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Free Franklin Planner Templates

If you are like me and a little bit taken back by the high price of replacing the pages in your Franklin planner, I just found a great alternative.If you lot are like me inwards improver to a trivial flake taken dorsum by the high terms of replacing the pages inwards your Franklin planner, I exactly constitute a keen alternative.

It does require a niggling scrap of an upfront investment together alongside around effort, but it should pay for itself actually apace.

This website called DIYplanner.com has tons of gratuitous Franklin Planner templates for every size.

Basically all you lot have got to do is print them out, cutting them downward, punch holes together alongside you are skilful to conk.

What you lot require to produce your ain planner pages

  1. Paper – inward all likelihood a lean stock, to driblet dead along your planner from becoming also bulky

  2. H5N1 printer – nearly printers should occupation for shut to planner sizes

  3. Paper trimmer – this probably will be the biggest expense in this project for most people. You can find some newspaper trimmers for less than $xx, but to instruct a goodness character i, yous volition probable desire to exceed a contend more than than.

  4. Adjustable hole puncher

I dug around and played with the site for a while because I was intrigued at all they had to offer. They have planner template kits that you can download that include all the pages you need. It looks like the calendar pages are dated back to 2007, but you can get the 2009 calendar pages hither – and just like the rest of the site, they are free! If you are just starting out with the whole “print your own planner pages” thing you should read their beginner guide.

All kinds of other gratuitous template materials

  • GTD – For all the Getting Things Done fans out in that location, they receive a bunch of GTD planner templates also.

  • vii Habits – There are also templates to attention you lot implement the vii habits method of 4th dimension management

  • Dieting, wellness, inward plus to exercise tracking templates

Anyway, if you are fed upward amongst the high prices of replacing your planner templates, I advise taking a friction match dorsum.

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