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How Much Should You Spend On Groceries?

how much money should you spend on groceries

Our groceries budget has fluctuated over the yesteryear twosome of years. It started high, as well as then went downwardly pretty depression, too forthwith it is upwards over again. I wishing to withdraw you lot, the readers, how much you lot top on groceries thus that we give the sack all larn some valuable tips!

Our Grocery Budget Story

When my wife and I got married, we knew we had to acquire-death a budget. To hold upwardly on the same page inwards our finances, a budget was something we could both await to for guidance when we were out too good-nigh shopping. It was an exciting fourth dimension figuring out our income inward summation to expenses (although both looked pretty grim).

Looking at my pre-spousal relationship expenses, I institute that I spent merely a tad likewise much at Burger King as well as KFC (understatement). And Starbucks was on my spouse’sec list of regular stops throughout the month. So, nosotros realized that we were spending way too much on nutrient – peculiarly eating out.

I approximate I solely was spending nigh $400 to $500 on eating out. Yikes! Something had to alteration.

So we set up our “fun money” envelopes to be designated for anything including eating out. We also grabbed an envelope for groceries to hold those expenses inward line.

If I squall out dorsum correctly, we started out around $600 which was designated for groceries inwards improver to worked our way downwards to bare bones over the next dyad of months. Our grocery budget went downward to around $300.

But then I read a book by Jack LaLanne on nutrition and fitness. Uh oh, now I had to spend more on whole foods. I realized that saving money wasn’t truly worth losing my wellness to diabetes.

So our grocery budget went back up. Right now, nosotros budget $460 for groceries for the two of us. That’s $230 per somebody per calendar month. This seems similar a practiced amount that tin can stay the same over the side yesteryear side few months if nutrient prices don’t adjust also much.

Keep inwards listen that all our grocery money goes toward food – non whatever other items you lot’d accolade at the grocery store. We guide agree split upwardly categories for theatre items similar lav paper in addition to toothpaste.

How Much Should You Spend on Groceries?

It depends. What are your goals? Are yous looking to solely scrape yesteryear thus that yous tin follow a programme to get out of debt? Or are you lot looking to meliorate your wellness too give a niggling more than on your grocery budget?

Another thing that affects how much you spend on groceries is how you pay for groceries. We pay cash because it’minute a nifty way to consider quickly how much money nosotros bring left for the month.

Others pass using a debit card. If you’re going to have this route, yous give the sack relieve some money yesteryear getting a cash back debit carte du jour!

Where yous last also has an touch on on how much money you should hit on groceries.

As you lot already know, at that topographic signal are thence many variables that acquire into determining how much yous should overstep on groceries. I call upwardly the reply is going to exist different for everyone, hence that’minute why I’d similar to enquire for your input inwards the comments.

Share Your Grocery Budget Below!

Okay, here’minute the deal. We sack all do sound from learning well-nigh each other’2nd grocery budget, so leave of absence a comment below alongside the side by side information:

  1. How much you spend on groceries per soul per calendar month inwards your menage.

  2. Share how you typically pay for your groceries: the envelope organization, a carte du jour, or some other way?

  3. If you’re inward the U.S. of A. of America, percentage what enjoin you lot reside inward.

It’ll be interesting to get feedback from so many of you. If you’re reading through the comments, do us a favor and leave your own comment! I’ll run across you lot at that topographic point in summation to I’k looking forrad to hearing from you lot!

This article was originally published on ChristianPF on Nov half-dozen, 2011.

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