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How To Calculate Your Net Worth Why You Should

Did you lot know that nosotros bear agree a Biblical responsibleness to maintain track our finances?

Proverbs 27:23 says that we should “Know goodness the status of your flocks, in addition to give tending to your herds,”

how to calculate your net worth

You run across, thousands of years agone, wealth was measured differently than it is today. They apparently didn’t directly grip paper money, but it wasn’t but silvery together with Au that functioned every scrap the indicators of wealth.

In fact, if yous await at Genesis xiii:2, it says,”Abram had decease real wealthy inward livestock inward plus to inwards silvery and Au.”

Isn’t it interesting that inwards this poetry livestock is mentioned BEFORE atomic number 47 besides golden in defining his wealth?

My telephone band for is that a modern have on Proverbs 27:23 mightiness read similar this, “Pay attending to your money as well know what’s going on with it.”

Just in case you want more evidence, check out the Parable of the Talents as it is a fantastic illustration on Biblical stewardship in addition to our role every chip stewards of the money that has been entrusted to us.

So what does this intend practically?

This could be a good argument for budgeting, but only inwards trial that is besides far of a jump for me to convince yous of right right away, at the rattling to the lowest degree outset tracking your cyberspace worth 1 time a yr.

Don’t worry, it is extremely tardily to do inwards improver to won’t bring yous much quaternary dimension.

Step-yesteryear-step educational activity to calculate as well runway your Net worth

I made this video to demo you lot how to rails it as good how to automate it so yous tin do it 1 quaternary dimension also receive got it tracked automatically inwards the time to come up.

Oh, and if you usage the tool I line they have got a $xx signup bonus offering as goodness! (encounter their site for to a greater extent details)

Why rail Net Worth?

Your cyberspace worth gives you a true as well as accurate motion-painting demonstrate of your electric electrical stream financial province of affairs inward a way that null else does.

It is like shooting fish in a barrel to assume that having a overnice salary way that yous are going to do good financially, but oft that only is NOT true.

On the other manus, some people assume that their depression salary way that they are doomed financially. That is NOT true either.

Your cyberspace worth shows yous what is ACTUALLY going on alongside your money, instead of what yous recollect or promise is going on.

Why Net Worth rather than exactly debt?

The primary reason I dearest using Net Worth as a gauge of your financial progress rather than the amount of debt you lot remove concord is because it is to a greater extent than encouraging.

When you lot handgrip back at your amount of debt to runway progress, you are solitary seeing the fruit of paying downwardly those debts. On the other mitt, your Net Worth increases for every proficient financial determination yous cook.

For illustration, you lot terminate increment your Net Worth amongst the next actions:

There are many to a greater extent than things you lot tin give notice do to increase your Net Worth, but these are some of the bigger in summation to to a greater extent than mutual ones.

It changes how yous telephone telephone upward nearly buying decisions

The s solid ground I prefer to piece of work my Net Worth to runway my progress is because I receive constitute it helps modify how I phone ring upwardly nearly my buying decisions.

One of the most valuable financial lessons I have learned tin alive summed upward in this video.

The gist is that we should spend to a greater extent than than of our coin on things that will handgrip cash inward your steal. So they should at the real to the lowest degree:

  • maintain their value,

  • but improve nevertheless growth inwards value

  • inwards add-on to the best would be increment in value inward add-on to furnish you lot income every bit goodness.

On the other mitt, y'all should avoid buying things that are going to convey cash from your steal. Coincidentally, these are most of the things most of us spend our money on.

When you purchase clothes, food, electronics, decorations, cars, amusement, yous are (by together with big) using cash for something that is going downwards inward value inwards improver to thus decreasing your Net Worth.

Examples of this would be:

  • Spending $200 on new clothes

  • A $50 steak dinner

  • Going to the Yankees game

  • A railroad prepare novel BMW

Think around how much you could sell each of these for 2 years from similar a shot. Each ane of them is a depreciating asset, so 2 years subsequently they would non alive worth what y'all paid for it, if anything at all.

Obviously there is more to life than Net Worth, and you can never avoid spending money on depreciating assets, but y'all strength out avoid spending ALL of your money on depreciating assets. This is the cardinal to why many people never get ahead financially. They transcend all of their money on materials that goes downwardly inwards value. Once you lot get-travel buying things that growth inwards value, you lot set virtually edifice a snowball that simply grows larger likewise larger, faster together with faster.

I don’t wishing to get the cart ahead of the horse, so lets acquire back to our Net Worth. The solid ground I mentioned this is because I want yous to alive thinking nigh the stop bring out of each buying determination.

None of the things listed above are necessarily wrong, but they should live idea well-nigh together with decided upon rather than just reacting to what you “sense like doing”.

Your Net Worth volition reflect each buying conclusion that you set up – goodness or bad – as good as such it is the most encouraging view of our fiscal progress.

Don’t bury your caput inwards the sand

There was a fourth dimension inward my life where it felt easier to exactly ignore my financial province of affairs, rather than confront the realities of it.

I was burying my caput inward the sand thinking that if I only ignored it, it would acquire amend or mayhap but snuff it away.

Unfortunately it doesn’t patch of piece of work similar that.

I believe God wants us to know just where we are financially, so He terminate acquire the glory when He does the miraculous inward our finances.

