the things that I found is that when yous’re carrying around all these dissimilar thoughts together with ideas inward your possess caput, you’re carrying around a lot but I’ve noticed when I acquire things out on paper, whenever I scribble material downwardly or type stuff out, it creates interplanetary infinite. Think of it similar a reckoner. You’ve got entirely hence much retentiveness inwards that figurer too thence the to a greater extent than things yous have got running, the to a greater extent than ineffective everything runs, but the fewer things that are upward at that topographic point, the easier together with smoother everything operates.

Maybe you’ve had it happen and I’m sure some of the viewers and listeners have had this happen where they have a conversation with someone and they spew out everything that’s going on in their life and they’re like, “Oh, I feel so much better now just talking it through.” Even if the other person didn’t say anything, they’re just getting it off their chest, they’re getting it out of their head.

I’ve had people who sent me emails who’ve said “Just writing this electronic postal service out has helped me to procedure this whole affair.” I ever tell people when we verbalize almost those questions before, what are you lot passionate nigh, what are yous good at, what do yous savor doing. It’s ane thing to only sit down downwards in add-on to similar, “What am I passionate most? What am I … , but it’s something totally dissimilar to … I’one K going to stare at a blank covert too I’k but going to start puking on newspaper hither, puking on the concealment of what am I really. If I could do anything, if fourth dimension, money, location are all irrelevant, if I was guaranteed success, what is it that I would desire to do? Taking the time to actually do some writing, I found to live really, really helpful.

Bob: Yeah. You know it’s interesting. I was simply thinking virtually this every flake yous’re maxim that. I’1000 thinking back to something yous’re saying a petty flake earlier but every bit far as the financial aspect of this I think a lot of people will detect … One of the books that I read that I found really helpful is “Your Money In Your Life” or something like that.

One of the exercises they had inwards in that location was figuring out your “existent salary”. That was basically calculating inwards your drive fourth dimension, your price of clothe to top away to your corporate chore, the xx-iv hr menses of fourth dimension tending, all these different things to really figure out what yous’re actually making.

It’s an astounding exercise particularly for people maybe working in corporate jobs or in jobs that have a lot of requirements and things like that, additional expenses that come with them. What it does is it shows you that you’re earning possibly a whole lot less than you thought you were and you could get by salary on a whole lot lower doing something else.

Anyway, it’s caused me to await at things differently when I went through this care for. I squall dorsum figuring out how much money I demand to endure too it ended upwardly being thence much less when I was working from abode business solid than when I was driving 30 miles to my corporate task too I had to concord a really dependable auto because if it broke downwards I couldn’t arrive to slice of work together with thence the terra firma comes to an halt type of thing.

Anyway, that’s something that I assume that yous’ve had that experience or seen people who’ve made this transition form of maybe step downward to a lower salary inwards add-on to have got been okay amongst it. Right?

Grant: Yeah. I think that’s a great do to figure out simply from a budgeting standpoint. Before you make a budget you lot got to figure out where does your money really die. I ever tell people where you think your money goes, where your money really goes are 2 totally different things, but you lot don’t know unless you really go on rails of that, unless you lot really write it downward. Once yous figure out what’s your base is inwards addition to so you lot tin tin backtrack and figure out what do I actually need to create it piece of work.

A lot of times people are nervous about leaving the safety and security of their current gig knowing that well, I don’t really know what I’m walking into in the unknown but if you really boil it down to what’s the absolute worse that could happen, I mean absolute worst that can happen, what are the chances that that thing actually happen is really, really small.

The tradeoff inwards that location is I leave of absence of absence the safety together with security of what I’ve known, which I think we could struggle too struggle whether or non that is security as well as secure, but if I leave of absence that thing that I’ve known inwards add-on to boot the bucket to the unknown as well as let’s say that worst-representative-scenario I develop less, but I’i yard happier as well as I relish my life to a greater extent, I found that most people would rather brand less but dear what they do than create a lot of coin inwards add-on to detest their life.

There’s a lot of rich people that detest what they do. Money is overnice in addition to I’d prefer … If I’ll expire to work, I’d rather brand to a greater extent than less but I’d rather really, really savour what I do as good.

Bob: Absolutely. I still remember my transition. I was building up this website. ChristianPF, and I’ve been working at about a year, a year and a half and then I had gotten laid off from my labor as good as I decided I’1000 going to transcend at this total-4th dimension. We’re making a petty chip from it but I wanted to simply push it inwards addition to regard if we tin create it a total-quaternary dimension gig. I yell back it’s the outset as good as 2d mean value solar daytime of afterwards beingness laid off and my “liberty” too I telephone telephone dorsum thinking this is so amazing. It’s similar, “I don’t tending if I develop $8 an hour inwards my entire life. Just the liberty of not having to drib dead to a job I really didn’t similar was worth it.” It’s absolutely truthful to that that it’s so much to a greater extent important than money. There’s hence much to a greater extent than than at that location.

Grant: Yeah. For sure. Again, leaving … Anything inwards life, inward job concern, inward human relationship in addition to whatever, going from the known to the unknown is a massive, massive jump but I think that’s business purpose of the journeying of fate. You don’t ever have got it all figured out. Some of it you only blindly follow through inwards add-on to stumble through too figured out every fleck you lot driblet dead.

Bob: Yeah. Absolutely. All right. Tell everybody where they tin notice out to a greater extent than than nigh yous inward plus to … yeah.

Grant: The podcast is called “How Did You Get Into That”. We do two episodes a week just again interviewing people, just interesting, inspiring people like the lawyer turned Willy Wonka, people just doing interesting types of work just to hear their story and journey of how they got into what they’re doing. You can find all that at grantbaldwin.com. Hit me up on Twitter @grantbaldwin. Feel free to email me as well at grantbaldwin.com. Anything I tin do to aid yous together with dorsum upwardly yous, permit me know.

Bob: All right, Grant, I appreciate yous existence on. I think this is really goodness and I’1000 excited to share it. Thanks for beingness hither.

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