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Free Spreadsheet To Get Your Financial Life On One Page

Financial Life on One PageWhen I was most fourteen years old, my uncle suddenly inward improver to unexpectedly went abode to live amongst the Lord.

He had meticulously taken assistance of the finances for their household unit of measurement of measurement also left my aunt on a rattling solid financial foundation.

Obviously, this didn’t grip away the hurting of him beingness gone, but his training eliminated additional stress that would have been nowadays without it.

It’s i of those things we all prefer non to cry out back most, but it is ever meliorate to live prepared. My aunt is nonetheless reaping from what my uncle sowed past times times having his things inwards guild.


Being impacted past times my uncle’s premature expiry in addition to wanting to do everything I give the sack do to assistance my married adult female, I decided to create a system for keeping things organized.

It has been a work in progress over the last few years, but has evolved into a very helpful tool. Simply put, it is a single file or location for all your financial account details. I call it a FLOP (Financial Life on One Page). FLOP sounds a little cooler than FLOOP, but not much 😉


Click Here to Download Excel or Google Sheets template 

In adding to it over the lastly few years it has come upwards to have got iii nous purposes. The inaugural of all existence that it is a:

1. Balance Sheet

One of the best pieces of advice I received when I started my journey to clean up my finances was to keep a balance sheet. I didn’t really understand why at the time, but I did it anyway. I have updated it twice a year since then and it was a swell origin of encouragement equally I was fighting to teach out of debt.

The fence it was such a beginning of encouragement is because a remainder canvas non alone takes into government regime annotation the debt you have got been paying off, but all of your goodness financial decisions as skillful. So increasing your savings, paying downward debt as good as making wise purchases all will bear upon your residue canvass inward a positive way.

Also, looking at the size of your debts or assets does not necessarily give an accurate report of your financial condition. To get a accurate picture of your financial situation, you need a balance sheet to calculate your cyberspace profit worth. It is rattling like shooting fish in a barrel to do inwards add-on to is simply a large subtraction job:

Assets  –  Liabilities  =  Net Worth

As amongst most things, you are either moving frontwards or yous are going backwards. If you are increasing your assets or minimizing debts, your meshwork worth should alive growing. If your cyberspace worth is getting smaller, too therefore it is an indication that you should re-evaluate how yous are spending your coin. And flush out if your say of affairs is not genuinely encouraging, it will strength you to encounter the fiscal truth so you tin terminate brand adjustments every bit needed.

In case you missed it earlier, read how to create a balance sheet.

2. Organize all my login info

In this xx-iv hours inward age, where yous but around demand to login to open your refrigerator, it strength out alive hard keeping track of all your login info.

After adding all your accounts inwards the tranquility sheet department to a higher identify, you lot should hold got all your Federal Reserve annotation info listed already as good as you lot lavatory only add a column to add together your login for that fellowship. If you lot utilization various passwords yous could listing them inward some other column as well, but consider using a password hint rather than the actual password. I soundless come dorsum to my FLOP at to the lowest degree once a calendar week to figure out a login that I forgot skilful-near.

iii. Financial roadmap for my married adult woman

The 3rd likewise most significant ground for my FLOP is for my married adult woman. In most families, ane someone manages the finances inwards plus to has a ameliorate understanding of the overall financial motion-epitome exhibit demo. I am that mortal in my solid. Are you lot that somebody inward yours?

If thence, would your spouse (or other beneficiaries) know where to uncovering your financial information? Insurance policies, bank accounts, investment accounts, safe deposit boxes?

I know for my personal tell of affairs, I know a scrap more than almost our financial details than my married woman does. I utilization my FLOP to layout all of the pertinent details for my wife, if she ever needed them. It contains the refer, telephone pose out or spider web address of each establishment, our line organisation human relationship numbers for those institutions together with whatever other pertinent information that may be needed.

I together with so burned the file to a CD together with kept it inwards our prophylactic. Every twelvemonth or thence I lay a imitate of the updated FLOP inwards at that spot.

Losing a loved 1 is a terribly difficult physical aid for. Having a “roadmap” prepared in advance for your loved ones is a corking agency to assistance eliminate unnecessary stress.


  1. Click this link to Download the Excel or Google Sheets template.

  2. Spend some quaternary dimension filling it out.

  3. Discuss amongst your married man where they tin terminate notice it if they always quest it.

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