Moses had to acquire upwardly closed to the Red Sea BEFORE God parted it. God didn’t ingredient it when they were miles away. I suspect that He wanted the Israelites to get an up close together with personal sentiment of the insurmountable obstacle inward their path.

By doing so, they would much amend sympathise the achieve of the miracle that God was doing inwards their lives – and that it would live a story that they could tell of God’s faithfulness for generations to come.

Regardless of how much of a mess y'all are in financially, uncovering out where yous really are – your starting point if you lot will – so you lot tin starting time building your testimony.

The offset fourth dimension I calculated mine

When I did this for the starting fourth dimension fourth dimension inward 2005 I establish life mine to alive NEGATIVE 13k.

Initially I was discouraged past times this issue, but I speedily noticed that it was increasing every calendar month every fight I began doing slightly less dumb things alongside my coin. 😉

And forthwith as I aspect dorsum at all the miraculous things that God has done inwards our financial life I am so glad that I receive got that as constituent component of my testimony.

I am honestly glad that it was negative, because it makes the storey that much improve.

If you haven’t done this, allow’s do it today as good as start building your testimony.

Take action inward the side yesteryear times side 3 days

Do yourself a favor together with carve out some quaternary dimension this weekend to do this.

Depending on your province of affairs you mightiness alive able to do this inwards fifteen minutes or less.

In the step-past times-stair video I created showing yous how to calculate it, I also demonstrate a tool that I am using to runway it that I honey inward summation to is gratuitous to utilisation.

And for a limited time they are offering a $xx signup bonus for novel customers (tally their website for details on this).

Just lookout adult male the video below to respect out to a greater extent.

How to calculate your Net Worth

There are 2 ways that I’ve used to calculate my net worth.  The new way that I have been using is by using Personal Capital. Basically it is an extremely secure website that allows them to monitor (not create changes) all your financial accounts inward i location.  It is completely unloosen to business, inwards add-on to provides a swell snapshot of your overall financial moving-picture demonstrate.

It is the quickest and easiest way to calculate your net worth and continually monitor it over time.

All you require to do is:

1Create your gratuitous greenback with Personal Capital

To see more about what they do check out this video:

2Add all your fiscal accounts: banking, investments, credit cards, mortgages, etc.

Just click the “+Link” clitoris inward the left corner.

adding personal capital accts

Then you testament encounter a popup box that looks similar this in improver to from hither yous tin give the axe search for each of your accounts.

add to personal capital

Unless you lot hold got a ton of accounts, you tin sack in all probability do this inwards nether 10 minutes together with together with so you lot volition have got your internet worth nicely displayed to you every chip you tin run into inward this screenshot below.


And unfortunately, this isn’t a screenshot of my personal line human human relationship (but rather a healthy demo line concern human relationship).

Figuring out net worth with personal capital iphone app

They 50-l have got an iPhone app, so yous tin calculate your Net Worth spell you are sitting inward the medico’s business office.

My Old Method of Net Worth Tracking

Before Personal Capital came along to automate this process, I used to just do it manually every 6 months or so in a spreadsheet, just like how I rails my dwelling house budget.  I  have created a template from my own balance sheet that you can use if you would like. You can download it hither.

1. Get a spreadsheet

First off, you can do this on paper if you really want to, but I suggest Excel, Google docs, Open Office, or genuinely whatever variety of spreadsheet testament do.

2. Total your assets

List every asset you can think of. Anything that you could realistically sell. For the purposes of sanity and simplicity, I don’t bother with items under about $500. Yea, I am sure I could find someone on Ebay to buy my socks, but I am only looking for a full full general flick. So I but lump together all these smaller items every fight i line called “Misc items” inwards summation to take a conservative guess of what they could live sold for.

So your house, cars, retirement accounts, stocks, savings accounts, checking accounts, emergency fund, jewelry, too anything else similar would autumn inwards this assets category.

To get real estate values you can use Zillow to acquire a decent justice of what your topographic point may be worth. For automobiles you tin tin cheque out Kelley Blue Book to encounter what they could live sold for. For all your checking, savings too investment accounts yous tin either jibe the balances online, or but exercise your final declaration.

Once you lot concur them all listed amongst the estimated selling/liquidation value yous tin total them upwards.

3. Total your liabilities

A few lines below the Assets total, we are going to now list every debt you have. Mortgages, credit cards, educatee loans – they all apply. Do the same as above, checking balances on each ane as good so total your debts to get your liability total.

4. Subtract them

Now you pull out subtract your liability total from your asset total in improver to viola! You receive your Net Worth. Date it together with salvage it.

Now what?

When I showtime calculated my Net Worth, it was -$xiii,843.84. This was optic-opening to me. I knew I had a bunch of debt, but didn’t realize how below par I was. Regardless of what your number is, only seem at it as the starting indicate. It is from this betoken that it volition acquire larger.

After we had been working at it for i solar twelvemonth, it was upwardly nearly $15K to +$746! We were so excited to have got a positive Net Worth! Even if it was only $746. As we kept on working on it, it has simply continued to grow.

I normally check on my Net Worth two times a year. But if you are working really hard at it and need to come upwards across the encouragement of it increasing, do it to a greater extent! As in but virtually anything, yous are either moving frontward or you are going backwards. If you are increasing your assets yesteryear making skilful buying decisions or minimizing debts, your mesh worth testament exist growing.


Your homework tonight is to calculate your Net Worth, using either Personal Capital, a spreadsheet, or a pencil together with paper.

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