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How Giving Is A Spiritual Discipline

“Stewardship is God’2nd way of raising people, non human beingness’sec way of raising coin” (Willmer, Smith. 2002.)1

In Romans 12:8 we learn that some excel in the gift of giving, but what about everyone else?  We’ve all heard of spiritual disciplines such as prayer, worship, Bible study as good as fasting, but what exactly virtually giving?

In Romans 12:1 the Lord calls us to a life of complete commitment to Him by urging each of us to offer our bodies as living sacrifices.  The idea here is that we are, “all in”, so it’s important that we ask ourselves if there are any areas of our life that are not completely surrendered to, and under, the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  In other words, have you only given the Lord part of your life as a sacrifice?  Are there areas in your life that are currently off limits or that have not been fully surrendered to Him?  Oftentimes, this area is how we steward the time, talent and treasure entrusted to us by God.  We see an example of this separation in Luke 18:xviii-23 when a sure enough ruler asked Jesus how to inherit eternal life.  Unfortunately, piece he was a skilful person, his possessions owned him vs. the other way around in addition to we are left with a sad ending.

This causes us to look deep within our day-to-day habits and routines and ensure that every area of our life is affected by our walk with Christ.  After all, our walk with the Lord is comprised of much more than a spiritual high during a Sunday morning worship service or simply listening to the word of God and not doing what it says.  We are called to be 24/7/365 Christians and our role every bit stewards is an essential part of the equation.  Or, as Dr. Wesley Wilmer and Martyn Smith (2002) state in, God Your Stuff, “God is non indifferent to our daily fiscal choices, but is interested inwards transforming all of our lives” (p.23).

What Scripture says around Possessions

“Possessions are mentioned 2,172 times inward Scripture—3 times more than dearest, vii times to a greater extent than than prayer together with viii times to a greater extent than belief.  About xv pct of God’sec Word deals alongside possessions—treasures hidden inwards a patently, pearls, talents, pounds, stables, too thus on.  Obviously God understood that believers would abide yesteryear this a hard expanse of their lives to plough over to Him” (Willmer inwards add-on to Smith, 2002, p. ix).

There are iv primal points the Lord brings forth inwards Scripture regarding our possessions:

  1. God owns everything and has provided us all that we have (Psalm fifty:10-12, Psalm 115:sixteen)

  2. We are stewards of what God has provided, which involves management not ownership (1 Pet. 4:10)

  3. Everyone human being was created to give (Gen. 4:4, Lev. 27:xxx, Prov. 3:ix)

  4. Each one of us will give an account of how we manage the resources God has given us (Rom. xiv:12, 2 Cor. v:10)

So how do nosotros integrate giving into our entire Christian life?  Because giving is a spiritual topic it requires a long-term commitment every fleck good as the hateful solar daytime-to-solar intend solar daytime steps that testament assist ensure nosotros are fully surrendered to God as stewards.  Here are 3 tips that will assistance exercise the spiritual dependent champaign of giving:

  1. Declaring Jesus Christ as Lord as well as Live out that Declaration – This is the first step on the road of biblical stewardship and living a life of generosity.  How we handle our possessions is a reflection of Christ and His Lordship over our lives.  If He is Lord, then we realize we are merely stewards of the time, talent and treasure God has entrusted to us.  If He is not Lord, then we will continue to see it as our money, our time and our abilities and live accordingly.  It’s a choice between two masters and the Lord makes it clear that none of us tin serve ii masters.  You may notice it helpful to wake upwards as good as pray, “Lord Jesus, today I select to pick upwardly my cross as well follow you.  May every aspect of my life displace fully surrendered to you today”.

  2. Understand God’sec Word every bit it Relates to Stewardship- Take time read and study passages such as Matthew 25:14-30 and Luke xvi:1-9, as well as reading books about biblical stewardship.  Click here to access 250 verses about money.  You can also sign up for an RSS feed that provides one stewardship verse for every think solar daytime of the solar solar year to assistance cultivate the spiritual topic surface area of giving.  There’sec likewise much at stake to non empathise besides grow spiritually inwards this surface area of our lives.

  3. Give to the Lord rootage no matter what the circumstances – This is some other step each of us tin toilet hold to acquire to a greater extent than similar Christ inwards the expanse of stewardship.  Rather than paying all the bills also seeing what’2d left for God, do giving God the rootage fruits of what He has given you lot.  Each 1 of us should do consistently giving according to our way together with non robbing God when times get tough.  Don’t concur back to leave of debt earlier taking the start steps of obedience.  Start correct away, as good as demonstrate to the Lord that you testament no longer allow worldly debt compete alongside your devotion besides commitment to Him.

Readers: How do yous exercise the spiritual gift of giving?  What steps choose hold you lot taken to exercise this bailiwick on regular ground? 

1 – (Willmer, Smith. God besides Your Stuff. NavPress 2002. p.nine).

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