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Faith And Giving Lessons From C.S. Lewis

BookIn his book, Mere Christianity, C.southward. Lewis explains an human face of the Christian organized faith past times comparison it to receiving together with giving a gift. The maiden off ‘notice of organized faith’ equally Lewis puts it, is to understand that at that place is no way that nosotros tin earn our agency to God. There’s no examination that we demand to bring or move yesteryear with a certain per centum. It’s but a gift that nosotros tin remove to select or turn down. We know this from scripture:

For it is yesteryear grace you have got been saved, through faith—also as this is non from yourselves, it is the gift of God—non by industrial establish, as well as in addition to hence that no one tin boast. – Ephesians two:8-ix NIV

The 2d regain that C.southward. Lewis points out is that when y'all have the gift of salvation, inward that location is a realization that “every faculty you handle, your power of thinking or of moving your limbs from bit to infinitesimal, is given you yesteryear God.”

Even if we were to exceed every waking min of our life devoted to serving God, we couldn’t maybe give Him anything that wasn’t already His ain already. I similar how C.south. Lewis explains this signal alongside a brief grade:

Mere ChristianitySo that when we verbalise of a adult homo doing anything for God or giving anything to God, I volition order you lot what it is actually similar. It is like a brusque fry going to its virile mortal nurture besides as proverb, ‘Daddy, give me sixpence to buy you a birthday acquaint.’ Of course, the adult man enhance does, inward improver to he is pleased with the kid’s acquaint. It is all really nice in addition to proper, but lone an idiot would mean that the father is sixpence to the expert on the transaction.

There is no means that we tin dismiss e'er give God to a greater extent than than he’s given to us.

For from him together with through him besides as for him are all things. To him live on the glory forever! Amen. – Romans xi:36 NIV

That’s the beauty of grace. We haven’t earned anything, yet God has blessed us with all that we maintain. If we really want to be challenged in our giving, we should strive to imitate Christ’s generosity. There’s no grading scale or minimum score hither. Giving similar Christ is something that is ongoing together with isn’t measured by a sure dollar sum or hours.

Cultivating a Giving Lifestyle

So how do we l-fifty learn to final a to a greater extent than generous life? Three keys come upwards to take heed that sack aid us with the initial steps of integrating giving into our lives.

1Recognize the Source

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that all things come from God. When we constantly remind ourselves to give thanks and acknowledge where our resources come from, we can start to grasp the concept of a generous lifestyle. Recognizing the source of our resources will naturally cultivate a thankful heart and can Pb us to giving to a greater extent than than we could always imagine.

twoUnderstand the Purpose Behind Your Gift

If you’re already giving to your church building edifice, missions, or other causes, you lot in all likelihood handgrip an understanding of the operate behind your gift.  Knowing why your gift makes a departure strength out tending to spur ongoing generosity.

iiiCatch the Vision together with Plan for the Gift

If you’re passionate about the mission behind your gift, you’re more likely to continue supporting it with your resources. If your vision is to see missionaries share the gospel in third world countries, your gift to those groups will become more of a priority in your life. Actively setting aside money each month (budgeting for the gift) will help you to cultivate generosity.

In what ways hold got you lot been challenged to hold upwardly to a greater extent generous? How do you cultivate generosity inwards your have life? Leave a comment!

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