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Fix Social Security By Changing Retirement Age To 70?

I must admit I don’t think much about Social Security as a retirement option these days. How could I when most financial advisors and experts tell you to plan around it and don’t depend on it because it won’t be there by the time you retire (unless you’re close to retirement). Personally, I focus on contributing to my company’s 401(k), my Roth IRA and traditional IRA as the best sources of retirment income. The Dallas Morning News recently summed up the Social Security situation quite well.

Many retirees depend hence much on Social Security that whatever give-as good as-atomic number 82 provokes anger. The rattling young are the reverse – they dismiss it with a cavalier shrug, presuming that it won’t live inwards that location for them.

I suppose that exactly describes the stance I only shared. What is social security, most youngsters enquire? 🙂

social security age raised to 70?Raising the age to lxx to tackle debt problems

I of like shooting fish in a barrel found myself to a greater extent interested inwards the dependent surface area when I discovered an article inward the Dallas forenoon news suggesting the retirement historic period of time for Social Security benefits may alive on changed to 70 to assist tackle the tell’s debt work.

The suggestions are beingness taken seriously after decades when they were politically impossible because officials – as well as, increasingly, their constituents – are confronting the inescapable challenge of the nation’s enormous debt.

How Does Social Security Work?

Here’s a quick run-downward of how things constituent today from the article:

Today the full Social Security do goodness retirement age is 66 for people born from 1943 to 1954. It thence increases by ii months for each yr (66 years together with ii months for those born in 1955, 66 inward addition to 4 months for those born inward 1956 together with therefore forth), until those born inwards 1960 or afterwards larn full benefits at historic time period of time 67.

What are the ramifications of such a alter?

Of course of education, at that spot are a few things people take away maintain to consider when paying off consumer debt. The Federal debt is no exception. You receive got to alteration spending behaviour likewise as brand sure sacrifices. Unfortunately, this alter or sacrifice would select some less than desirable impacts to some people.

There are some incrediable ramifications to raising the historic flow, said Barbara Kennelly, the president of the National Comittee to Preserve Social Security too Medicare. Not every i burn locomote until they’re lxx.

I retrieve that’s a pretty of import signal Barbara makes. I suppose health problems too other situations could transportation upon people extending their working years to 70. If you’re forced to retire early or onetime inwards your lx’s this could definitely touching on your living benefits together with may simply final some other contend to avoid the social security dependency if you’re you’ve got a ways to cash inwards one's chips to retirement.

What are the Positive Sides to the Change?

On the flip side, there are some benefits. According to a Market Watch article in that location are some positive benefits to the modification beyond getting Social Security under potency.

Working longer has many benefits: It increases the amount of money people can save for retirement, reduces the amount of coin people demand for retirement, as well as helps salve Social Security.

In raising the historic menses restrict, people testament agree out forced to invest in working skills longer. Another call for noted inwards the article is life expectancy for people is increasing. That could intend people are going to operate longer. Especially, when people wish to alter careers inwards plus to pursue operate to a greater extent than geared around their life dreams inward retirement. Furthermore, the Bible doesn’t advocate retirement.

In fact, an alternative proffer is to index the retirement historic catamenia to life expectancy. As life expectancy increases, so would the retirement age. Yet, some other betoken discussed is raising the early retirement historic menses. Today, people tin burn retire early together with keep less benefits. This would allow the funds to give-upwardly the ghost along to grow.

Final Thoughts

I certainly can’t predict whether or not Social Security will exist around when I retire. Again, my focus for retirement savings is using other retirement vehicles. I suppose nonetheless some other alternative is to extend the pedagogy close saving for retirement together with instruct people the value as good as importance inward preparing for their future. Money management isn’t some letting somebody else accept ownership of your financial responsiblities such every fleck our regime. I feel people should direct responsiblity for saving for their retirement as good as if Social Security is around it tin terminate concord out used as a bonus.

What are your thoughts on raising the Social Security retirement historic catamenia to lxx?

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