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How I Made $2,145 Last Month By Decluttering

How I made $2,145 last month by Decluttering, and you can as good!Influenza A virus subtype A few years ago I began a journeying towards minimalism.  And non the weird multifariousness where yous sleep on the story together with only have 1 plate together with 1 fork, but a variety where I inquiry all my possessions as well instruct rid of the stuff I don’t need.

I had read a few books that were getting me inspired and then I had the great pleasure of spending some time with Joshua Becker who is i of the premier minimalism authors out at that spot.  Spending quaternary dimension together was refreshing on a whole lot of levels, but every flake far every flake this article is concerned he helped spur me on to direct agree major activeness in this management.

I honestly got rid of all the stuff alone for the do good of having a clearer listen and fewer distractions. Do I really demand eighteen clitoris-upwardly shirts or 23 pairs of shoes?  I decided that I didn’t as good as since getting rid of 75% of my apparel, I at nowadays am left amongst only the stuff I genuinely honey in addition to everyday I relish what I article of clothing as well as don’t experience guilty around that shirt that I bought but never lead hold on because it is a lilliputian besides big.

Anyway, I don’t want to turn this into a minimalism post, go read Joshua’s weblog for that.

But, the wonderful side benefit of all this is that I made $ii,145 inward thirty days selling stuff that I didn’t l-l desire whatsoever to a greater extent!

How I did it

Since we decluttered every room in the house, I chose to focus on items that I expected to make at least $25 from.  If I didn’t think I could sell it for that, then it went to a local thrift store for a taxation write off.

Additionally, as I was decluttering I was asking myself if I knew anyone who would love this particular item.  If someone came to mind, that item became a gift (a seed sown) to bless that person. It is really fun when you can give something that yous were going to commence rid of anyway as good as gear upwards someone else grin!

All inwards all, I sold the items using 3 different websites:

I volition die into details of each below.

1. Bookscouter.com

This video outlines the care for that I used:


This site allows you lot to type inwards an ISBN number of a book in add-on to it tells you how much each of the 44 transcend volume-buying websites will pay yous for your volume.  As you lot terminate sentiment inwards the prototype below, this is what some of the sites are offering for the Total Money Makeover.

Selling books at bookscouter

I had built upwards a pretty large library of books likewise decided that I only wanted to die along the most essential books.  I got rid of probable 600+ books.  Since time is valuable, exercise their app to input the books a whole lot quicker.  You won’t wish to type inward 600+ ISBN numbers – I hope.

I establish that every fleck I scanned the books a few of the book buyback companies seemed to continually alive popping upwards.  So, for simplicity sake I ended upwards only sending all the books (that were worth anything) to 3 different companies. So I wasn’t always getting the highest payout on a special volume, but I wanted to minimize the number of shipments that I sent out.

For each of the book buyback companies that I used, all I had to practise was print a uncomplicated shipping label from my estimator, throw all the books into a unmarried box besides as good thence driblet it off at the UPS store.  Shipping was gratis together with I was paid via Paypal inside two weeks.

I was trying to figure out which books had value in addition to why together with I never could genuinely boom it downward.   Some of my highest value books were novel, some were former, some were rare, as good as some were popular.  But I tin tell amongst confidence that most books you scan volition exist worth $0.  Of the 600+ books I purged, likely 500 were worth $0 as well as went to Goodwill.

If you want to see how it works, grab a book and you terminate attempt them out hither.

Bookselling Total = $179 

ii. Craigslist.org

Selling on Craigslist is hence dull it is unbelievable.  All I did was utilisation my call upwardly to accept pictures of the items I wanted to sell likewise thus I used the CPlus Iphone app to create the listings inward minutes (you lot give notice also only electronic send the pictures to yourself likewise create the listing on your calculator every bit expert).

listing on craigslist

As you lot give the sack reckon inward the epitome to a higher identify, you lot but boom the “post to classifieds” link too then simply follow the simple instructions.  Less than v minutes later on yous should convey got your listing upward as well as running.

With pricing, I similar to search craigslist to catch what others are selling similar items for together with apply that equally a estimate of how to toll the item.  If you lot really desire to sell it quickly, precisely price it lower than everyone else.  It is that simple.

Also, everyone on Craigslist wants to larn a deal.  So add together some wiggle room into your cost likewise when they inquire you if you lot are willing to negotiate, simply knock of 10% or thence as good as most times everyone is happy.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 alarm: unfortunately inwards that location are a lot of scammers who utilisation Craigslist every bit their platform of selection.  It is unfortunate because I bring got met thus many wonderful people on Craigslist. Regardless, I would suggest you lot:

  1. to ONLY buy together with sell with cash.  No checks, money orders, western marriage ceremony, paypal or anything else.  Cash only.

  2. to encounter inward a public location (like a gas station) when making the transaction.

Personally, I refuse to allow the scammers win.  99% of the people using Craigslist are overnice people similar you too I, as well as I decline to allow the few bad apples ruin the platform for me.

TIP: you will almost ever acquire a higher toll for an item if yous sell it on Ebay rather than Craigslist because yous are advertising your items to the whole Earth rather than only your neighborhood.  That said, heavy together with large items ofttimes prepare more than sense amongst Craigslist because you tin avoid transportation charges. 


These are the items I sold on Craigslist too what I got for them.

Studio Lighting Kit$xc
Graco Contempo highchair$fourscore
Black entertainment midpoint / TV stand$fifty
Crate 4×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet$sixty
Sony Stereo$100
Vintage Desk$100
Chiminea (Fire Pit)$xxx
Werner 8 human human foot fiberglass ladder$lxx
Black Decker Mini-Fridge$90
Mountain Bike 26 X xix-Inch –$xc
Craigslist Total$760

3. Ebay.com

I have done a lot of Ebay selling over the years and it also has become VERY easy to list items.  It used to be a lot more time-consuming and cumbersome, but it is almost as simple as listing on Craigslist.  I wrote a post about how to sell on ebay and even how to kickoff an Ebay line scheme that yous sack cheque out if you lot demand to a greater extent info.

Check out those links for more details, but I will say that it is probably worth your time to search for the item you are wanting to sell to see if people are buying it.  You can used the advanced search surface surface area to select completed listings together with this testament demonstrate you if your item is actually selling together with what people are paying for it.

selling on Ebay

Ebay at present allows you to pay for besides impress transportation labels forthwith from your computing device. Then all yous receive to exercise is drib them off at UPS, Fedex, or USPS.


These are the items I sold on Ebay together with what I got for them.

Old Cell yell$102
Guitar Effects Pedal$137
DVD Set$fifteen
Fitbit One$lxxx
Carvin Electric Guitar$317
Leather Briefcase$277
Sony Bookshelf Speakers$55
Yamaha Subwoofer$l
Lace Sensor Guitar Pickup$60
Fralin Guitar Pickups$212
Leather moccasins$35
Ebay Total$1,206

Wrapping it all upward

I didn’t rails how much quaternary dimension I spent on all this, but if I had to guess I would likely bet 7-8 hours spent taking pictures, creating listings, packing boxes, driving to post constituent, coming together with craigslisters, etc.  Even if I am off on my calculations inwards addition to it took me 10 hours, that nets out to over $200/60 minutes ($2145/10 hours) as well as that ain’t also shabby!

I honestly was pretty blown away at 1) how deadening it all was inwards add-on to 2) how much money I made from it.  So hopefully it inspires y'all to dig inward together with reckon what yous tin ship away sell.  If it does, allow me know how it goes for you lot!

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