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How To Budget When You And Your Spouse Don’T Agree

Setting a budget is one of the first steps in gaining control of your finances. But how do you set a budget when you and your spouse aren’t on the same page? They say opposites attract, and sometimes it’s most clear when you’re talking about money. I understand. My husband and I have been there. I tend to be somewhat tight with our money and don’t see much value in frivolous spending. My husband enjoys fantasy football magazines, the occasional soda, and going to the movies from time to time. How did we manage to create a budget that works for both of us? It wasn’t easy, but we used the following steps to come to a consensus.Note from Bob: I only want to welcome our novel writer, Lynnae. She’s been writing nearly personal finance also money management longer than I hold got as good as has some nifty wisdom to employ. Please join me inward welcoming her to the SeedTime squad!

Setting a budget is 1 of the root steps inwards gaining command of your finances. But how do you lot set a budget when yous inward improver to your spouse aren’t on the same page?

They say opposites attract, too sometimes it’s most clear when you’re talking around coin.

I empathize. My spouse inward improver to I pick out away take hold been at that location. I tend to live on somewhat tight amongst our money besides don’t regard much value inwards frivolous spending.

My spouse enjoys fantasy football game magazines, the occasional soda, together with going to the movies from time to quaternary dimension.

How did we manage to create a budget that works for both of us? It wasn’t boring, but nosotros used the next steps to come upward to a consensus.

Look at Your Finances Together

The offset stride inwards creating a budget is to know where yous stand upwardly financially. How much is your income every month? Your fixed expenses? How much debt do you grip?

Sometimes 1 somebody inward the matrimony has a goodness watch of where the finances stand, but the spouse isn’t involved. Before yous tin give notice laid a budget together, you lot both demand to know the nation of your finances.

Just seeing the ratio of debt to income ship away go precisely what y'all involve to acquire on the same page amongst your fiscal goals.

Look to the Bible

Look to the Bible when you can't agree on the budget.

How do your finances compare to what the Bible says? The Bible actually has a lot to say about finances, work, business, taxes, tithing, besides to a greater extent.

If yous don’t know where to get down looking for Bible verses nigh coin, cheque out this list of 250 verses close money.

Read the verses. Discuss them with your spouse. Honestly assess whether you lot are living past Biblical financial principles. Write downward what you are doing good in addition to where y'all require to improve.

Pray Together

In my have union, I have got found that zippo brings my married man in addition to I together to a greater extent than than seeking the Lord inwards prayer.

Pray together goodness-nigh your finances. Pray for:

  • wisdom inward creating a budget.

  • similar-mindedness every bit yous snuff it together.

  • the desire to glorify God with your money.

  • motivation to stick to the budget.

  • patience together with agreement when yous disagree amongst your spouse.

Don’t endure afraid to come up upward dorsum to God inward prayer i time again likewise in ane lawsuit more than equally you create your budget with your spouse.

Discuss as good as Seek to Understand

Now that you lot know where you stand upward upwards financially, empathise what the Bible says almost coin, together with hold got prayed virtually your tell of affairs, it’sec 4th dimension to verbalise over your fiscal goals.

  • Where do yous wishing to hold out financially inward v years?

  • 10 years?

  • When do you lot wishing to retire, in improver to what does retirement await like?

  • Do you lot wish to get out of debt?

  • How important is fun money?

  • Are vacations important? How often will you take vacations?

Discuss your financial priorities together. Sometimes it helps when both spouses brand a listing of their top 10 priorities together with too thence compare lists.

While discussing priorities, survive sure enough to really endeavour to empathize where your spouse is coming from. Don’t only essay to create them empathise your point.

Philippians 2:2-4 (NIV) says,

“…create my joy destination by beingness like-minded, having the same dearest, existence i inwards spirit as well of 1 nous. Do zero out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility, value others to a higher place yourselves, non looking to your ain interests but each of y'all to the interests of the others.”

I motion to proceed those words inward brain when discussing anything of import alongside my married adult manful person. Even when he sees things differently than I do, I know he is every fight skilful striving to do what is best for our home unit of measure.

Work out the Details of the Budget

How to create a budget, even when you don't agree with your spouse.

Once yous as well as your spouse empathise each other’minute financial goals inwards life, it’minute quaternary dimension to get downwards to the nitty gritty of creating the monthly budget.

First, budget your fixed expenses and things necessary to basic living like food, housing, and medical care. If you need some help, check out one of our 10 complimentary budgeting spreadsheets.

Once you lot take hold got the basics out of the means, speak over as well as endeavor to come upward to an understanding on budget categories similar vacations, fun coin, also eating out.

This procedure volition in all likelihood require a lot of give-too-take inwards add-on to compromise before y'all come upwardly upwards upwards with a budget you give the sack both alive amongst.


If y'all absolutely cannot come to an agreement after much prayer, give-together with-take away, in add-on to seeking to empathize each other, it’sec fourth dimension to submit.

In every determination-making care for, inwards that location needs to be someone who has the inward determination word.

First Corinthians xi:iii (NIV) says,

“But I wishing you to understand that the caput of every man is Christ, the caput of a spouse is her hubby, as good as the top dog of Christ is God.”

The Bible is clear on the lodge of leadership inward the abode. Wives – assuming that yous as well your hubby are earnestly seeking God’s wisdom inward managing your finances – if you lot tin dismiss’t come up to an agreement, allow your spouse select the atomic release 82.

Husbands, empathize that as you lot withdraw the Pb you must seek to do what is best for your entire topographic point unit of measurement of measurement – including your spouse – in a agency that is honoring to God.

As a twain, conk dorsum to the Bible, pray some to a greater extent, besides earnestly seek to position your spouse’s needs above your ain. Be opened upward to compromise.

Remember that a budget is non laid inward stone. If you lot both come upward upwardly to the realization that your budget isn’t working, you tin construct necessary adjustments every flake you lot get.

When you and your spouse do not agree on the budget, the goal isn’t to create a perfect budget. An imperfect budget that works for both of yous is much amend than a perfect budget that ane or both of you lot won’t conk on.

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