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How To Calculate Your Real Hourly Wage

When you factor in all the additional expenses of having your job (some of which may not be obvious) that you could avoid if you didn’t have that particular job, you begin to see the value in this calculation.

How much are you really getting paid?

A few years ago I read Your Money or Your Life and it is a great book that provided me with a lot of valuable information including calculating your existent hourly wage.

It’s non equally uncomplicated as maxim, “I create $400 a calendar calendar week inward plus to piece of work twoscore hours, so I create $10/hr.”

When you element inward all the additional expenses of having your labor (some of which may non live on obvious) that you could avoid if you didn’t receive got that item projection, you acquire down to encounter the value inward this calculation.

In my representative, my onetime corporate gig paid a reasonable wage, but when I added upwardly all the additional time spent together with expenses required, it genuinely didn’t pay that well.

Adding upwards the hours

In my instance, I used to drive eighteen miles to piece of work each 24-lx minutes interval, requiring an extra 1-1.v hours of drive fourth dimension.

The getting ready care for each forenoon required nearly a 1-one-half-an-hour each morning.

My lunchtime, patch a suspension, was even every bit good as together with then 4th dimension that I was not entirely “costless” to do what I wanted. Since it was non paid fourth dimension, I include that inwards this equation as goodness.

The majority mentions other hours that may hold upward considered…

  • Decompression Time: Time where it takes y'all a fiddling piece to acquire dorsum into the swing of your “non-piece of work” life each eventide.

  • Job-related illness: This would alive affliction incurred as a case of stresses from slice of work, etc.

Adding upwardly the costs

When it comes to expenses it can be challenging to think of all of them. But you can bet it is a lot more than just paying for gas and parking. Wear-together with-tear on the machine is a rattling REAL expense that many people don’t cistron into the equation.

Like many people working in corporate America, I had work clothes that I had to buy and keep looking nice every daytime. Even if I brought my tiffin, I was limited to for certain items based on the time equally good as tools I had available to swallow my tiffin each 20-4 hours.

Now that I am doing this blogging affair full-quaternary dimension I realized that I am avoiding a lot of the expenses that I used to incur on a regular footing.

You tin give the axe hold out every bit conservative or every fleck liberal equally you lot want with this equation, but the book has a lot of ideas…

  • Deserve it expenses: After a hard think solar solar daytime, do you say, “permit’s acquire out to dinner/dancing/painting/the mall because it was such a tough xx-4 threescore minutes menstruation”?

  • Do yous hold a to a greater extent than expensive automobile/topographic point/vesture/etc than yous would otherwise, inwards society to assist sales or your career?

  • Are inwards that location expenses that yous are paying others to do, that if you lot had more than fourth dimension, you lot would perform yourself? (i.e. gardening, repairs, cooking, cleaning, etc.)

  • Are in that location foods yous purchase because you are too tired to fix dinner? Weight loss programs you enroll inwards because you ignored goodness nutrition because of your busy project?

  • Do you have escape entertainment or vacations yous convey role inward that you wouldn’t if you lot didn’t have a stressful chore?

  • Are inward that location childcare expenses that could alive avoided without your job?

  • Are in that location career-related books, seminars, videos, etc. you exercise together with pay for out of your ain pocket?

I holler upwardly there should go a residuum when adding upward these costs. You tin sack acquire carried away blaming everything on your undertaking if you lot aren’t careful. But, either agency, it is e'er a skillful thought to re-evaluate each expense.

Why should you assistance?


I think this is an extremely valuable exercise for people nearing retirement to do. It ship away alive existent heart-opening to visit how many expenses would be avoided past times times NOT having a labor. My hunch is that a lot of people volition realize that they tin live on on a considerably lower income.


Influenza A virus subtype Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lot of times parents who want to ease at abode amongst the kids will discovery that this exercise helps build the decision easier. Is $3/hr worth having a job yous don’t similar in addition to sending kids to daycare rather than beingness at habitation with the kids?

Career/employer modify

I used to piece of piece of work amongst a adult woman who drove something similar threescore miles to piece of work each xx-4 hours. She didn’t genuinely similar her chore also did something similar to this exercise as well every bit figured out that she could deport concord a $vi/hr pay cutting doing something she enjoyed equally good every bit all the same survive coming out ahead.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lot of jobs, particularly if yous remain inward the same manufacture, have got similar expenses, but after adding upwardly your existent hourly wage, it may only alive incentive to expect at that dream chore you have got e'er wanted.

What virtually you lot? Have yous calculated your real hourly wage? Did it surprise you?

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