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How To Decide Who To Vote For (When You Don’T Like Any Of The Options)

This was written for those of us who are disenchanted by U.S. politics and FEEL like it is pointless. So if that is you and you just don't like any of the presidential candidate options, then this will probably help you. Oh and this is truly a NON-partisan guide.This is written for the millions of us REALLY struggling amongst this conclusion.

I have worked painstakingly hard to create a non-partisan guide to aid YOU create upward i's hear who to vote for this solar year.

I don’t feel right about pushing a political agenda with this site, but for those just dying to know the conclusions I came to after answering the questions below you can electronic mail me as well as i’ll autumn it.

I know I volition select hold of some flak for NOT pushing an agenda, but, if it helps just a few people slumber ameliorate at nighttime later voting, I’ll say it is worth it.

Oh too if you lot dearest i of the candidates, as good as hence this article actually isn’t for yous, but experience complimentary to top it along to your undecided friends.

Who should I vote for? Trump or Hillary?

Sorry, this is not an article that testament tell yous who to vote for either, but it is an sweat to assist you if you are wrestling amongst this determination similar I am.

I hold watched the presidential debates as well as rather than pointing me solidly inward i management, they have got precisely made it to a greater extent difficult to figure out who to vote for.

But this was one redeeming thing to come out of them:


My Party Affiliation

I don’t actually hold a political political party affiliation.

So, like I said before, the goal of this article is NOT to tell you who to vote for.

But, spell I don’t consider myself a Republican, I discover myself lining upward with a slightly higher percentage (definitely non all) of conservative values.

All of the candidates disappoint me, as good as every flake a termination, I notice myself tempted (for the 1st fourth dimension inward my adult life) to NOT vote at all.

But, I testament definitely be voting.

Far also many of our ancestors paid amongst their lives to give us the rights we hold got inwards this swell the world, in improver to I desire to award that past showing upward on Nov 8th.


Questions to demand when deciding

When I voted for the starting time 4th dimension, I said “Dad, who should I vote for?”

And, it was lately. I didn’t flush receive got to shed an ounce of thought. All I needed to do was remember the guys yell, as well as non forget my voter registration carte inward add-on to I was proficient to death.

Then as I got older, I began request more than questions which ultimately led me away from entirely ALWAYS voting for the political party that my identify did.

That wasn’t nearly as belatedly.

In plus to actually having to think through issues together with matters of conscience, I had to occasionally NOT cook the same decisions as my wonderful parents.

And alive amongst that.

And hope that I wasn’t being dumb.

As I choose take hold gotten older, I have found that the to a greater extent than questions you enquire, in improver to the to a greater extent than angles from which you lot approach a run, thence much to a greater extent than begins to live revealed.

Things are simultaneously non every bit unproblematic every fleck they appear, withal non every flake complex either. As foreign every bit that sounds.

So with that, hither are vii questions that I am asking myself this twelvemonth.

vii questions to assistance you determine who to vote for this twelvemonth


1. Putting all the mudslinging aside, where do these candidates stand upwardly upwardly on the issues that thing to me?

It is tardily to acquire drawn into all the laid on ads, leaked documents, or other mudslinging and completely forget nigh the issues.

It is insulting to me that they (both parties) think that we are that uncomplicated minded that nosotros won’t l-50 consider the issues in add-on to that we testament just build our conclusion based on the concluding negative refer we saw.

You terminate come upwardly across where all the presidential candidates stand up on the issues hither: (listed alphabetically)


2. Who is their running mate?

Both Hillary as good as Donald are getting upwards at that topographic point inward age. She is 68 besides he is lxx.

Statistically speaking they both have got enough of a bring away a opportunity to non finish their term that the possibility of their running mate becoming president should at to the lowest degree live considered.

So, nosotros should inwards all probability live paying attention to the running mates as good as asking what would it agree off similar for them to accept over.


iii. Who testament do to a greater extent irreparable price to our the world?

This plainly is rattling subjective, but factors to consider are:

  • Supreme courtroom appointees

  • Foreign policy

  • Religious freedoms

  • Economy

  • National security (as good as treatment of Nukes)

  • Environmental factors

  • Health care

  • And really hundreds of others


4. Which 1 testament assist get my 2020 candidate elected?

There tends to live a pendulum upshot amongst politics as well as the presidency. It tends to swing 1 agency for a fleck, besides as well as then things acquire a petty as well out of balance also so swings dorsum to the other political party.

You dismiss check out the back in addition to forth of the terminal hundred years here below:

historical Presidential election party winner

Source: EnchantedLearning

Since this is the instance, together with it is unlikely that one political political party is going to principle for the adjacent 50 years, possibly the opposing candidate may but help things swing a fighting further the contrary administration together with thus help acquire our 2020 candidate elected.

Painful, I know.

But something to consider nonetheless.


5. How would the remainder of powerfulness be affected?

Who controls (or would command) the senate as good as the theatre? How would that behave on our voting conclusion for the president?

For a visual await at the historical relaxation of powerfulness in the U.southward. Government tally this out:

US Government historical balance of power

Source: WiredPen


vi. Which candidate has a similar worldview to me?

As a Christian, all things beingness equal, I would prefer to vote for a Christian.

Just like I also prefer someone who understands business because I am a piddling work concern owner, or anything else that we concur in usual. I think yous naturally sense more than comfortable amongst a leader who has a similar world view equally yourself.

Ideally we tin forcefulness out detect those areas where our world views align amongst a candidate.

After all, they volition live shaping the management of the say for the foreseeable futurity. You tin’t e'er notice mutual basis, but it is something to think nigh.


vii. Can I defend my conclusion to those whose opinions I value most? God, my wife, children?

Even though our ballot shape is ensured to live kept private, I want to live comfortable defending my voting determination to those who I honey most. I imagine explaining to my (forthwith 2 yr sometime) boy who I voted for too why.

Unfortunately, amongst today’sec tell of politics many of us are faced with a “lesser of two evils” approach, rather than a “simply tin’t determine because they are both so peachy” approach.

I never thought I would quote John Mayer, but he said it expert:

“You give the sack tell that something isn’t right

When all your heroes are inwards dark inward plus to white”

If yous are similar me, it flaming live disheartening and definitely NOT ideal circumstances, but…


One thing to hollo upwardly:

The President of the U.southward.H5N1. is notwithstanding referred to every flake the Leader of the Free World, but recollect…

“The virile monarch’second pump is similar channels of body of water inwards the mitt of the Lord; He turns it whichever agency He wishes.”

-Proverbs 21:1

God bless America.


What other questions are you bespeak yourself as you lot determine who to vote for this twelvemonth?

And comments are open upwardly, but don’t brand me regret it. Any disrespectful comments will non live approved. Let’sec travel along it civil – deal?

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