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Fun Easy Way To Memorize Bible Verses (Step-By-Step)

When it comes to memorizing verses, the psalmist put it best:

I require hold hidden your give-inward summation to-deport inwards my pump that I powerfulness non sin against you lot. – Psalm 119:xi NIV

How you can easily memorize bible verses - dull! That’s precisely 1 of hundreds of Bible verses that many children memorize inward Sunday schoolhouse. This i has stuck with me throughout the years along amongst many others.

Take a Bible Quiz!

In my high school years, I gave up sports for a different activity – Bible Quiz. For those who have never heard of Bible Quiz, it’s an activity in the AG churches that brings together youth to quiz them on different books of the Bible each year. 

Yes, it sounds dorky, but nosotros ended upwardly memorizing over two,000 verses that sharpened our minds together with strengthened our religious belief!

You heard right, over 2,000 verses. My acquire-go out twelvemonth was the majority of Luke (1151 verses), following was I II Corinthians (693 verses), Gospel of John (879 verses), Hebrews as well as III Peter (469 verses).

It was quite a challenge to non only memorize bible verses, but entire chapters of the Bible, together with it would deport maintain quite a piece. But when you could exactly quote entire passages of the Bible, it was an awesome feeling!

Every intend solar daytime after schoolhouse from 4:00-half dozen:00 I would sit down downwardly downwards together with seek to memorize a few new verses. My method took a spell, but the verses stuck. I’d pass well-nigh 20 minutes per poetry in addition to move onto the side past times side 1, adding nigh one-half-dozen novel verses a 24-lx minutes interval. The following recollect solar twenty-iv hours, I’d review what I did the 24-60 minutes interval or ii before every bit good equally I’d always attempt to quote through everything on the weekend to brand certain plenty I was develop for the quiz matches.

How I Memorize Bible Verses:

Realize that I would pass 1-ii hours a hateful solar daytime – it was what I did instead of playing sports, thence it took a lot of dedication, just similar whatever sport’s practice would.

Pre-Game Memorization

1. Highlight Names too Underline Places

Before I’d 50-l out source studying a block of scripture, I would read through it every bit well as highlight names inward yellowish in improver to underline places inward orangish. This technique volition assistance you to visually squall upwardly passages amend too will deed similar a ‘roadmap’ when you squall back dorsum to the page of scripture.

two. Highlight Old Testament Quotes inward Green

Did you realize that the New Testament is full of quotes from the Old Testament? Authors like Paul were extremely well-versed inwards the Old Testament inward add-on to would utilization these verses to emphasize the Gospel of Christ. It’s worth highlighting these every combat additional points of reference.

Memorization is real visual! If you transcend fourth dimension memorizing a passage of scripture, yous’ll literally unopen your eyes also envision the page inward your brain. So highlighting give the sack genuinely assist you to memorize more than effectively!

3. Read the Entire Passage of Scripture

Read through the chapter as well equally acquire an understanding of what’s going on.

My Memorization Process

Not everyone memorizes things the same, but if you lot’re curious to know how I was able to memorize 500 verses a twelvemonth, this is it:

  1. Work on ane poetry at a 4th dimension – non multiple verses.

  2. Read the poetry aloud 20 times – don’t rush through this business organization constituent.

  3. Read the verse aloud once, then verbalise the verse inwards i case from memory (10 times).

  4. Quote the poesy without mistakes 5 times inwards a row. Once yous tin give the axe do this, give notice to the adjacent verse.

Sometimes going through the aid for would bear xv minutes per poesy, other times it would live almost 20 minutes per poesy. It’s non expert-nigh spending a certainly enough number of minutes – it’s around repetition every bit well as using your eyes, ears, too vocalisation to larn each verse downwardly.

Are You Up for the Challenge?

Even if y'all could only spend 1 hr a 24-60 minutes interval memorizing scripture, you could easily memorize 3-4 verses a solar 24-hr interval. That’s over 20 verses inwards 1 calendar calendar week – nigh an entire chapter inwards many books of the Bible. Imagine beingness able to quote an entire chapter later exactly ane week of studying.

Trust me, it’s possible!

When was the last time you memorized a verse in the Bible? Here are a couple chapters to consider for your challenge: Hebrews 1, Luke 6, and 1 Corinthians xiii.

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