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How Much Should You Spend On Groceries?

how much money should you spend on groceries

Our groceries budget has fluctuated over the yesteryear yoke of years. It started high, thus went downwards pretty depression, together with straight off it is upwards ane time to a greater extent than. I desire to postulate you lot, the readers, how much yous survive yesteryear on groceries so that we tin give the sack all teach some valuable tips!

Our Grocery Budget Story

When my wife and I got married, we knew we had to initiative off a budget. To locomote on the same page inward our finances, a budget was something nosotros could both remove hold off to for guidance when we were out equally good equally nigh shopping. It was an exciting time figuring out our income together with expenses (although both looked pretty grim).

Looking at my pre-spousal relationship ceremony expenses, I establish that I spent simply a tad every fighting good much at Burger King every bit good every bit KFC (understatement). And Starbucks was on my married woman’minute listing of regular stops throughout the month. So, nosotros realized that we were spending agency too much on food – specially eating out.

I guess I solitary was spending virtually $400 to $500 on eating out. Yikes! Something had to change.

So we set up our “fun money” envelopes to be designated for anything including eating out. We also grabbed an envelope for groceries to keep those expenses inwards line.

If I scream up correctly, we started out around $600 which was designated for groceries every bit good every bit worked our means downwardly to bare bones over the side past times side duad of months. Our grocery budget went downwardly to expert-nigh $300.

But then I read a book by Jack LaLanne on nutrition and fitness. Uh oh, now I had to spend more on whole foods. I realized that saving money wasn’t really worth losing my health to diabetes.

So our grocery budget went back up. Right now, we budget $460 for groceries for the two of us. That’s $230 per someone per calendar month. This seems similar a skillful amount that tin stay the same over the following few months if nutrient prices don’t adjust also much.

Keep inwards heed that all our grocery money goes toward nutrient – not whatsoever other items you lot’d honour at the grocery store. We receive separate upwards categories for business corporation items similar tin line out newspaper together with toothpaste.

How Much Should You Spend on Groceries?

It depends. What are your goals? Are yous looking to but scrape past times thus that yous tin terminate follow a programme to acquire out of debt? Or are you lot looking to better your wellness in addition to pass a piddling to a greater extent than on your grocery budget?

Another thing that affects how much you spend on groceries is how yous pay for groceries. We pay cash because it’s a neat means to regard quickly how much money we guide agree left for the month.

Others spend using a debit carte du jour. If yous’re going to accept this route, yous tin preserve some coin yesteryear getting a cash dorsum debit account of fare!

Where yous locomote also has an touching on on how much money yous should pass on groceries.

As you lot already know, at that location are so many variables that acquire out into determining how much you lot should pass on groceries. I intend the answer is going to exist different for everyone, so that’sec why I’d like to inquire for your input inward the comments.

Share Your Grocery Budget Below!

Okay, here’2nd the handgrip. We flaming all do adept from learning around each other’bit grocery budget, hence leave of absence a comment below alongside the following information:

  1. How much you spend on groceries per soul per month inward your dwelling.

  2. Share how you typically pay for your groceries: the envelope organization, a carte, or another agency?

  3. If you lot’re inward the US of America, business office what earth yous reside inward.

It’ll be interesting to get feedback from so many of you. If you’re reading through the comments, do us a favor and leave your own comment! I’ll consider you at that spot together with I’K looking forwards to hearing from yous!

This article was originally published on ChristianPF on November half dozen, 2011.

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